Chapter 10
Wave Theory and Life
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Electro-convulsive therapy may explain some energetic processes that occur in the brain. Approximately fifteen years ago, this technique was developed using three magnetic stimulations to stimulate brain motor circuits and test their integrity after the brain or spinal cord incurred damage. This technique was used as therapy and to look at how the brain controls different types of behaviour. With a tweak of the settings, brain activity is stimulated, even raising or depressing specific areas of the brain, which we see in the form of large synchronized electro-magnetic waves. We know that electro-magnetic pulses control the heart (picture below); they are the largest synchronized energy waves on an electrocardiogram.

The oscillator, electrocardiogram and other devices help us understand and diagnose the function of living organs. Electro-magnetic waves are a result of an organ’s activity. Wave theory claims that energetic matter is the essential formation that creates everything, including living organs. Every living organ is a consequence of an infinite number of wave compositions, which matched until the organ was created. The waves we see in electronic devices are composites of all the organ’s inner waves. In the future, using different electronic devices and advanced technology, we may be able to locate and repair organs that do not function properly.

When observing our sun, we see that from time to time energetic matter is expelled, and that its movement is likely to be in a screw-spiral mode (picture, below).

The cerebral gyri (folding) of grey matter in the brain also have a screw-spiral mode. Every moving energy signal thus can easily match itself with a suitable gyrate brain formation. The brain has many different gyrate formations; therefore, it can receive different signals (energetic wave formations) and relay them to suitable gyri. In addition, the brain enhances chemical or physical relationships by sending energy impulses to other formations through its neuron roots.

It is clear why the brain uses as much as one quarter of the body’s energy to function well. The organ first visible in an embryo is the brain. Every living organism has a central energetic formation regulating the entire organism in different energetic ways. The brain’s basic structure is an example of the activity of energetic matter; DNA is an example of its wave formation (picture below). Every amino acid has a formation similar to a wave formation, as it contains a great deal of energy, like energetic swirls and their closed wave structures.

An ordinary wave, from its inception until its decay, cannot grow. It can only change phases. Living formations, however, continually swallow energy to stay strong and survive. In nature, stronger waves swallow weaker ones. The same phenomenon occurs when organic creations adapt to the use of external energy, which makes them independent of their surroundings, enables them to defend themselves and prolong their existence.

I began working on this “everything” theory roughly fifty years ago. Then, it was virtual; today, as I look at the research that has been done it seems real. Every day, mysterious energetic matter and its ability to create fascinate me more and more. I hope humanity will exploit it only for good.

Wave Theory is not the final theory. Energetic Space Theory is still waiting.


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