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Gravity explanation.

 Gravity [Newton absolute gravity], Gravitational wave [Einstein]

 Gravity- gravitational wave [Tejman two semi loops quantum], created by swirling motion of strong duality force.

 Electro-pushing, and magnetic gravity-pulling, shrinking create Faraday’s, Planck, Einstein’s, Tejman’s, gravity, , gravitational wave quantum formation.


Pict. Gravity, Gravitational wave, quantum, photon, rigid unclosed basic sophisticated formation created by strong force is the basic stabile formations that create everything.

 Only Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior.

That is gravitational wave [as Einstein’s idea].

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerginggalaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not


Chaim, Henry, Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

Emeritus Jerusalem University. 

United Nature-Wave theory-Grand Unified theory


These beautiful pictures explained gravity quantum behavior.

Wikipedia, An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth's magnetic field into the atmosphere


.The gravity wave by United Nature-Wave theory [Tejman] like prominence is gravity gravitational wave. Solar prominence have a].ascending [rising upward] energetic path and b] .Perpendicular [horizontal to upward electric] ,

 c] descending [go down] magnetic-gravity path to back to energetic source. Solar prominence appears from energetic source by duality strong force.

 Pict. 2] Exactly the same behavior of aurora as solar prominence.

Pict.3 Galaxy M 51.Energetic source [down] like black hole or Kerr swirl expel energetic path [up] to gravity-magnetic swirl [Schwarzschild] which create space time curvatures [A. Einstein] that by swirling, condensed, shrinking motion toward [back] to energetic source that create gravity [gravitational wave] quantum. Pict. 4

I try explained quantum gravitym gravitational wave, behavior on basis space pictures and different scientific works.

All stabile formation are created by quantum.


Gravity [pushing-puling-shrinking] appears by Schwarzschild [neutron] perpendicular swirl which create quantum formation.

Only Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior.


Basic energetic source expel pushing duality strong force.

By swirling E-M force create horizontal,  retrograde swirl which change electric force to magnetic gravity.

Gravity by swirling perpendicular motion act as pulling and shrinking. Together with electric force push to sucking  energetic source.

More the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [waves] forces that lower gravity. Gravity [see] like fog.


Gravity: created by strong electro-magnetic gravity perpendicular forces that by peculiar motion creates quantum formation.

More the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [waves] forces lower gravity.


more the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of   Perpendicular motion of gravity force,

energetic [wave] forces lower the gravity.                             pull horizontally and push to its source

Perpendicular motion of gravity force, push-pull horizontally to its source    

Gravity-gravitational wave     AuroraSite.htm

Gravity waves by space time curvatures of “falling” gravitons. Peculiar perpendicular horizontal and down motion of gravity force. Push-pull horizontally by serpentine motion down to the source  

Thumbnail for version as of 23:44, 1 January 2007

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Gravity is quantum formation.

                  The gravitation wave like curtain motion show exactly how magnetic-gravitational wave like electron is the magnetic part of semi loop in atom] move.

 [See :  

Wave theory explains and verified the ingenious Einstein’s idea that small and large quanta have similar behavior.

These different pictures help to understanding gravity behavior.   

       The gravitational wave composed by two forces. 1. Electric expelled, eject from solar energetic source up strong electric force [form energetic source] which by its swirling motion create on apex [top. peak] gravity perpendicular swirling retrograde motion. This swirling motions change the direction of electric force to magnetic gravity force and now push the energetic path back to energetic source. The magnetic gravity, perpendicular force, by peculiar shrinking, sweeping like curtains, motion push and also is pulling  by sucking of the energetic source.




From common source arise from one side different-relative gravity-wave and return to other side of energetic source.

In this gravitation wave quantum by swirling motion appears a lot of small relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency.

Energetic source from one side expel energetic path [paths] and from other side “suck” this energetic changed gravity path and create the most ingenious sophisticated formation gravitational wave [quantum circular vicious. Gravity, gravitational wave [quantum, circular vicious] is the most ingenious creation fo NATURE  THAT CREATE EVERYTHING . MORE INGENIOUS CAN’T BE.

 Solar prominences are gravitational waves are expelled from one side of energetic source and by pushing swirling [expelled force] return back to energetic source by other side, create quantum, gravitational wave.



Solar prominence with a lot  of small gravitation waves [quanta].

The rotation and revolving {serpiginous} motion of energetic matter create small relative quanta

That need lot of imagination to understanding this ingenious force.

