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Backward Time –
Time Paradox and Wave Theory

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One of the truly interesting problems challenging physicists today is the question of time and especially backward time. When I work on this topic, I feel as if I am contradicting myself, as from a logical standpoint many of my ideas seem impossible. However, nature, which appears so simple, works in strange and sophisticated ways.

In my ongoing debate with other physicists, many still believe that I am espousing a philosophical approach to nature, but this is absolutely wrong! My theory simply attempts to understand nature’s extremely sophisticated behavior by relying on and analyzing past and current achievements in the field of physics and other related disciplines.

photon stream and light stream

In essence, nature creates only one force: energetic matter. The latter’s unique behavior then produces two other forces in the form of a magnetic and energetic loop (swirl or quantum), which are woven together (see picture above). The proportion of energetic matter in the loops, as well as their behavior and structures, is diverse and in a constant state of a flux (see chapter on Quarks). The two loops head in different directions and are in a perpetual state of competition. Nevertheless, these two forces compliment one another and are inseparable (see picture below).

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