Chapter 10 — Wave Theory and Life

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The following pictures are worth a thousand words:

The essential matter from which our universe is created is energetic matter. It behaves like living matter, creating every known entity, including living objects and even thought (which occurs through energetic matter–wave interaction). The essential structure of energetic matter is high-energy (concentrated energetic matter) electro-magnetic waves (picture above). This simple structure is the basis of everything: every energetic formation and the universe. In picture 2, we see that the DNA of all living formations has the same structure as waves: two loops of the same energetic matter, behaving according to the same rules.

In this chapter, I will discuss biological, living beings in terms of chemistry and physics, since basic energetic matter creates everything. The existence of living objects entails many substances. The main components, however, of energetic waves and basic atoms are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. This applies to other atoms, as well. Life is not an accidental event. Where methane, ethane, propane and other similar compounds are present, organic creations can easily be created without further assistance. Carbon atoms are plentiful in all energetic formations, even young galaxies. Hydrogen atoms were one of the first creations, before other atoms, and are widespread in the universe. Where there are two main components such as hydrogen and carbon, chemical compounds, which are the basis of high-energy bonds, can be created.

The most important formations for life ( picture, below left) are cyclohexane-like bonds, which are energetic closed swirl formations. They contain a great deal of energy and resemble the Young Star Clusters Stud NGC 1512 (picture, below right).

Those structures, similar to the star cluster stud, are the basis for life formations. DNA, like waves, has a large energetic capacity, which makes living formations independent of their surroundings. Both can store energy in internal swirls by different methods and can communicate with other wave formations.

The formation of DNA, with two loops and two swirls, clearly resembles cosmic waves in which one swirl is energetic and the second is more magnetic.

In humans, a female’s ovum resembles the formation of a young star cluster. Similar to the properties of magnetic loops, it is capable of storing a great deal of energy. When united with the sperm, which is a high-energy formation (like an energetic loop), a stable wave-like formation is created. The need to procreate is one reason that sex is a basic human drive. The first energetic formations are two loops - one stable wave formation. This is one of the ingenious formations of energetic matter, as it enables the interchange of energetic information between waves and all other energetic formations in the universe.

These two loops are in perpetual competition and cannot exist without one another (see the chapter on photons). This allows us to understand the sexual behaviour of all species.

In the chapter on photons, we noted that in order to separate photon loops, there has to be some energy added to its formation. In the reverse process, excess energy is expelled in the form of a photon. The same process occurs in nature. When the magnetic loop (the ovum) meets the energetic loop (the sperm), the outcome is the formation of a new, high-energy photon-like creation, which has genes (time, space) containing complete information from previous formations.

As oxygen and hydrogen are plentiful everywhere in the universe, the creation of water readily occurs. Theories about life in water are well known. Energy discharges, as from lightning, may help to form organic bonds that create simple organic formations.

Wave theory suggests that inorganic and organic creations are one entity of nature (see picture, below). Perhaps, the result of the energetic activity of hydrogen and oxygen creates water on our planet. It may be that the Earth alone can continuously create life formations. This process is very delicate and may be easily spoilt. Nature has worked for millions of years to generate the myriad of links in this symbiosis. We must try not to change this unbelievable, beautiful, ingenious creation, but must only attempt to discover, study and appreciate it. Energetic matter creates structures beyond our imagination; our planet is, perhaps, only one of these creations. On other planets, living formations may have other shapes.

I will not continue this discussion now, but will try to do so in other essays. Water, atmosphere and life are very complex issues and strongly connected. Nature and our environment should be respected and protected by all mankind.

Four main elements, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, are essential in the creation of living formations. The most vital is carbon. With its high heat of vaporization of kJ/mol ~ 715, it is very stable. Water also has a high heat of vaporization: kJ/ mol ~ 539.

Hydrogen has a high-energy “electron” capacity and the largest atomic radius - 208i - among light atoms. Thus, the radius of energetic matter around this atom is very large and it connects easily with other atoms, which provides it with a great deal of energetic matter. It may be that peripheral periatomic energetic matter is van der Waals forces. Energetic matter is very important for vital formations because it is very sensitive to change occurring in neighbouring formations. The van der Waals forces come in contact with surrounding organic energy formations, which enables the easy and direct transfer of signals from one formation to another. The energy nets created between waves, atoms and molecules may be vital to life formation, as contact between energetic matter formations is the source of life.

