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Summary of Wave Theory
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It was the pictures above of prominences with swirls at their apogee that finally put all the pieces together. Following the creation of its swirl, the energetic path returns directly to its source by dint of its own spinning and swirling movement along the path of the wave. Unlike the path of a missile that is powered by an external source and always takes a parabolic path, the energetic matter belonging to the wave returns by dint of its own force, and is distributed along the energetic path in the wave's loops. Moreover, it does not necessarily take a parabolic route, as it times it shoots straight up and then falls straight down. Energetic matter circulates exclusively in energetic paths that the matter creates on its own. Everything in the magnetic wave pushes towards the inside. In fact, the swirl at the apex of the gravitational formation is responsible for the creation of planets, which are all situated on large gravitational loops. The planets then create the moons along their own gravitational loops in the same manner, etc. These swirls thus constitute the gravitational-magnetic component of energetic waves, whose existence Einstein predicted some one-hundred years ago.

The wave contains an abundance of visible, virtual matter that apparently possesses a perceptible boundary, but these putative borders actually merge into space. Both small and large waves come in contact with space. Waves can exist in different sizes, depending on the energetic source at their disposal. Accordingly, the planets rotate around the sun while attached to a particular wave, and the moons are likewise bound to the forces of the planets. In other words, there is no chaos, and every entity is afforded its own particular space. Moreover, anything that is removed from or abandons its location is destined for destruction. All the galaxies, stars, planets and moons only react to their own, specific gravitational wave. Consequently, gravitation is only configured in the form of waves that are attached to their energetic sources. These waves come in various sizes, each of which is subject to its own appropriate gravitational wave.

Waves interact with the other waves in their vicinity, as they tend to have compatible wave lengths. There are manifold swirls (vibrations), each of which similarly react to particular wave lengths. The swirl on the peak of the gravitational wave induces the wave to change course and create a magnetic path. Planets are essentially swirls that sit at the edge of extremely large magnetic waves. Moreover, planets form moons with their own magnetic waves. The gravitational loop takes up a considerable amount of space and clearly contains magnetic gray matter, which is commonly known as dark matter!!! Due to the increased condensation, matter is more detectable the closer it gets to its source. However, mankind has yet to develop tools capable of detecting all forms of gray matter

Every wave possesses a specific vibration rate/wave length, which resembles a radio wave. The litany of possible wave lengths prevents one wave from usurping the next. As long as the intersecting waves each contain a different frequency, they can transverse each other without incurring any damage. However, an encounter between waves that share the same frequency is potentially disastrous. Experiments have shown that the vibration of one molecule causes other molecules to vibrate as well. Therefore, a gravitational wave can apparently elicit the vibration of other waves that share the same frequency, even from a great distance. Perhaps these are the signals that Newton had in mind when he stated that every signal instantly reaches every point in the universe.

A distinction must be made between a wave's internal oscillation rate and the speed at which the entire wave moves. Only vibration signals are capable of instantly reaching all the receptors throughout the entire wave, regardless of its size (such as the rather large wave known as our universe). Bear in mind that the message will only be received by corresponding wave receptors. The huge waves that reach the margins of the universe also possess particular frequencies for communicating with the central energetic loop. This system thus serves as a universal distress system, which is capable of reacting immediately to a remote call for SOS. All the waves in the universe are connected via a central energetic loop — the largest single wave that serves as the heart of the universe, a sort of central logistics center that oversees all its ancillary components. In fact, there is no difference between large and small waves as far as the transmission of signals is concerned: the signals all reach their destinations in the same exact time, regardless of the distances involved. This system prevents the universe form breaking up into parts and thus preserves its structural integrity. Not only is there no chaos, but the universe is the paradigm of Click to Enlargehierarchal order.

The adjacent illustration of the solar prominences shows that the closer matter is to the surface the more condensed it becomes and the shorter its wave. In addition, it shows how small entities react to larger ones, such as planets.

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