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Energy/Space Quant Constant

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Wave Theory: Tejman Chaim Dr.


See also chapter time-space wave theory.


Energetic matter (energy-time-space) - these 3 media always appear together in wave (quant) formation and their proportional propagation is always guarded.



Condensed energetic matter: In different phase transitions this propagation changes. In condensed phase transition (particle-wave) the gravity is great

That means in every cubic centimeter the condensation of Energy is great. In disperse energetic phase transiotion gravity is small

According to the second law of thermodynamics the energy is released to also as wave formations (quants) by changing phase.


That is a natural life circle of energy/space by rotational motion and gathering in to wave formation. This circular motion accumulates energetic matter condensing it into black holes or supernova stars or Nebulas and by different formations again returning it to the life cycle.


We can see again a time-space-energy constant in the quant (wave formation). A reversed proportion constant in the gravity equation:

I'd like to emphasize that a quant is a living unit and not a mathematical formalism. In the article titled "time-space" I explain the independent behavior of a quant regarding its energy time and space and the pulsating exchange of these 3 variables. Therefore it's odd to see that gravity decreases as time and space increase – this is the sophisticated ingenuity behavior of nature. - Time paradox.



In increasing space time energy disperses and gravity decreases. And in reverse, condensed energy space gravity increases.


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