A hydrogen atom consists of a nucleus and a high-energy loop-like electron. The nucleus behaves like a high-energy vortex (swirl) and the electron acts like a high-energy cloud, which easily initiates relationships with other high-energy atoms and organic bonds. This occurs mainly through hydrogen high-energy atom waves, easily supplied by water molecules.

An independent living formation has more energy than its surroundings and has organs to utilize its energy and store it for generations. Its “genes” have the ability to reproduce these behaviours and qualities, so that the formation keeps its energetic matter formation.

Organic living formations
Organic living formations contain a great deal of energy, making them independent of their surroundings. To maintain a high energy level (capacity), they require a continuous supply of energy. To this end, the molecules bond with similar molecules and then differentiate, generating organelle that obtain energy from their surroundings. Thus, an organic living formation appears and continually improves its energy utilization to survive.

This process is part of the natural creation continuum. We noted in the chapters on photons and quarks that energy constantly tries to escape from a wave structure, while magnetic rings try to retain energy to maintain the wave’s space and independence. The same behaviour leads to the creation of an organic living formation with a high-energy capacity, which takes as much energy as possible from its surroundings to remain independent.

We believe that communication between different organelle occurs mainly in chemical, physical and mechanical ways. It seems to me, however, that an additional important way for energy signal exchange is through energetic matter and its space. This is what gives chemical and physical connections their virtual relationship.

The high-energy hydrogen vortex is the basis for life everywhere. The hydrogen in water molecules H-O-H creates a high-energy compound with oxygen, which can transfer energy matter from one source to another. High-energy water molecules are a source of living formations. With constantly moving molecules (Brownian motion), water helps supply energy from its surroundings to living formations, which utilize this energy with new molecules of water. Life appears not only in water, but also in other high-energy liquids where different energy and organelle formations can easily communicate with each other. Every living formation is an energetic matter formation.

In the atom, the proton (energetic vortex) is the highest energy formation (core of the atom). With the help of the electron, its energetic swirl transmits excess energy to living organisms in its surroundings. To sustain their existence, living creations constantly need the energy supplied by fresh water; its high-energy atoms give and receive energy from the surroundings. The main source of energy for living formations, however, is derived from the sun, but other sources are also available. As the Earth decays, it disperses energy. In the future, this may be an important source of energy for humanity.

Our brains are surrounded by a great deal of water in constant circulation, and are hermetically closed, except for a connection to the spine enabling the exchange of the previous supply with fresh water. Virtual energy waves are supplied not only by oxygen energy in the blood stream, but also by water energy.

Water itself is a life formation; therefore, it is in constant motion. The Brownian motion of water molecules indicates that it is in perpetual energetic activity. Through its electron enlarged paths and virtual hydrogen and oxygen van der Waals forces, signals transmitted by energetic matter are exchanged between atoms, molecules and even other energy formations.

The high percentage of water in the world (70%) and the atmosphere constantly communicate, thereby maintaining the stable temperature vital for life and preventing a drastic change of energy. Carbon’s high-energy capacity (its heat of vaporization is ~715 kJ/mol) helps guard the stable temperature of organic bonds.

Water, with its high-energy capacity, has an adhesive property, which means it creates common paths with other atoms. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen are highly energetic, have large electron paths and strong van der Waals forces (periatomic energetic matter, plasma) and easily link to one another. Liquid energy sources enhance this ability. Forces surrounding organic formations also facilitate the transfer of signals between them.

As energetic paths of hydrogen are larger, it is easier to create vibration links (relationships) with other carbon hydrogen energetic paths. By a change of energetic activity (path vibration), energetic matter transfers messages (energetic matter signals) and impulses between waves. The best communication is between waves and is most efficient when it occurs in the same energetic capacity path, radius and frequency.

To continually preserve and enlarge their energetic capacity and size (energetic matter, radii, bonds), living objects need a continuous supply of external energy. These living links exist because of the energy they receive from their surroundings. Thus appears a living formation that is more energetic than its surroundings and independent of them.

Van der Waals forces, together with chemical and physical connections, help link different waves, which create colonies of relationships between different organelle for the utilization of external energy or the distribution of energy. These colonies, with their organelle, create viruses, living cells like bacteria, and active objects that at a later stage of evolution may have to create different organisms. Darwin and others describe this beautifully.

