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Backward Time –
Time Paradox and Wave Theory
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As aforementioned, energetic matter created two intertwined loops. The proportion of energy in energetic and magnetic loops depends on the particular phase (transition) that the formation finds itself in.

Photons, which are the basic structure of all phases (transitions), contain a pair of disparate loops both of which are highly-energized. The proportions between a photons’ loops in light streams are ideal because the loops are continuously exchanging energy among themselves. Energetic loops are always perpendicular to magnetic loops, but the angle depends on the amount of energy in the specific energetic loop (see the chapter on quarks).

In condensed light streams, the loops (quants) resemble a woven basket, as their energetic loops create streams that flow continuously (see picture above). The magnetic loops (quants) are positioned perpendicular to their neighboring energetic loops, which are unique and rotate in the opposite direction (see picture below).

The speed of a light wave (two quants) formation is 360 km/sec, but energetic streams continue along the energetic path as one fluctuating yet rigid formation. Any change along the constantly flowing energetic path is immediately felt throughout the entire light stream. Every signal (which is also a form of energetic matter) that makes contact with a light stream causes another signal to be transmitted to all paths, and the signals simultaneously flow in both directions. Magnetic loops (quant) act as wheels that transport neighboring energetic paths in the opposite direction.

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