Aurora gravitational wave in pick of energetic path [string ] create ] “neutron “ swirl that by gravity swirling forces [like gravitons fog] by 3 D curtained  motion and shrinking condensation forces push and pull everything to energetic source 

Image: Saturn aurora

Aurora Borealis



Quantum limited space 3 D 11 dimension creation with all forces by wildest energetic matter behavior [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] create endless quanta behaviors and formations 

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Aurora over Norway

Aurora in the Night


Right: What does an aurora

Arnar Valdima

Only Nature can explains alone so sophisticated behavior the different aurora quanta formations.

venta en aurora ill~

Aurora Borealis over Trondheim

Aurora Borealis by ~RoieG on

Energetic source expel  path which created quantum gravity

    On basis space pictures and different scientific works I try explain quantum behavior and gravity gravitational wave.

Quantum, gravitational wave: 3 D space dimension closed regional formation of continuum circulation energetic [matter] forces [circular vicious]. That needs a lot of imagination and common sense to understand the most sophisticated ingenious creation because due to wildest behavior of energetic matter [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] every creation [quantum] has own specific character and changed by phase transition. Quantum created by one [two] strong force and all forces are created by quantum formation.

 Quantum very condensed regional space swirl, expel electric strong force-path string, which by unidirectional forward swirling, revolving, rotation motion, create second Schwarzschild swirl  gravity which create space time curvatures [A. Einstein] that by peculiar perpendicular [curtain] motion are pushed and sucked to energetic source. The source like human cord became and expel energetic matter. The behavior of energetic source is like black hole. Kerr swirl, black spots on sun, proton in atom

Explanation by pictures.

 The duty of ENERGETIC SOURCE is:

 Maximum condensation and shrinking dispersed energetic matter by swirling motion and expel by swirling motion energetic path-string which by peculiar motion create quantum formation.  

 Energetic source expel  path which created quantum gravity

Gravity,  Circulars vicious, metabolism, of energetic matter tional wave, quantum                                                                                                                     That is like very simple but that is the most ingenious, sophisticated creation still beyond our understanding. 

Beautiful and important picture.

 Earth energetic source expel electric [red] forces moving straight up and gravity forces moving perpendicular, horizontally [like curtain] to electric strong force. In these curtains motion are [blue] lines pushing straight down. Gravity composed force by two behaviors which act simultaneously. One perpendicular pulling and shrinking and second pushing down in superposition [Schrödinger ingenious paradox]. More beautiful as

Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior can’t be

The space time curvatures are different [[Heisenberg uncertainty principle]

View Image

Go to fullsize image NASA unified of all forces by

unified of all forces by quantum gravity2

Arnar Valdima..   

. the Aurora Borealis?


Space time curvatures, like curtains, around gravity swirls with a fog of falling gravitons.

NASA unified of all forces by classic quantum gravity 1

unified of all forces by amazing quantum gravity 2

unified of all forces by  this simle quantum gravity 3

aurora borealis, amazing
thetoptensite.c gravity semi loop








Space time curvatures, like curtain, around gravity swirls [source] with a fog of falling gravitons l

   Single gravity source.

 Multiple gravity sources.

 By pictures I try explaining gravity by two main forces

This like simple creation, gravity wave, quantum, creates endless forces.

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4 www.cweb. nl

 When we walking on plain level we are influenced mainly by perpendicular force,

 2 With trying walking up we feel the pushing pulling, sucking gravity force.

 3. Greater the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [wave] forces, that lower gravity

4 Away from centre the swirling force predominate, 






Ball falling freely under gravity we see that pulling-pushing force near singularity is the stronger.

 2 Large horizons around energetic source swirl by space time curvatures [space fabrics] that by their swirling revolve end rotation motion pull active energetic matter from surround and create very condensed formation-black hole.

 3 passive circulations of shuttle around earth appears mainly by pushing swirling perpendicular force.

4 Moon circulate around earth by quantum swirling path like earth around sun. Beautiful example of two perpendicular forces  

Phobos [Mars moon] soil, may be blasted by some impacts.Pic. from DISCOVER JUNE 2009. CLEARLY SHOW TWO PERPENDICULAR FORCES [that not needs a lot of imagination] is also picture of the century.

The nature observations together with works of scientist help to understanding gravity, quantum behavior. Other beautiful picture of two perpendicular forces


Cover of “Scientific American” February 2009. and Explanation by united nature theory:. Motion of energetic matter from a black hole expelled from singularity by quanta [two behaviors “semi loops” ]   1.magnetic –gravity, visible, condensed energetic space.   2. Electric –[invisible to our eyes] wave quantum formation]. Similar to the M. Faraday experiment and Maxwell equation

Very important picture


Gravity equations are also quanta equations...

