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The Structure of the Hydrogen Atom
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[The Deuterium Atom]

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Pauli stated in his exclusion principle that every single component of energetic matter protects its own space.However, I contend that the components always maintain contact with each other and are in a constant state of superposition. Moreover, every unit of energetic matter moves along its own path (Faymam’s remembers orbits) and protects the integrity of its own defined borders. In other words, the energetic wave is an independent form of energetic matter with distinct boundaries. It resembles a living cell formation (adjacent picture) whereby every signal is instantly transmitted throughout its area and elicits a response from all the other elements within the wave.

The size of the “wave cell” is irrelevant. All wave formations — both as small as a cell and as large as the universe — react to energetic signals in an identical manner ( picture: below left). This allows the universe to exist and preserve its one quant structure, as any problems that arise are immediately identified and repaired. The wave structure, then, is a network of energetic paths that are created by the circulating and spinning movement of energetic matter (picture below).

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