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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything




Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr. Jerusalem

United nature theory – Wave theory,  


Evolution and Recreation 

by last scientific researches

        By Tejman’s United Nature-Wave-theory

Every living creation [quantum-wave formation] not appears from ”nothing” and return to “nothing”.

Reincarnation is the religious concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions.

 Evolution, recreation and reincarnation: Continue genes by time.

 The primary virtual sophisticated wave substance is living

energetic matter (constant active force) and is not a surprising then, that all living formations are a sequence of this primary force.


‘”Wave Theory, [Tejman’s] offers an explanation of how consciousness would first develop in fundamental energy and then replicate itself in lower and lower energy life forms down finally to our four dimensional space-time continuum.

The Holy Spirit of Christian Bible fame or the Ruach ha Kodesh/the Shekinah Glory of G-d of the Jewish Bible?! Dennis Tate


Brain mainly frontal lobes are on hay energetic level of waves quanta [phase transition with endless time and space]. equation

E (x)



(x) = velocity of swirling  x  endless energetic time and endless space


Brain, mainly, in deep formations is on low energetic level state of stabile waves quanta [phase transition with short time and space]. equation

Magnetic Loop(x)


Energetic Loop

= 1 = 1

Energetic Loop

Energetic Loop

Magnetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop(x) 

Brain active living formation

Brain –Time Machine our layer electri  inner layer magneti

out layer electric  inner layer magnetic brain radiation quant specific frequency ‘
Electroencephalography specific for every living quantum creation








Every quantum has its specific vibration frequency see   

so every part of quantum even in distant have the same frequency

That is the reason that in spiritual séances, families, communicate with spirits of our relative which has the same specific vibration frequency. Every brain radiates energetic specific waves [quanta] to space [all time] which circulates in space, maybe endless.

We read them by electroencephalography. In séances only relative by like specific vibration frequency may communicate with like waves [quanta] which circulate in space. The same explanation:

[Its well known] that one sibling suffer by gastric pains in Europe its brother in America suffer also [without clinical evidences]. Brains waves [quanta] may circulate for a long time in space.

Because waves are [DNA-quanta] maybe t in specific conditions they may create original living formation. That is known recreation of living creations before of thousands years by their DNA manipulations.      

Positron emission thermography 

Explanation of brain activity: by United Nature-Wave theory.Mind, thought, and intelligence occurs when energetic matter operates on a quanta virtual level, together with instinct, and memory quanta frames {which are stored in lower phase gravity part of brain with previous frames and with   previous generations}.

Recreation ]recreare]:  of Human being and animal living creations maybe by…guarding DNA, and under appropriate conditions [circumstances] may recreate “birth” [‘reincarnation’] of the original creation.


Evolution  by…. 

Lamark’s evolution: occurred and proceeded in accordance natural laws.

Darwin’s evolution: by Natural selection and

Tejman’s evolution: by  of “living” creations by Central Energetic Formation

Evolution: guarding of species but not of individuals.




United Nature Wave Theory explained how wave stage of substance get throws phase transition to “stabile” stage formation and vice versa that means that under appropriate conditions reincarnation may appears.

We are only on beginning Wave theory and all secrets of NATURE are still far for us.  


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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. September  2012    


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