Chapter 10
Wave Theory and Life
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Organic living formations
Organic living formations contain a great deal of energy, making them independent of their surroundings. To maintain a high energy level (capacity), they require a continuous supply of energy. To this end, the molecules bond with similar molecules and then differentiate, generating organelle that obtain energy from their surroundings. Thus, an organic living formation appears and continually improves its energy utilization to survive.

This process is part of the natural creation continuum. We noted in the chapters on photons and quarks that energy constantly tries to escape from a wave structure, while magnetic rings try to retain energy to maintain the wave’s space and independence. The same behaviour leads to the creation of an organic living formation with a high-energy capacity, which takes as much energy as possible from its surroundings to remain independent.

We believe that communication between different organelle occurs mainly in chemical, physical and mechanical ways. It seems to me, however, that an additional important way for energy signal exchange is through energetic matter and its space. This is what gives chemical and physical connections their virtual relationship.

The high-energy hydrogen vortex is the basis for life everywhere. The hydrogen in water molecules H-O-H creates a high-energy compound with oxygen, which can transfer energy matter from one source to another. High-energy water molecules are a source of living formations. With constantly moving molecules (Brownian motion), water helps supply energy from its surroundings to living formations, which utilize this energy with new molecules of water. Life appears not only in water, but also in other high-energy liquids where different energy and organelle formations can easily communicate with each other. Every living formation is an energetic matter formation.

In the atom, the proton (energetic vortex) is the highest energy formation (core of the atom). With the help of the electron, its energetic swirl transmits excess energy to living organisms in its surroundings. To sustain their existence, living creations constantly need the energy supplied by fresh water; its high-energy atoms give and receive energy from the surroundings. The main source of energy for living formations, however, is derived from the sun, but other sources are also available. As the Earth decays, it disperses energy. In the future, this may be an important source of energy for humanity.

Our brains are surrounded by a great deal of water in constant circulation, and are hermetically closed, except for a connection to the spine enabling the exchange of the previous supply with fresh water. Virtual energy waves are supplied not only by oxygen energy in the blood stream, but also by water energy.

Water itself is a life formation; therefore, it is in constant motion. The Brownian motion of water molecules indicates that it is in perpetual energetic activity. Through its electron enlarged paths and virtual hydrogen and oxygen van der Waals forces, signals transmitted by energetic matter are exchanged between atoms, molecules and even other energy formations.

The high percentage of water in the world (70%) and the atmosphere constantly communicate, thereby maintaining the stable temperature vital for life and preventing a drastic change of energy. Carbon’s high-energy capacity (its heat of vaporization is ~715 kJ/mol) helps guard the stable temperature of organic bonds.

Water, with its high-energy capacity, has an adhesive property, which means it creates common paths with other atoms. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen are highly energetic, have large electron paths and strong van der Waals forces (periatomic energetic matter, plasma) and easily link to one another. Liquid energy sources enhance this ability. Forces surrounding organic formations also facilitate the transfer of signals between them.

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