Astronomy: Dark Matter
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)

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Absolutely everything is created by wave formations, which are produced by a single energetic matter. The wave formation can exist on different energetic levels (phase transitions). This flexibility and the relations between its loops are utilized by the wave formation to create everything in the universe. Every wave consists of dark and shinning energetic matter. (see wave theory)

It is only logical that only one material (medium) — if any — comes to mind when searching for the medium from which the universe was forged. Even if we were to assume that the coveted entity is comprised of several elements, we can hardly avoid the question of what preceded them. Consequently, we must ultimately reach the conclusion that it was one single medium. The nature of this entity must be determined in order to resolve the questions and speculation that wave theory (my Grand Unified Theory) has been subjected to. In contrast to the school of thought that has been accepted until now, wave theory introduces a new and sophisticated approach.

Although the notion of a wave theory was raised by different scientists over many years, I offer a different approach to this problem. Most of the other studies are almost entirely physics-oriented. In contrast, my ideas apply a more multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, which takes into account research from a wide array of fields: physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, and more. We are dealing with nature, which includes everything.

My Grand Unified Theory begins with the moment that energetic matter created wave formations. The theory suggests that the first concentration of energetic swirls predated the Big Bang.

I will attempt to shed light on the properties and behaviors of this energetic medium by referring to and utilizing all the research that has been conducted to date. This includes astronomical observations that provide us with representations of what actually exists and how it appears. Due to the fact that wave formations created and create everything, these pictures of the universe are accurate depictions of energetic matter’s behavior (my book offers a comprehensive explanation of this phenomenon). Over the last few years, remarkable new telescopes as well as research conducted by NASA, CERN, and other emerging laboratories have considerably enhanced our understanding of the universe. Furthermore, these observations and studies provide us with significant leads as to what precipitated the Big Bang. Some laboratories have even produced primary energetic matter, but even the smallest amounts engendered terrible explosions. This hints to the possibility that before the Big Bang energetic shrinking space (antimatter) swirled to the left, which was immediately released via an explosion.

I contend that the primary medium is energetic space. That said, I admit that I do not know how empty space can exist alone, and this obviously raises many fascinating questions. Every space is subject to boundaries that surround its area. Similarly, our universe is confined to its own limited space, which must include energetic matter and time. In other words, without the element (medium) of energy nothing exists; without energetic activity — and its dimensions of space and time — there is nothing. Subsequently, time cannot exist in the absence of energetic activity since it is merely a product of energetic activity and space formation; and not a separate entity. Therefore, I suppose that the presence of energetic space and its corresponding energetic activity existed before the Big Bang.

Wave theory proceeds under the assumption that prior to the Big Bang different levels of energy in “space” appeared, which created shrinking energetic swirls. These swirls must have rotated to the left because after the Big Bang the universe rotates exclusively to the right. The pre-Big Bang swirl did not possess a singularity from which energetic matter could escape and it thus exploded. I believe that some of these phenomena continue to this day, albeit on a different scale.

Nevertheless, given the lack of evidence, I will refrain from discussing energetic space that predated the Big Bang. However, according to wave theory, there are other alternatives which explain the creation of energetic wave formations.

After the Big Bang, all the shrinking mediums (energetic space and time) that were released have been trying to return to their previous formation as quickly as possible. However, due to their swirling and spinning behaviors, they can only return to their space via propagation whereby their movement creates the wave formation (see picture below), which expands in a manner that may resemble the ripples in a pond that are produced by a thrown stone (see picture below). Examples of this can be found in photos of swirling galactic formations. The differences that exist between the same forms depend on the specific phase transitions that they are in. These phenomena appear quite simple, as nature only recognizes simplicity. However, as I discussed in earlier articles, in reality they are highly sophisticated formations.

Wave Formation


All forms of energetic formations and their propagation are comprised of waves that include visible (magnetic) and invisible (energetic) loops. It is solely the proportion between these loops in a wave formation that provides us with the effects that we observe: for example, galaxies; shining and dark rings; the passage of light through slits, which similarly result in dark and bright rings;

the operation and activities of the computer (0+); and every electric activity (-/+) involves two swirls.

These ordinary phenomena show that energetic matter can only appear as a combination of these two alternatives. In other words, the waves are comprised from a superposition of different formation of energetic matter, which depend on the particular phase transition that they happen to be in.

Within a single formation, the visible form transmits photons while the invisible rings do not expel photons. The latter is rigid and preserves its proportional space vis a vis the shinning loop’s energetic activity. It has been observed that parts of the galaxy’s edges naturally transform into this dark space. Namely, one form converts into another. Together these two entities constitute a complete and united formation (quant/wave). This form of quants ranges from the minute to the enormous. In fact, quants can reach the size of the universe.

The proportion between dark and shinning matter only tends to vary between different phase transitions. In young galaxies, the energetic matter is concentrated (below, left), and there is a minimum of dark spaces, while old well-organized galaxies feature a substantial presence of these dark spaces/rings (below, right). Consequently, this indicates that over time shinning matter transforms into invisible dark matter, a processes that considerably increases its area. In other words, dark space is actually an energetic (electric) formation.

