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Grand unified Theory Wave theory
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Space – time quant constants

Wave theory -Theory of everything

Tejman Henry Chaim, Dr. 

When Planck inserted the quant constants to community, E=hv he did not realize that this is a Rosetta stone of the energetic matter formation. The quant (bubble)- wave formation ,energetic matter (condensed space, time, energy). Defined energetic space formation is a "living" formation. It can expand and shrink according to phase transition. Einstein's formula E=mc^2 is another quant constants, and so is Schrödinger's equation

???? ????: = quant constants

 Along with these , quant constants  wave theory (Tejman) which introduces the notion that quant is composed from wave formation which is  formed by two semi loops, swirls, electric and magnetic connected by energetic path that are in proportional relations and interact constantly. 

                    Magnetic semi loop= electric semi loop 


   ; ;  

When space grows time also expands and energy decreases inversely in cm proportion, hence  the energy per cubic cm decreases but total quantum energy is preserved (constants).

Quant, wave formation, bubble, energetic matter  (condensed energy, space and time) are the building block. In which all media maintain  the same proportion (constants).  

Quant, bubble, can appear in different wave formations. 











Quant formation=wave formation=condensed Energetic matter (space, time, energy). From those pictures we see that space and time appears only in curvatures formations. (space-time curvature) This was an ingenious and outstanding revelation of Einstein's.

In photon phase transition, the "amount" of energetic matter in energetic semi loop is equal to that of magnetic semi loop.

When we throw a stone to the water its quant energy ,transfers also in quants (energy). It is clearly reflected in the water as wave formation. This energy disperses in the form of space and time enlargement. 

 The condensed quant, energy disperses together with space and time.


 This process by life cycles of energetic matter

I try to explain with the following drawings.

Quant, wave formation, may exsist in different sizes and formation.

 Time ,space, energy are waved together to form one formation in constant proportions. After quant is created by condesed space it aquires only one direction and returns to space by different phase transitions.

    1                      2                     3                     4

Condensed energetic matter explode as a big bang (3) or upernova.(4)  

condensed quant,


Expand quant, space= 

In dispersed quant space the energy in cm declines but the total quant energy is maintained constants.


Time, in every quant formation is equal by every place in quant (Newton's absolute time), but every quant has small wave formations, (quants), which every one has its own time that is Einstein's times which are  relative to Newton's quant  time.

The universal gravity (Newton's ) Is constant in all  quant but   Einstein's local gravity like time is relative to Newton's Gravity.                                                                                            

Quant ,Space , expands by phase transition until it merges with super-space    that means all the quant components merge to………????


From this super-space  phase ,a new condensed matter appears which creates wave formations  and a new life cycle formation is being created. This phase formation is not prevalent only in super space but exists in our surrounding.This fact is verified by Casimir's work.


© Tejman Chaim Henry, Dr. October 2005.