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Time Paradox and Wave Theory

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One of the truly interesting problems challenging physicists today is the question of time and especially backward time. When I work on this topic, I feel as if I am contradicting myself, as from a logical standpoint many of my ideas seem impossible. However, nature, which appears so simple, works in strange and sophisticated ways.

In my ongoing debate with other physicists, many still believe that I am espousing a philosophical approach to nature, but this is absolutely wrong! My theory simply attempts to understand nature’s extremely sophisticated behavior by relying on and analyzing the past and current achievements in the field of physics and other related disciplines.

photon stream and light stream

In essence, nature creates only one force: energetic matter. The latter’s unique behavior then produces two other forces in the form of a magnetic and energetic loop (swirl or quantum), which are woven together (see picture above). The proportion of energetic matter in the loops, as well as their behavior and structures, is diverse and in a constant state of a flux (see p. 25 in my book, United Nature Theory©, 2001). The two loops head in different directions and are in a perpetual state of competition. Nevertheless, these two forces compliment one another and are inseparable (see picture right).

Nature and energetic matter conform to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As such, matter tends to disseminate and disappear into energetic space. All formations, without exception, cease to exist at some point. Only energy, time, and space (energetic matter) survive, and begin other life cycles. This, then, raises all sorts of questions, including the following:

1. What exactly is space, energy, and time?
2. Can space exist in the absence of time and energetic activity?
3. Can the aforementioned media exist on their own?

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Wave theory addresses all these issues, but this articles scope is limited to backwards time.

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox is one of the groundbreaking experiments of the 20th century, which lead us into the new millennium. However, the “paradox” label is no longer suitable, as wave theory provides an explanation for the ideas and questions that these scientific geniuses raised.

Wave theory considers energetic matter to be the primary medium. After all, the velocity of light is determined by energetic matter, which consists of shrinking energy, space, and time. Every activity of energetic matter is thus linked to space and time. Consequently, time travels together with the other two media. Energy, space, and time are all composed of formations that are not constrained by either form or size and are open to many other possibilities as well. Consequently, time is not merely a philosophical or imaginary dimension, but -- like energy and space -- it is a tangible element. Every movement of energetic activity has its time and space, which are preserved in the genes. Each of these genes can be thought of as another frame of a movie that are followed one after the other and together form the entire history of energetic matter (space, time, and energy).

As aforementioned, energetic matter created two intertwined loops. The proportion of energy in energetic and magnetic loops depends on the particular phase (transition) that the formation finds itself in.

Photons, which are the basic structure of all phases (transitions), contain two quite distinct highly energized loops. The proportions between photons’ loops in light streams are ideal, because the loops are continuously exchanging energy among themselves. Energetic loops are always perpendicular to magnetic loops, but the angle depends on the amount of energy in the specific energetic loop (see p. 25 in my book, United Nature Theory©, 2001).

In light streams that consist of many streams, the loops (quants) resemble a woven basket, as their energetic loops create streams that flow continuously (see picture above). However, the magnetic loops (quants) are positioned perpendicular to their neighboring energetic loops, which are unique and rotate in the opposite direction (see picture below).

The speed of a light wave (two quants) formation is 360 km/sec, but energetic streams continue along the energetic path as one fluctuating yet rigid formation. Any change along this energetic path of continuous energetic flow is immediately felt throughout the entire light stream. Every signal (which is also a form of energetic matter) that makes contact with a light stream causes another signal to be transmitted to all paths, and the signals simultaneously flow in both directions. Magnetic loops (quant) act as wheels that transport neighboring energetic paths in opposite directions.

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Incredibly, this supposed paradox has opened the door to new sophisticated physics problems and concepts, which are limited to the philosophical realm, but also accurately depict basic natural processes. Countless observations must be conducted in order to understand nature, which behaves in a simplistic manner, but is in fact very sophisticated. The picture below illustrates a star that radiates into space while undergoing a unilateral loss of energy (see picture right).

The radiation is similar to a sensitive carona, and the energetic light path sends and brings any energetic information (back to its source) in the form of a signal. Radiation, then, resembles a living formation or an additional sense -- besides for gravitation -- that is aware of the activities in its environment and reacts accordingly. They are created by swirling waves (quantum formations), which are linked to each other by connecting waves (gravitons) that are powered by continuous energetic-matter circulations.

Since time is linked to space and energetic activity, it flows back to its source together with energy and space via quantum energetic-matter formations. Despite the fact that time flows back, it nonetheless maintains all the changes it underwent in the interim. In other words, it travels back to its source, but does not return with the same exact properties and characteristics it had when it first departed. Moreover, it provides its source with new information.

In addition to this particular source of radiation, the energetic paths meet with different energetic paths that derive from other sources of radiation. These sources function as signals from other galaxies or objects. Molecules, atoms or other energetic formations are also involved in the relay of information via energetic formations.

The speed of energetic matter varies according to the amount of energetic loops or swirl formations and serves as a flow of energy. The wave formations then immediately disperse signals in all directions, and maintain the wave (quantum) formation’s structural integrity.

Time always travels with energy and space within the wave in all directions. This, then, appears to resemble the light velocity paradox (in other words, the Time Paradox, Space Paradox, and Energy Paradox).

Backward time, backward space, and backward energy are beyond the powers of our imagination, but I have made an effort to describe these concepts with the assistance of the two-loop structure. This article merely provides the rudimentary ideas behind backward time, but its possibilities in both minute and vast formations are endless. It is hardly surprising, then, that this topic spurred on the endless debate between Einstein and Plank. Wave theory’s two quants in the single wave formation, however, has finally united the two ingenious yet divided camps.

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Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved.