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Summary of Wave Theory
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Once I had attained a detailed hypothesis on energetic matter and the wave formation, I was able to turn my attention to gravitation. The discovery of an accurate accounting of gravitation has evolved into a challenge of near mystic proportions. Again, I turned to pictures of natural phenomenon in order to divulge gravitation's elusive properties.

The solution that I eventually extracted from the pictures turned out to be quite a shock: no human thought, mathematic formula, or computer could have reached such a conclusion without bearing witness to the pictures below (picture and accompanying illustration).


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Over the years, NASA has provided many pictures of prominences jettisoning off the surface of the sun. These mercurial bodies are widely perceived as vehicles for the release of energy and are reminiscent of the bubbles produced by boiling water. Some of the prominences are configured into parabolic alignments, while others assume different shapes, as seen in the following pictures and accompanying illustration.

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The spectrometric reading of the first picture (the second picture above) led me to a radical breakthrough. However, before jumping to conclusions, let us review the activities that the spectrometer has divulged. The energetic matter forms an energetic subsidiary that can only be a magnetic loop. Astonishingly, the picture shows an ascending and a descending arm, which are magnetic loops, bursting out of the surface of the Sun. The sudden shift in the behavior of energetic matter is underscored by the change in the colors of the arms. The arches or paths that form the prominence draw the classical forward movement of energetic matter (red). Its energetic ascent (in red) pushes upward by dint of its own forward, spiraling movement. Upon reaching its apex, the prominence creates a swirl, which reverses the direction of energetic matter and returns to its source (this time by virtue of the magnetic swirl's vibrant, pushing motion).

At the apex of the energetic path, the energetic matter creates a swirl and adopts magnetic properties. Everything that is encountered within the vicinity of the swirl of the magnetic path is pushed inside the loop. The descending arm subsequently returns to the wave formation's energetic source. If the prominence had, in fact, been "pulled back" by gravitation, it would have preserved its color and maintained its primary spinning motion. However, the transformation from red to blue indicates that the sudden about face is, in fact, the result of the energetic matter’s own active, swirling and propensity for shifting the direction in which it rotates. As a result of this movement, the prominence pushes everything in its vicinity back to the source of the energetic swirl. The gravitation is not exerted by the Sun or some other external body. Instead, it is accomplished by means of loops replete with magnetic properties that are produced by the energetic swirl. Consequently, gravitation is actually a pushing force that behaves according to the principles that govern the behavior of waves.

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