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Backward Time –
Time Paradox and Wave Theory
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Incredibly, this supposed paradox has opened the door to new sophisticated physics problems and concepts. These ideas are not limited to the philosophical realm, but also accurately depict basic natural processes. Countless observations must be conducted in order to understand nature, which behaves in a simplistic manner but is in fact very sophisticated. The adjacent picture illustrates a star that radiates into space while undergoing a unilateral loss of energy (see picture right).

The radiation is similar to a sensitive corona, and the energetic light path sends and brings any energetic information (back to its source) in the form of a signal. Radiation, then, resembles a living formation or an additional sense -- besides gravitation -- that is aware of the activities in its environment and reacts accordingly. They are created by swirling waves (quantum formations), which are linked to each other by connecting waves (gravitons) that are powered by continuous circulations of energetic matter.

Since time is linked to space and energetic activity, it flows back to its source together with energy and space via quantum formations of energetic matter. Despite the fact that time flows back, it nonetheless retains all the changes it underwent in the interim. In other words, it travels back to its source, but does not return with the same exact properties and characteristics that it had when it first departed. In other words, it provides its source with new information.

Besides for this particular source of radiation, the energetic paths interface with different energetic paths that derive from other sources of radiation, such as galaxies and other objects. This sort of radiation functions as signals that are are sent from their particular origins. Molecules, atoms and other energetic formations are also involved in the relay of information via energetic formations.

The speed of energetic matter varies according to the amount of energetic loops or swirl formations and serves as a flow of energy. The wave formations then immediately disperse signals in all directions, and maintain the wave (quantum) formation’s structural integrity.

Time is always accompanied byenergy and space as it travels in all directions throuhgout the wave. This, then, appears to resemble the light velocity paradox (in other words, the Time Paradox, Space Paradox, and Energy Paradox).

Backward time, backward space, and backward energy are beyond the powers of our imagination, but I have made an effort to describe these concepts with the assistance of the two-loop structure. This article merely provides the rudimentary ideas behind backward time, but its possibilities in both minute and vast formations are endless. It is hardly surprising, then, that this topic intensified the endless debate between Einstein and Plank. However, wave theory’s two quants in a single wave formation has finally united the two ingenious yet divided camps.

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See the chapter of my book on Wave Theory and Time, Space, and Energy

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