Lack of energy supplements damages energetic matter paths, bonds and relationships. If this continues for a long period of time, there is a cessation of relationships between those organic bonds. If the supply of energy is not resumed before the critical time, the new bonds appearing between organic molecules are not on the same paths (links) and do not have the same relationships. This is what occurs in the event of a cerebral stroke.

As previously mentioned, water and other liquids are the most crucial media for life, due to their high-energy capacity and the assistance that they extend to energetic paths-bonds. Energy signals from external organic formations reach dedicated sites in the brain through energetic paths (nerves) (picture, below).

The signals are sent from the brain, by motor neurons, to different organisms, which return them by sensory nerve paths. This process creates a closed energy cycle. These paths may be formed by organic bonds (coils), as in chromosomes (picture, right).

Although signal transfer via organic formations is very complicated, I have simplified the matter in order to stress that energetic matter is the primal matter that creates everything and directs all energetic activity in living formations.

Wave energy activity is more visible in primary organic formations, where energetic stimulation causes a reaction to all organelles. It was once believed that it is impossible to understand human thought. Now we see that brain waves and neurons are a key to understanding life formations.

The actions of energy waves are capable of being explained with more clarity (picture to the right). From pictures obtained by positron emission thermography we see that energetic stimulation increases blood circulation and disperses energy to the brain in the form of a wave that is composed of both an energetic (red) and magnetic (blue) loop. They circulate around the brain until they find the setting suitable to its formation.

Research into brain waves has inspired the paradigm for wave relationships of living formations. This is the beginning of an explanation for the basic process that controls life. Energetic matter itself behaves like living matter. It is no wonder that it can create endless life creations, beyond our imagination. This occurs mainly where extended waves of atomic bonds come in contact with each other and create common energetic paths, with common interests.

Electro-convulsive therapy may explain some energetic processes that occur in the brain. Approximately fifteen years ago, this technique was developed using three magnetic stimulations to stimulate brain motor circuits and test their integrity after the brain or spinal cord incurred damage. This technique was used as therapy and to look at how the brain controls different types of behaviour. With a tweak of the settings, brain activity is stimulated, even raising or depressing specific areas of the brain, which we see in the form of large synchronized electro-magnetic waves. We know that electro-magnetic pulses control the heart (picture below); they are the largest synchronized energy waves on an electrocardiogram.

The oscillator, electrocardiogram and other devices help us understand and diagnose the function of living organs. Electro-magnetic waves are a result of an organ’s activity. Wave theory claims that energetic matter is the essential formation that creates everything, including living organs. Every living organ is a consequence of an infinite number of wave compositions, which matched until the organ was created. The waves we see in electronic devices are composites of all the organ’s inner waves. In the future, using different electronic devices and advanced technology, we may be able to locate and repair organs that do not function properly.

When observing our sun, we see that from time to time energetic matter is expelled, and that its movement is likely to be in a screw-spiral mode (picture, right).

The cerebral gyri (folding) of grey matter in the brain also have a screw-spiral mode. Every moving energy signal thus can easily match itself with a suitable gyrate brain formation. The brain has many different gyrate formations; therefore, it can receive different signals (energetic wave formations) and relay them to suitable gyri. In addition, the brain enhances chemical or physical relationships by sending energy impulses to other formations through its neuron roots.

It is clear why the brain uses as much as one quarter of the body’s energy to function well. The organ first visible in an embryo is the brain. Every living organism has a central energetic formation regulating the entire organism in different energetic ways. The brain’s basic structure is an example of the activity of energetic matter; DNA is an example of its wave formation (picture, right). Every amino acid has a formation similar to a wave formation, as it contains a great deal of energy, like energetic swirls and their closed wave structures.

An ordinary wave, from its inception until its decay, cannot grow. It can only change phases. Living formations, however, continually swallow energy to stay strong and survive. In nature, stronger waves swallow weaker ones. The same phenomenon occurs when organic creations adapt to the use of external energy, which makes them independent of their surroundings, enables them to defend themselves and prolong their existence.

I began working on this “everything” theory roughly fifty years ago. Then, it was virtual; today, as I look at the research that has been done it seems real. Every day, mysterious energetic matter and its ability to create fascinate me more and more. I hope humanity will exploit it only for good.

Wave Theory is not the final theory. Energetic Space Theory is still waiting.

- end -

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