What is an Energetic Wave

During the Big Bang, shrinking energetic space exploded in a critical condensation. As a result, it changed its direction to the right and expanded into its previous space in the form of wave patterns (swirls). Every one of these formations contains two perpendicular loops. The rotation of energetic matter in each loop is different. Consequently, each loop contains distinct forces or behaviours: one has magnetic (concentration) properties; and the second with energetic (expanding) behavior, which is currently beyond mankind's ability to actually observe and is referred to as dark matter.

This ingenious unbelievable formation that occurs while undergoing phase transitions creates and explains everything.

This formation - the closed wave - is the fundamental and sole element that created and creates EVERYTHING!

Nature recognizes only simplicity. Consequently, the wave formation and its interaction with other waves is very simple, but is nevertheless extremely sophisticated.

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2001. All rights reserved.