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Summary of Wave Theory
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As such, Wavy Theory provides a theoretical and practical basis for the notion of "life after death," "reincarnation," or the existence of "ghosts." Energetic matter from the brain disperses into space in the form of quants of energy (a wave is one quant, which according to Paul Dirac is composed of two loops and two hidden formations — positron-neutron; positron-electron). On their way back to the source (see my article on Backward Time), they may encounter waves that have been emitted by the progeny of the person that originally released that wave (pictures below). Since members of the same family share certain characteristics, including wave frequencies, all the waves within a certain family are likely to prove amenable to energetic interactions. Therefore, waves carrying the thoughts of a grandfather can meet up with and arouse the waves of his granddaughter long after the former has departed from the phase transition known as life.

Newton contended that time is absolute, while Einstein saw time as a fourth medium on the periphery of large entities. Quantum time exists together with energy in a wave formation, which also serves as the configuration of the quant. Using Planck's Quantum Theory, Wave Theory reconciles these heretofore contradictory ideas, both of which are correct!

The wave formation and the peripatetic wanderings of energetic matter along the vast array of phase transitions provide a novel approach to understanding the universe. The wonderful pictures of cosmic phenomena, which my predecessors were not privy to, have enabled Wave Theory to unify many of the seminal theories of the past millennium. Wave Theory thus constitutes a new approach for the researchers of the twenty-first century. This theory does not claim to close the door on theoretical science; it merely paves the road for others. In fact, given the sophisticated characteristics of energetic matter, I cannot envision the day in which mankind will have attained a complete understanding of the inner workings of our universe.

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