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Summary of Wave Theory
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Everything in the universe is conducted in this manner. The M-51 galaxy and NGC 7317-7320 below are also classic examples of atomic structure in which energy flows between the magnetic and energetic loops.

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The magnetic loop (neutron's properties) safeguards the formation's energetic matter and space. However, over the course of millions of years, its energy gradually escapes into space. In fact, all wave formations, including the atom, lose their energy in a similar fashion. The blue sections of all the pictures in this chapter mark the gravitational/magnetic loops that firmly maintain all their areas. On the other hand, the red sections evince the dispersal of energy that is indicative of the energetic portion. The natural ability of energetic matter to simultaneously unite and divide as a result of the contrasting properties of the two loops never ceases to amaze me.

As noted in the section on Fundamental Forces, the magnetic loops in an atom are more commonly referred to as weak force. They are actually quite strong, but their purview is limited to a very small area. The magnetic loop preserves and controls its energetic component by means of Schrödinger's superposition. The nucleus of the helium atom conserves its energetic matter most efficiently and is thus designated the alpha formation (right and below).

The atom's energetic matter is thus the primary factor in the efforts of the magnetic loop to maintain the wave formation's, and for that matter the entire universe's, structural integrity.

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