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Newton's, Einstein's Time.


Wave Theory , Dr. Chaim Tejman


This is the most interesting and  thrilling chapter among Einstein's work.

Until now, our perception of   time as defined by Einstein  was based on theoretical conceptions and mathematical formulas, as time has primarily been perceived as a virtual entity. However, Wave Theory contends that time is a tangible object that exists like other media. Wave theory explains time as every one can understand and Einstein's time verifies wave theory.

Albert Einstein presented the concept of time as a virtual media , a fourth dimension . According to wave theory, time, space, and energy, are the three media that are woven together, (quant, wave formation). Wave theory shows how each has its own properties and behaviors, but one can not exist without the others, more over, each  proposes explanation  for the others, time alone do not exist, time shows some energetic activity in some space. Wave formation creates particle duality wave formation. Time appears in wave formations together with other media , all of which are quant formation which becomes all genes. Time, like all wave formations (quant), appears from the energetic source of the wave formation, and decays together with its wave formation and transfers its genes to a new wave formation, as a part of energetic matter circulation.

In order to understand how time operates, one must understand the fundamentals of the wave behavior. Pictures from space depict the activity of the energetic wave, energetic matter circulation



Formation of giant solar prominence
Fig. 1.  Hubble picture of solar prominence. Fig. 2     Explanation of activity of energetic matter in         gavitational wave formation. (solar prominence)











Description of the solar prominence activity

Gravitational wave.

Other examples figures 3,4.

The rising energetic path (string ,time), Figures 3 is rigid and appears to be an energetic path: time along its entire length is akin to a single string of a violin. In other words, time is absolute throughout the length of the string and is not dependent upon the length of the string, even if the particular string is the half semi universe loop wave that stretches across the entire universe. This is because the source of the energetic semi loop reacts instantly together with every energetic path that departs from the source. To reiterate, time throughout a particular wave formation is absolute; consequently, this perception of time can be reconciled with Newton's time. When time returns via the magnetic semi-circle, (fig.4), it spins in a different manner and is already relative vis à vis the ascending Newton absolute time, as per Einstein's relative time: namely, different times of smaller wave formations. However, the magnetic semi loop remains in contact with it along the entire length of the energetic path. The energetic path also ascends and is comprised of an energetic semi-loop , but the energy that passes through it  aligns  in a rigid formation resembling the continuous nerves along the spine which sends the peripheral nerves (semi-loops) capable of instantaneous signal transfer  across its entire domain. As I point out in the chapter on the creation of life in my book, United Nature Theory, every form of life has basic, primary attributes of a universal nature. All it takes is some common sense to make the connection. These are the vibrating signals along the entire path.

Fig 4.  Human spine from which perpendicular magnetic semi loop parts

 This demonstrates that though partitioning of body parts exists, each nerve is specific for some body parts in signal transmission, the signals are synchronized because the energetic component (source) is one. On the other hand, sensorial nerves which are energetic-magnetic parts of the body transmit to the brain signals in different time intervals. The same explanation  applies  to the universe which sends the same signal at any location (absolute Newton's time) but the received signal arrives with different gravitational paths (with Einstein's relative times) The Earth also sits on an appropriate wave that is connected, like an energetic prominence, to the sun and instantly receives signals from its wave/source. The speed of light (quant) is 300,000 kilometers per second but in the wave string it is immediate and time equals zero, the absolute time. The sun and its entire solar constellations constitute a rigid formation: a single quant. As a result, the absolute time will always be the same at any place on the Sun's quant. Moreover, time on every planet is dependent on its particular energy level  (Einstein's relative time). Consequently, both Einstein and Newton's conceptions of time can be reconciled, as every gravitational wave possesses both absolute and relative time.