1 Newton’s equation

Newton's Law of Gravity

2 Einstein's (field) equations:

R_{ab} - {\textstyle 1 \over 2}R\,g_{ab} = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{ab}.\,

One can write the EFE in a more compact form by defining the Einstein tensor

G_{\mu \nu} = R_{\mu \nu} - {1 \over 2}R g_{\mu \nu},

which is a symmetric second-rank tensor that is a function of the metric. The EFE can then be written as

G_{\mu \nu} + g_{\mu \nu} \Lambda = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}.

Using geometrized units where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as

G_{\mu \nu} + g_{\mu \nu} \Lambda = 8 \pi T_{\mu \nu}\,. 


Tejman’s: Two forces quantum gravity.


     Gravity force =

Condensed Energetic Matter

 in limited Condensed Space [swirl]

If energetic matter is highly concentrated in a limited area, gravity is correspondingly high and vice versa. We can think of gravity as concentrated energetic matter in a particular space: the more concentrated the matter, the higher the level of gravity. The best examples of this are low-energy phases. See

F = G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2}

G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}

Tejman’s: Two forces quantum gravity is additional equation to this gravity equation.

     Gravity force =

Condensed Energetic Matter

 in limited Condensed Space [swirl]

Condensed energetic space time [A. Einstein] create very condensed space formatin, black hole gravity vortex which expel energetic path-string, which by swirling peculiar motion create gravity quantum [Tejman].


Unified field theory approach to unification of physics with Nature and that geometry of a four dimensional as one quantum exactly like these pictures.


                  United Nature Theory unified all forces and explains the natural quantum behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations under one roof.


Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E 

Tejman’s equation: Equilibrium of all energetic forces-times in








gravity quantum formation in all phase transition .

      Stabile quantum, formation only by proportional equilibrium of forces by two [semi-loops forces] behaviors.

The best examples are highly-energetic photons, whose two loops contain nearly identical levels of energy. This equation holds true for all the formations that exist in the universe. However, in different phases, only proportion of forces changed.   

One electric string [strong force] create everything

Electric strong [string-path] force, create gravity quantum formation which by phase transitions disperse again back to “space” which is source for new energetic matter creations.

The structure of the wave [quantum] formation is amenable to the creation of various life forms. Any change in the proportion of energetic matter in the loops-forces leads to a new phase transition in which one of the loops has other energetic properties. These changes to the equilibrium between the energetic and magnetic forces loop result in different behaviors.

To follow are mathematical equations for the balance between the energetic and magnetic loop of gravity wave formation in various phase transitions:


High Energetic Phase Transition ( Hyperspace negative pushing gravity ].

Energetic Loop(x)


Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

Energetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop  ↓

·         In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic loop (matter) almost disappears.

 The Duality Phase gravity.

Energetic Loop


Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop

 The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality [equilibrium} whereby the magnetic loop equals the energetic loop, which equals 1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan.

3.Low Energetic-High Magnetic Phase Transition {positive gravity]

Magnetic Loop(x)


Energetic Loop

= 1 = 1 =

Energetic Loop space

Energetic Loop

Magnetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop x-spine↑  ↑

In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave {quantum}. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy! In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion

Example: The gravity of earth is greater than sun because gravitational semi loop-force is proportional greater than the sun’s where electric semi loop force is proportional greater.  

 Example: Neutrino which nearly loses his energetic semi loop has high gravitational wave formation with very high frequency (rotation and revolving motion) and this is the reason why it is very hard to catch. In the other hand, huge gravitational wave rotation revolves with lower frequency exactly like the universe quantum (wave formation) rotation and revolving is near 0


Gravity [quantum] behavior and creations are endless


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 Static electricity is created by scattered dispersed gravitons.


By jrtadje on Flickr








Static electricity-strong electric force, graviton, spark Casimir force, laser, gravity forceaurora, volcano, lightening, earthquake, cloud formation, whether, are created by gravity [gravitons] electric string GRAVITY QUNTUM  FORCE.  

 Static electricity, maybe in future, the important earth energetic gravity source. Space time curvatures and gravitons have ability accrete to every formation that is capable enlarge its energetic capacity in form energetic-electric regional [gravity] swirl. Excess of energy expels as electric path-spark, Example: two sweaters together, [organic matter] shared, collect a great amount of gravity wave space force in form of spice time curvatures [gravitons], when separated, their shared, energetic level (space) is diminished and excess energy is expelled as visible sparks-strong force. That may explain that static electricity is stored by gravitons on gravity sweaters quantum formation.

Aurora gives beautiful explanation of “circle vicious” of quantum energetic earth behavior, gravity force.

