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Summary of Wave Theory

To follow is a summary of a lecture that I delivered at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, on May 5, 2004. The presentation capped fifty years of research on my theory.

The fifteenth century witnessed an epic revolution in thought and science, which was spearheaded by Copernicus and substantiated in the seventeenth century by Galileo. A similar thrust forward transpired at the beginning of the twentieth century with the birth of Max Plank’s Quantum Theory and Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. These profound works redefined the way in which we perceive the world. Moreover, these works heralded many technological advances that have transformed the face of human society. However, the scientific community has failed to unify these two seminal ideas despite repeated attempts by many leading thinkers.

The quest for a single, multi-disciplinary theory capable of explaining every phenomenon in the universe, from a physical, biological, and chemical standpoint lured me in as well. While relying on the extant scientific literature, I turned to nature, pouring through documentation and pictures of natural phenomenon in the distinguished tradition of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel.

Nevertheless, the basis of all my endeavors was predicated on Einstein's renown equation, e=mc2. I simply had a gut feeling that these universally-accepted letters would provide me with some insight as to the fundamental nature of our universe. By turning the equation around into m=e/c2 we see that energy is the primary ingredient in matter. The fact that energy travels at the speed of light (300,000 km per second) indicates that space and time are also components of matter, as energy travels over a certain distance in a particular amount of time. Consequently, according to Wave Theory, the fundamental component of every entity in the universe is what I refer to as energetic matter, which is composed of time space, and energy. Moreover, any unit of matter would cease to exist should any one of these three elements be removed.

Interestingly, none of the abovementioned components — time, space, and energy — are tangible. In other words, matter is actually virtual, yet there is no denying that it exists. For years, I was unable to come up with any firm evidence that proved that these entities are responsible for everything in the universe. As astonishing as it might sound, a virtual coalition of elements forms the very foundation of our universe!

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