A young galaxy
An old galaxy

The transparent or invisible dark space/matter is comprised of energetic matter, which was released during different phases. Consequently, this indicates that our enormous universe is composed of many different energetic waves that date back to different periods and includes various genes from different formations and times. For example, even human beings disperses energy and his genes into dark space (dark formations) via energetic quants (genes).

According to Maxwell’s Equation, energetic matter propagates from its sequential magnetic and electric intervals:

Perhaps, their behavior can be altered by changing their configurations, which would also cause energetic matter to take on different properties. In a continuous flow of energetic activity, these changes would occur at the same regular intervals. On the oscilometer, the energy appears to flow like wave motions(top picture, below), but in reality it moves in a swirling and spinning manner (intermidiate picture). In wires, electricity uses the electrons as waymarks to guide their movement (final picture).

Flowing like wave motions

Spinning and swirling

The movement of electricity

Matter is not static; it is an electric, perpetually-active, and mobile medium. Every energetic concentration creates wave formations (for example, galaxies), which produce shinning and dark rings. From the picture of the galaxy below, we see that dark and light paths extend out of the hot energetic center of every galaxy. As they reach the galaxy’s periphery, the arms become invisible. Over time, every concentration of energetic space disintegrates into dark space (matter) where it continues its wave-like behavior. This is the life cycle of all energetic swirls. Dark matter thus constitutes one of the steps of the cycle of life (picture, right).

As such, dark matter is essentially the product of the transformation of visible matter into invisible matter: a metamorphosis from a hot dense center to diluted, rigid, and transparent formation. This means that every formation is composed of both visible shinning matter and invisible dark matter — Schrodinger’s superposition of one matter. Even Schrodinger himself was not aware of how ingenious his ideas were.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics similarly postulates that every element loses heat (energy) into space. In other words, energy is released from a shrinking form to an expanded form (from the magnetic to the energetic loop). Is it then possible that material disintegrates into invisible matter without leaving any traces of its existence? This is impossible. Every element is composed of energetic matter that enters other phase transitions. It is reasonable to assume that dark space does not just instantly form into a solid formation, but that this process involves an amalgam of different waves that derive from different formations and times. A classic example of this is the analysis of microwave radiation from space, which allows us to decipher the different formations of ancient universes, including their ages. Everything follows its own cycle, with a beginning and an end that is marked by its disintegration into space (dark space/dark matter).

In galaxies, signals are transmitted by any particular region are immediately picked up by every other part of the galaxy. Due to the immense size of many galaxies, energetic (wave) speed (propagation) cannot possibly explain this instantaneous communication. There must be an alternate means of communication. Perhaps the transmission is executed by magnetic formations. This phenomenon indicates that our entire universe rotates as one rigid formation whose unified integrity is maintained by dark space (dark matter).

Dark matter — like every energetic formation — is the superposition of energetic and magnetic properties. However, the details of this phenomenon are very complicated. These same properties can also be found during the nascent stages of the creation of energetic matter: for example, a huge swirl (black hole), which simultaneously consists of pulling and pushing properties and vigorously sustains its galaxy’s formation.

As we discussed above, released energy disperses into space. Consequently, the energy that is released enlarges the space around its formations (expansion properties). This is exactly what Einstein and Hubble searched for.

It was Planck’s and Einstein’s dream to formulate a theory that explains the creation and behavior of small and huge formations alike. Wave theory has thus fulfilled their coveted dream. Einstein’s and Planck’s seemingly contradictive ideas are both correct, but they failed to find the method by which to unify their ideas.

Our universe is and must be a wave formation — a two loop swirl (other forms of energetic matter are unstable!). Dark space and galaxies with visible arms (which are stretched to an unknown location, as if to “nowhere”) are essentially the same material. The stretched arms that extend beyond the galaxy are communicating with dark matter (loops) or with the galactic swirl’s distant complimentary loop.

Everything in the universe is inter-connected. This property provides it with its stability (rigid structure). Energetic matter’s beauty then rests in the fact that it is both rigid and flexible at once. We can only understand this behavior by delving into the structure of the wave formation (see my book United Nature Theory-Grand Unified Theory).

The strongest links in the universe exist within the same phase and among neighboring phase-transition formations, while distant phases (transitions) have weaker links. Moreover, this ingeniously provides the distant formations with a greater degree of freedom. Dark matter and its networks are the forces that keep the entire universe intact as one, complete rigid wave formation. The entire universe operates according to a sort of hierarchy in which proximity plays a key role and the highest energetic formation controls the lower energetic formations. Communication between the formations is carried out by means of energetic paths. Formations that fail to adapt to this framework tend to be destroyed (picture, right).

As such, dark energetic matter is a rigid entity that is responsible for the structure of the universe. A distant view of the entire universe would perhaps reveal that it is a natural entity that resembles the swelled disc-like structure of living cell-like formations, since everything is in motion. Moreover, it would show that the universe possesses a highly energetic center and that this huge source of energy is constantly active and is the source of energy that powers our universe’s loop. As is the case with every other wave formation, there must be a complimentary loop formation to our universe. Furthermore, it must be structured as an alpha formation in order to ensure the most stable behavior. In other words, an entire other universe (wave) must exist that compliments our own (site symbol and 2p21).

