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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything

Human Being evolution.

The most sophisticated, ingenious, Masterpiece, creation.

The Human Being specific evolution starts by accelerated development of

Brain” cortex {intelligence}.

That gives its possibility to be independent from surroundings.

Tejman Chaim

United nature theory-Wave theory

Frame1Every creation in order to be stabile must be quantum formation {M. Planck}, that means, composed by two behaviors, electric-male and magnetic -female{Tejman. Two brain hemispheres, each with specific behavior. In embryo the electric part {swirl} create yolk suck {energetic tank} and magnetic part develope rest body formation including the brain. They are in equilibrium behavior .All other cells are quantum formations, with their specific functions .After delivery yolk suck disappears and energetic surplay begin from surroundings.

Heart rules energetic matter circulation and brain rules and controls, the rest of soma, rules every part and every variation of its creation for survival.

In Human being cortex {gelatinous grey matter, place for spirit} is larger than in other living creations and consist a high percent of water.

Water, ” living”[wave-particle} is an opensquantum formation and,

Is the most active living substance of energetic matter, formation and by

peri-molecular Van der Waals energetic forces, bring up additional energetic space {intelligence and though-spirit, } to cellular bran’s roots. ,

More cortex, more water, more energetic capacity and activity of brain, that give more energetic relationships {energetic umbrella} between energetic,

virtual waves{quanta} from synapses and brains cells which store all information’s and accelerate mixing and interpretation of different signals from brains cells and surround signals. Brain cell {biological computer} capable to store unlimited amount of energetic-quantum information.

All those properties enhance high energetic cortex { more energy, more energetic capacity that extend and prolong our brain time A. Einstein} that gives opportunity to instant mixing electro-magnetic waves- signals from different sources and interprete them simultaneously .

Frame2We call that intelligence, thought {virtual spirit}.

drawings below explain computers binary work.

Electric and magnetic bytes act only by their energetic path.

In brain the energetic matter circulate in brain cells. in synapses { path between cells } and directly between cells{water with Van der Waals forces}

Those forces enhance cells information, create“ aura” spirit, thought around brain and mix directly all brain waves {energetic remember frames}, that create natural intelligence.

Frame3More cortex {gyros}, more water, more Van der Waals forces, greater

aura” more common sense, intelligence {spirit}.

Frame4Every stabile formation must be quantum formation.

Quantum {M. Planck}, two energetic semi-loop{+and-0}wave formation {C. Tejman}.

Frame5 Energetic matter behavior. {red electric path, blue magnetic path}.

More cortexes, more water, more energetic capacity give more

virtual activity, mind, thought and intelligence of brain.

Frame6Intelligence-more cortex.

Frame7Positron emission thermography

Explanation of brain activity by united nature-wave theory.

Mind, thought, intelligence occurs when energetic matter operates on a virtual level.

Intelligence operates on a virtual level.”

This action of energy waves is obvious from pictures obtained from positron emission thermography,

We clearly see that energetic stimulation increased blood circulation and enhanced the signal from the cerebellum to the brain as well as the brain’s

energetic capacity (red) and then appears as magnetic {blue} semi loop. They


circulate around the brain until they find the setting suitable for its formation.

We see clearly that setting appears by stabile quantum, wave formation { two semi loops }.every signal have its specific quantum shape and behavior and the setting suitable gyros have like signals waves “quantum” structure{similar shape}.

Thinking appears on a phase wave level {virtual}and becomes energetic matter from the body and outside, integrating processes from different specific locations in the brain to act simultaneously, like every gravitational wave. 

Brain’s activity constantly radiate energetic matter {wave formations ,our “ spirit”} to space as measurable via an EEG examination and people mainly

family with like similar brains{wave frequency properties} can “fill” their relative around on virtual level{ghost séances, where–relatives-meet. It iswell known Albert Einstein's famous observation that "a relative person {with some-very strong sense, have virtual like feeling }.‘Wave Theory explain this natural process

Brain –wave formation example of energetic matter duality {two semi-loops}. It acts in high phase transition. It displays consistently as a big quantum (Einstein’s idea). The brain can open time frames (time genes) which are encoded in specific regions as dense time space energy. The brain operates multi sensory recall. The brain can fuse past time with future time via backward motion of energetic matter by gravitational waves.

With the addition of energy like hypnosis or medicine, that enlarge space time properties of brain {A. Einstein} we can stimulate hidden encoded time space genes to high wave phase transition.

Human being specific accelerate evolution begins by its different evolution of its brain.

That is a new form of evolution not dependent on the surrounding and begins competition with nature {its creation}..

Briefly-Important steps of evolution

Use of stick

Gather foods

Use mace


Creation of fire

Abide in cave

Speech and communication

Discovery of wheel.

Training dogs


Build different structures for life in community and family.

Training horses and bovine

Forming countries, army, university with different disciplines

Discovery print

Development trunk roads, communication

Use different machineries and technology

Discovery of telegraph, telephone


Latex {condom}

Radio, television


Revolution in medicine, antibiotics ect.

A lot of projects for utilization of nature act.

Atomic bombs

Conquered the space ,moon and other planets..

All that by brain natural intelligence!

Now appears new step of of human being, evolution:

Artificial intelligence evolution, binary intelligence and other devices.

Computer” to help Human Being intelligence !?.

Because human brain can’t accommodate all up-to-date


Small and mobile computers.

Cellular phone with computer, always available.

Artificial {ultrasound} selection embryos sex.

Frozen sperm, ova, embryos, artificial insemination.


Creation of like sperm cells from female embryo

Cloning Human Being.

Different chips to brain act.

and slowly, slowly binary intelligence be in the ascendant .

The Human brain is the beautiful ingenious, sophisticated creation of nature and we must accolade one at other and all living creations, nothing comes up with this ingenious creation.

Prominent leadingsl metaphysics.



© Copyright: Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry January 2008

The theory of everything

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