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Backward Time –
Time Paradox and Wave Theory
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Nature and energetic matter conform to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As such, matter tends to disseminate and disappear into energetic space. All formations, without exception, cease to exist at some point. Only energy, time, and space (energetic matter) survive, and begin other life cycles. This, then, raises all sorts of questions, including the following:

1. What exactly is space, energy, and time?
2. Can space exist in the absence of time and energetic activity?
3. Can space, energy, and time exist on their own?

Wave theory addresses all these issues, but the scope of this article is limited to backwards time.

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox is one of the groundbreaking experiments of the 20th century, which lead us into the new millennium. However, the “paradox” label is no longer suitable, as wave theory provides an explanation for the ideas and questions that these scientific geniuses raised.

Wave theory considers energetic matter to be the primary medium. After all, the velocity of light is determined by energetic matter, which consists of shrinking energy, space, and time. Every activity of energetic matter is thus linked to space and time. Consequently, time travels together with the other two media. Energy, space, and time are all composed of formations that are not constrained by either form or size and are open to many other possibilities as well. Consequently, time is not merely a philosophical or imaginary dimension, but -- like energy and space -- it is a tangible element. Every movement of energetic activity has its time and space, which are preserved in the genes. Each of these genes can be thought of as another frame of a movie that are followed one after the other and together form the entire history of energetic matter (space, time, and energy).

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