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Academic Correspondences: Letter to NASA

Letter to the Swedish Academy

NASA Headquarters
300 E. Street SW
Washington, D.C.

May 20, 2002

Dear Sir or Madam:

I was very glad to see the picture in the May 1, 2002 issue of the International Herald Tribune, obtained by the Hubble telescope. This incredibly beautiful picture (as are all such pictures) is more than a masterpiece - it explains wave theory and vice versa.

In page 60 of my work, United Nature Theory: Wave Theory (Grand Unified Theory), pictures 2a – c explain how the universe expanded (inflated) after the Big Bang. The primary and sole force - the inflationary force of energetic matter (see Alan Guth’s ingenious theory) is the basic creation that formed all other forces and, indeed, everything in the universe.

The universe expands by a swirling motion. Along the universe’s energetic paths swirls continually appear, which ultimately create new galaxies and stars. This propagation of energetic matter appears mainly on the equator of the universe, where we must search for such occurrences, which appear like pole formations of new and old energetic matter.

Your marvelous picture shows such a pole formation of dark matter, with a high-energy galaxy appearing at its top. In the space surrounding this pole are many new galaxies that are similar to a photon with two loops (and look like a collusion of galaxies).

In my wave theory, I also describe other forms of energetic concentrations that usually appear after the collapse of old formations (see the works of Jacob Bekenstein, Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking). The old formation, together with energetic paths existing from the time of the Big Bang, merge and create swirl concentrations which cause the expansion of the universe.

All those creations are composed of recycled energetic matter, which creates new swirl formations and new life cycles having the “genes” of previous formations. It is remarkable that nothing in the universe is lost.

This beautiful picture shows how the universe expands in a swirling mode and that it is not chaotic. The universe is a closed formation composed of energetic paths.

Sincerely yours,

Chaim Henry Tejman

Letter to the Swedish Academy

Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2002. All rights reserved.