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Grand Unified Theory
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Theory of everything

Quantum definition 3


In depended quantum creation definition:

 The smallest amount of energy a physical quantity, [M. Planck] to huge [A. Einstein], that can exist independently, especially a quantity of energetic electromagnetic two forces “two semi loops” wave radiation. This amount of energy regarded as a unit.

Quantum: Regional energetic space time formation of continue active [living] energetic matter circulation’.

Quantum, [of endless creations], which guard of continue energetic matter circulation [circular vicious] of its given regional, energetic, space, time   [formation] and by phase transition and evolution continue keeping its creation.

Life and even our spirit are quantum creation.


Chaim, Henry Tejman. Jerusalem.

United Nature -Wave Theory   

Only Nature show and explain quantum formation and behavior.

          Picture, GALAXY M-51.  Huge closed quantum formation.  

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum- gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



Exactly as Tejman’s equation of two semi loops as one quantum 

Idea of quantum and atom structure os.n basis Nature observation


M. Faraday ! First create laboratory united field quantum, rigid formationof two unclosed, perpendicular spins, energetic time forces,s formation that was the quantum, basic formation, of all forces and creations.

      The first laboratory quantum formation  [see picture] composed by two parts, electric and magnetic [motion of one force] which by peculiar motion create two basic forces electromagnetic of quantum. By motion of on one part appears simultaneously energetic force in second part of quantum. That explains beautiful this one force, of two behaviors. 

 The “two” active forces are not opposite, only perpendicular that appears by swirling motion of this one force. These two perpendicular spins forces appears always in superposition [Schrödinger’s cat paradox]   .


  These two behaviors I explain by two semi loops 720 [as we see in galaxies pictures]. This one force [of two forces] it’s unbelievable, ingenious creation of nature superposition of two forces time, acting simultaneously. This ingenious creation of nature [like Schrödinger’s two simultaneously behavior] is basis of all cretions..

On basis Faraday’s experiment create Maxwell ingenious equation of united field by swirling continue swirling motion of energetic matter, create two [from one] forces. The famous, Maxwell, equation, clearly show motion of energetic matter by open quanta formation [electric-magnetic-electric….magnetic ect..

Two perpendicular forces [ of the one ] always appears in superposition


Maxwell equations: Open quantum of two [one swirling] main forces.



In all equations by continue swirling motion appears shift electric force to magnetic and vice versa.

c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}. \

Traveling sinusoidal plane waves, with the [two semi loops-behavior] electric and magnetic field Directions orthogonal [perpendicular] to one another and the direction of travel, and with the two fields in phase, traveling at the speed.

Maxwell equation, exactly, describes the Nature behavior.

High energetic organic and not organic formations behave as open continue quanta [electric-magnetic-electric magnetic….by two perpendicular semiloops.]   

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum reproduction


Quantum ren

Two perpen-

dicular semi

loops !

Quantum energetic matter .dispersio


High energetic formations are open string time quanta formations


      Water                  electricity     open quanta, wave motion.  

Motion of open quanta.

Water, open quanta, wave motion.    DNA, open quanta,

Quantum bubble formation


Wave [quantum] creation and behavior.

Hubbell pictures. Every quantum has it own characteristic, typical, behavior.

These pictures clearly show the unification of physics with Nature.

Unified field theory approach to unification of physics with Nature and that appears only by quantum formation.

Max Plank: introduce the name quantum and quanta equations. Basic formation of everything.  His quanta constant are basic for modern physics..




Black hole radiation

Energetic-electric part of quantum symmetry

Magnetic-gravity part of  quantum symmetry








Quantum-Gravitational wave A. Einstein, space time geometry,  3 D - bubble closed quantum formations.

Albert Einstein’s space time curvatures are the basic of quantum formation.

G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}
Einstein’s equation

Visual Einstein’s and Tejman’s 

quantum space time curvatures 3D

Galaxy two semi loops quantum  


A. Einstein’s equation describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional, semi-Riemannian  manifold representing spacetime on the one hand, and the energy-momentum contained in that space time on the other.

That exactly is quantum equation !. Creation of everything, Einstein did that! But He not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and only United Nature theory by introduction two behaviors [two semi loops 720] and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explain this ingenious quantum equation as  Einstein create.

  Quantum: C.Tejman, composed by 3D, bubble strings –energetic paths time, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings  cocoon wave formation of electric and magnetic [gravity] semi loops– two perpendicular 720  spins forces] two semi perpendicular loops of open semi closed and closed  quantum wave as appears in nature.


   Quantum structure Einstein   Quantum structure Faraday and Tejman


Exactly as Tejman’s equation of two semi loops and Einstein’s geometry of a four dimensional as one quantum.




Spiral galaxies

This picture exactly fits Tejman’s equation of two semi loops one quantum.  [United Nature field equation].  .


Equation of united field forces [everything] two semi loops quantum strings formation [TEJMAN}.






Equation: of united field theory, quantum, basic for endless creations and equations by two perpendicular semi loops-spins forces, equilibrium of all forces, create string cocoon, bubble formation of endless directional forces and times with all 11 dimensions [Tejman].

Small or large quanta have the same behavior and obey the same rules [A. Einstein].


United Nature Theory unified all forces and explains the natural quantum behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations under one roof.



Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E


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Unified field theory equation

Quantum formation created by swirling electro-magnetic force which create [ vortex ]quantum formation that create everything include our spirit.


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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. May 2012

Theory of everything.

 Unified field theory.