The magnetic (gravitational) semi-circle heads back down, backwards time to the swirl like a broom, it is perpendicular to the energetic path, and parallel to the source. In other words, any incident of gravitational paths along a field is endowed with a swirling force that both pulls and pushes everything in its way. We simply see how time (the magnetic semi-loop) returns to the source from which it left like a broom and in descending gravitational path we have different times.  In the source, we can encounter what happened presently in the source, but when we descend with the magnetic-gravitational path, we encounter the past (energetic, matter, time). For example, a deceased grandfather who descends with magnetic path meets up with his grandchildren who just left the source. In other words, old , backwards time meets up with a new time; the past encounters the present time- future time. (time, energetic matter can meet with different formations which may experience  similar process in the future) the meeting can  transpire within a few days or in a million years (as espoused in the conception of the time machine). However, we must enter a different phase in order to encounter either the past or the future, this is not fantasy, since time occurs in our brain, we can meet all times.

The descending gravitational wave, the backwards time,  maintains contact with the ascending energetic path by any means possible. It depends on what part of the path it reaches on the way back. Of even greater interest is the fact that the gravitational semi-loop returns like a sweeping broom. Therefore, we can see the same time on several different occasions, on a broad scale of time this is the process of consciousness. The cerebellum is tantamount to the energetic source, and the two semi-lobes of the brain are analogous to magnetic waves.

The current time meets up with the past not only on a visual dimension (from a visual standpoint) but in an array of voices, colors, and smells, all of which return via backward time. This appears rather simple, but it is in fact sophisticated beyond our imagination and will take us generations to understand in depth.

Like the violin, we know that the vibration of a particular molecule causes similar molecules in its vicinity to vibrate. Similarly, if a wave that is half the size of the universe was to vibrate, it would also induce all similar waves to instantly vibrate, even those at the far reaches of the other half of the universe (as per Newton's absolute time).

The universe is not empty, but rather fills with van der Waals forces; otherwise the vibrations would  pass ; instead, it is a rigid, closed formation. The universe operates according to one absolute time, while each of its components possesses its own relative time within its own wave. The universe is thus one quant with one energetic center and is surrounded by many gravitational waves. Magnetic semi loops may be more than one. Consequently, the universe must be a wave formation with two semi-circles entity. According to Klein and Kaluza's   ,universe , qunt  (wave formations)  change ,all the times have formation as they undergo phase transitions , universe life breathes .

Yet another topic of interest is dilated and condensed time, according to which the more  the time is condensed  the more energetic matter in a particular amount of space [area]. The quicker the time passes. When the energetic space in the energetic semi-circle increases, time also expands, just as Einstein's example of airplanes. For example, people that are waiting for an important meeting become tense and full of energy that increases the space and time;  As a result, their time lengthens and dilates.

Since time, like the rest of the components of the wave formation and they are quant formations with two semi-circles; therefore time is also equals a quant formation:

Magnetic Gravitational Loop (Condensed Time)


Energetic Loop

Energetic Loop (Extended Time)

Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

The more energy it loses, the more the magnetic (gravitational) semi-circle rotates. Consequently:

Relative Time =

Energetic Matter x Space

Rate of Oscillation


Time, space, energy are one entity.

     Quant of

 Energetic Matter










Accordingly, the faster a gravitational (neutron) star rotates, the greater its gravitation.

Also noteworthy, is the fact that since wave formations possess all dimensions, time, which is a wave formation in its own right, must also contain all dimensions, condensed or dispersed (dilated) and as is the case with the behavior of all energetic matter, the time is always in a state of superposition. For example, our brain consists of all times (quant wave formation)condensed and dilated time.

Time retains all its previous genes together with energetic matter from the very beginning of its existence. For example let us take the topic of hypnosis. By adding more energy to the brain — to extend  space and time — we can arouse memories from the past, enlarge every detail in our memory, such as atavistic recollections that have been passed down to us from our ancestors.

In Newton's absolute universe, time — as well as energetic matter and space — have neither a beginning nor an end as a main dimension. On the other hand, Einstein's relative time does contain a beginning and end together with the appearance of a formation   and  disperse, again to the universe's, (to main dimensions) to form new energetic formations (relative time) . Absolute time cannot exist without relative time and vice versa. Newton's absolute time is allied to universal dimension and Einstein's time (relative time) is allied to energetic matter formations.




Time, as space and energy is a dimension of the universe.

Without energetic activity and space time would not exist.


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