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Summary of Wave Theory
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Billions of years ago, when life was still at its nascent stages, aquatic sources of energy forged organic bonds that spawned "living" energetic formations. Energetic bonds with enough energy in their surroundings formed new formations and colonies. An endless multitude of life forms have followed in their footsteps and many more are destined to enter the world's stage. Bonds are constantly forming, but many of them are engulfed by higher life forms before they even have the chance to develop any further (for example, plankton is devoured by other organisms). Water, which is a highly energetic formation in its own right, is particularly conducive to new bonds, because energetic formations that inhabit aquatic environments are not rooted to the ground. Consequently, they are free to float about in search of energy with which to propagate energetic matter.

Every energetic movement within these bonds arouses an energetic vibration. Sensitive machines, such as the oscillograph, can pick up on the vibrations and produce a diagnosis of their properties. In the future, such machines will be able to evaluate the health of an individual cell by interpreting the energetic motion within its bonds. By analyzing essential life functions such as energetic activity or the metabolism, these machines can point doctors to the requisite course of action. Israel's Weizmann Institute has already developed computerized devices based on these methods and technologies.

Incredibly, living formations possess the same structure as the most basic energetic formations. The structure of the snail, for example, is identical to the Schwarzschild swirl (illustration below). Everything in the universe shares the same fundamental structure. There is no difference between galactic and organic wave formations. All these swirls will continue to create new life forms beyond our wildest imagination, as the double helix is the ultimate creative machine.

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