Reuter pict. Glitter of volcanic EYJAFFJALL Iceland 14.4.2010 eruption by gravity, energetic condensed space, electric force. AuroraSite.htm


The ingenious Newton’s [gravity] and Coulomb’s laws [static gravity electricity] equations are similar, gravity forces waves however created by different position pushing pulling of the same graviton.


Newton’s law  \mathbf{F}_{12} =
 - G {m_1 m_2 \over {\vert \mathbf{r}_{12} \vert}^2}
 \, \mathbf{\hat{r}}_{12}
 Coulomb's law \vec{F} = \frac{Q_1Q_2}{4\pi\varepsilon_0 r^2}\hat{r}.



Static gravity electricity [gravitons] condensed energetic space fabrics

 [A Einstein] gravitational gravity forces [Tejman].


The ways of sophisticated gravity quanta, gravity, gravitational waves formations are endless.  

Modification  equation of gravity[Tejman’s] by United Nature Theory.



Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space

Continue conclusion:




Hence the space { nothing ? }, energetic matter time [quantum gravity] that create universe and  everything 



Mass=weight dependent by gravity. From that we conclude that mass and gravity are in tight relation.   

Relation between gravity [mass-weight] energy and space are always proportional [constant]

Every particle from gravity part of quantum [magnetic gravity semi loop, gravity positive, has mass time, even the smallest particle as neutrino].  

Every particle, from electric semi loop strong anti gravitational force [gravity negative-accidental time has mass negative].

Explanation of matter creation. 


  E = mc˛quantum





and by Tejman’s equation.



 The same behavior of the quantum formation by .

        Gravity =

quantum gravity  mass

Condensed  Energetic Matter

Its Spacetime [c˛ ]

Gravity depends on the amount of condensed energetic matter on particular specific space/.

the same quantum by different equations Einstein-Tejman [modification]

Mass =M=

quantum gravity mass




quantum gravity mass

Energy/ spacetime


Three sophisticated active media: 


Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity   Low  phase transit                                               

vice versa  

enlarged space  prolonged time and decreased gravity  high phase transition.             

   Space, time and energy [forces] are waved together.

   Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together..

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated wave-quantum creation with all forces. Quantum formation has beginning and end but by energetic paths [time quantum genes] create endless recrudescent quantum future quanta times.

In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media changed /

Enlarged extended space prolonged also the time.

The more enlarged extended space that cause to enlarge extended of time, by extension of space decreases the condensation of energetic matter [decreases the gravity].

The direction of electromagnetic force [energetic matter] in quantum formation is always from high phase transition to lower phase transition [from creation to dispersion]

Low phase{transition}  = quantum proportion constant – high  phase{transition

Electromagnetic [3 D space time] force [quantum]is always proportional to quantum space phase transition,


 [quantum constant]

ELECCTROMAGNETIC FORCE-T I M E-SPACE  quantum gravity constant.


Behavior of these tree media [electromagnetic force] in quantum gravity time are always proportional constant. 

in a particular amount of gravity space


Time, in gravity wave.                        

All equations explain time behaviour in different gravity waves [quanta] formations.



                    Hence time constantans.

The increase in space suggests prolonged time and diminished gravity


Time/ velocity / space/ proportions  -  Quantum constant


c2 [space x time] =    E = mc  Gravity/Frequency Quantum Constant

Gravity =


In all its outcomes, quantum (gravitational wave, wave formation) has the same behavior evolution as the main creation.

            From that equation we can see that:


That actually means that: 

     Tejman                    Planck

            By modifying Planck's Tejman (equations}. We can see that:           

 In quantum formation, when space disperses the frequency and the gravity are both reducing. When space shrinks, gravity and frequency are both rising. 


. The gravitational wave (quantum formation) which is closed and independent formation, acts only to gravitational wave by the same wave range frequency. For example if one molecule is vibrating in a certain frequency, then all the molecules in its vicinity that has the same properties, vibrates at the same frequency. 

We can disintegrate molecules formation by different forces while in order to disintegrate the atom quantum gravity gravitational wave formation we need to use enormous force.  

After the creation of quantum formation, the energetic matter has one destination - to escape and return back into energetic space by phase transitions.


 Summary Gravity, gravitational wave appears from energetic source and by different forces return back to source create quantum.


This like simple gravity, gravitational wave quantum is the most ingenious sophisticated creation and create all stabile formations is still beyond our imagination.

This article may copied but please citate the source.





Only Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior.   Tejman


Tejman Chaim Henry Jerusalem November 2011 Book 7

Dr. Chaim Tejman. Copy right ©   All rights reserved.

Wave theory of everything.

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