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This wave formation (see wave theory) is present in all phase transitions. All these formations propagate from higher to lower phases via the loss of energy into space. Consequently, the wave’s magnetic properties are enhanced relative to the properties of its energetic (electric) loop (see wave formation). Nevertheless, the magnetic portion also losses energy in different ways (for example, one such route is the explosion of a supernova).

Every wave is composed of ever smaller waves (quarks) until the components ultimately merge with the space in its surrounding area. Space is comprised of both miniscule and enormous wave formations and features proportional energetic and magnetic loops, which subsist on the energetic activity at the core of the magnetic loops (black hole). For example, the heart of every galaxy’s activity is an internal swirl or vortex (a black hole) in which the level of energetic activity determines the galaxy’s size and the amount of surrounding dark space. The shining loop (path) is also proportional to the black hole’s activity in this phase. Energetic matter behaves like a stone that was thrown into water. Consequently, this one highly energetic matter appears in either a shinning or lusterless form (picture). The latter’s transparency misled us into believing that it is empty space. Shinning and dark matter seem to be aligned at a wide perpendicular angle (picture below), but at every point, the energetic and magnetic paths appear as a superposition of the electric and magnetic matter (loops or swirls). However, the magnetic and electric loops each maintain their own proportions and behavior patterns.

Apparently, Schrodinger’s idea of superposition was right. To this day, it is difficult for me to fathom how he arrived at these remarkable conclusions about the ingenious behavior of energetic matter without any empirical examples. Wave theory, however, vindicates Schrodinger’s thoughts in a very simple manner.

According to wave theory, the magnetic portion is visible, while its energetic part is dim. The galaxy’s formation is delineated by a halo, which is energetic matter. Similarly, the entire galaxy is but ONE energetic matter (shrinking energetic space) that is attempting to return to its previous space. This reverse expansion process is carried out by different forms of energetic activity. The wave’s energetic and magnetic loops are in perpetual competition, which accounts for energetic matter’s beautiful living behavior. This is especially pronounced in magnetically-concentrated energetic loops. Both the smallest speck in the universe and the largest mass possess these characteristics. Every entity — small or large — has pushing and pulling properties whose exact natures are determined by the particular phase transition in which the entity currently resides in.

Only the unbelievable two-loop formation of energetic matter can create everything. In fact, all energetic matter contains the same framework of properties, which both oppose and cooperate with the other elements within the wave as well as with other various components. These formations are not generic; just as every human being is unique, no two atoms are absolutely identical. Energetic matter conforms to its natural laws. Nevertheless, on account of its high level of activity, it constantly changes its configuration and appearance. At any given moment, it will always choose the most appropriate option (but it will not necessarily act in a mathematically optimal manner).

It may be stated that the greater the energetic activity in the center of a galaxy, the larger the energetic loop (dark space) around that galaxy. Oddly enough, the time in the highly energetic loop shrinks with the energetic matter, but correspondingly this high level of energetic activity also expands.

Magnetic stars that lose their energetic matter (loop) have limited levels of energetic dark space and their time is curtailed. Nevertheless they possess huge energetic capacities (storage) because the energetic matter in the magnetic loop is facing inward (see wave theory).

Its energetic formations are also different from the energetic loop in which energetic matter falls out. This behavior is indicative of all phase transitions. The best example of this is the atomic bomb, where huge amounts of energy are stored in neutrons (magnetic loop).

The magnetic loops in galaxies are Schwarzchild swirls and the energetic loops are Kerr swirls. This dual-swirl behavior persists in both the largest and smallest wave formations (like DNA) (astronomy DNA pic), which corresponds to various phase transitions at which the proportion between the swirls vary. Though the two swirls are connected by energetic paths, the energetic behaviors of the two swirls intermingle (Schrodinger’s superposition).

Even in energetic paths energy moves in spinning and swirling modes, which communicate with other wave formations. The swirling and spinning behavior of energetic matter is governed by laws that apply to all formations, both huge and small.

Einstein claimed that an event that occurs in a particular space is immediately felt throughout the universe. He was correct. The universe is, in fact, one rigid wave formation, which is sensitive to and aware of all that transpires within its territory. This all takes place according to a clear hierarchy that involves a system of communication networks. I will discuss this particular topic in greater detail in my next paper.

To conclude, everything is comprised of the same ONE “matter,” which forms only two patterns of behavior. In other words, dark matter — dark space, energetic space, or any of the other names that have been introduced — are all the same ONE matter. By utilizing the different configurations of energetic paths in their loops, energetic matter creates various formations with an array of energetic paths with endless sub-structures.

Due to the fact that the Grand Unified Theory is supposed to provide an answer for everything, colleagues have constantly asked how something was capable of deriving from nothing. However, I make no such claim to have solved everything, and I continue to conduct research. Moreover, the upcoming generation will have their hands full with the beautiful, fascinating, and boundless topic of energetic matter.

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