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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong forces

are created by ONE [duality] electro-magnetic force,

created from dark matter.

 This ONE [duality] electro-magnetic force create quantum which create other all forces and everything include life and our spirit.

This ingenious sophisticated quantum is beyond our imagination and endless source for investigation.

Explanation by United NATURE -Wave theory.


, Chaim, Henry Tejman. Jerusalem.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory


Only Nature explains alone its sophisticated behavior.


That are different ways of quantum creation by strong force and one of them is…

Creation of closed quantum formation [two semi loops formation] by strong, duality force, from dark matter.

Explanetion  pict.1. Two high energetic bulks [upper and down] of Dark Matter [gravitons] “collide”, rencontre, by perdincular angle pict,1 create composed strong force pict. 2-3  



Colliding Galaxies NGC 4038 and NGC 40393

     1Z Canis Major - Credit: Palomar Observatory, courtesy of CaltechHeads up, weekend warriors! With very little Moon to contend with, it would be a great time to observe the bright outburst of the pre-main sequence variable star, Z Canis Major. It has gained more than two magnitudes and is well within binocular and small telescope range. (...)
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Observing Alert: Z Canis Major In Outburst (243 words)

 Accepted today pict.  2  Galaxy NGC 4038 (left) & NGC 4039 right collide.         

Composed strong force, created by “collision”, rencontre [by certain angle of two high energetic, perpendicular bulks of dark matter by like saw toots] create composed, the most energetic, strong force . This strong force splits, separate, to two different perpendicular forces that  by swirling motions create two semi loops of energetic forces [electric and magnetic] together create closed quantum formation for continuum, regional, closed, circulation of energetic forces. 

That is circular vicious [quantum, vortex] of continue circulation energetic matter quantum by gravity to guard its energetic matter capacity and structures.

See accepted today: A close-up view of a head-on collision between two spiral galaxies, called the Antennae galaxies. The image is 1,500 light-years across. The image shows entrapped dust and gas funneled into the centre of the galaxy

 Lt.image at:

According to United nature theory: These formed two semi loops, galaxies, not collide [explanation by next pictures]. Every quantum formation has it universe “space” and obeys universe order. That is not chaos in Universe and not war between its creations.   Universe is not jungle.

The universe, two semi loops, living quantum formation.

Universe: quantum [two perpendicular semi loops]

connected by electro- magnetic force .

Pict. Upper part of Universe [semi loop] have magnetic behavior

Down semi loop of Universe have electric behavior.[see U.N.T.]

Strong force

Twisted Ring Of Gas Orbits Galactic Center  

A Herschel PACS (Photodetector Array Camera and Spectrometer) image of a dark line of cool gas which is thought to be an elliptical ring surrounding the galactic center. The galaxy’s central supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) is labelled. The differential velocity of clouds in the ring may result from interaction with Sgr A*. Credit: ESA/Herschel/NASA/Molinari et al.The Herschel Space Observatory scanned the center of the galaxy in far-infrared and found a cool (in all senses of the word) twisting ring of rapidly orbiting gas clouds. The ring is estimated to have dimensions of 100 parsecs by 60 parsecs (or 326 by 196 light years) – with a composite mass of 30 million solar masses.(...)

 Between two semi loops, circulate strong, electromagnetic force.

 Above: Young supernova remnant G1.9+0.3 is hidden in the dust fields of the galactic center

The strong force composed by two perpendicular forces electric and magnetic basic forca of everythin  To understanding th\t not needs a lot of imagination.

All stabile formations are two semi loops forces quanta formations include universe, galaxies and all stabile creations,

Only Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior.  

The core of Milky way created and ruled by strong force. 

See full size image

milky way brunier


Pict. Milky way.. Active condensed fluctuated space, core of galaxy

Explanetion  pict.1. Two high energetic bulks [upper and down] of Dark Matter [gravitons] “collide”, rencontre, by perpendicular angle, [one by electric spin and second by gravity spin] create composed strong force pict. 2-3   [ see alsoFeynman’s diagrams]

Feynmann_Diagram_Gluon_Radiation.svg? and electricity current [Tejman]

 See full size image

Explanation of the two forces.


    From vikipedia: Since the protons and neutrons which make up the nucleus are themselves considered to be made up of quarks, and the quarks are considered to be held together by the color force, the strong force between nucleons may be considered to be a residual color force. In the standard model, therefore, the basic exchange particle is the gluon which mediates the forces between quarks. Since the individual gluons and quarks are contained within the proton or neutron, the masses attributed to them cannot be used in the range relationship to predict the range of the force. When something is viewed as emerging from a proton or neutron, then it must be at least a quark-antiquark pair, so it is then plausible that the pion as the lightest meson should serve as a predictor of the maximum range of the strong force between nucleons.

The sketch is an attempt to show one of many forms the gluon interaction between nucleons could take, this one involving up-antiup pair production and annililation and producing a π- bridging the nucleons.

Have  the same idea.


More pictures from NATURE

See full size image

Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 148

Spiral Galaxies

NGC 4038 & NGC 4039

NGC 4038 & NGC 4039



Spiral Galaxies 



Two semi loops quantum formations. NATURE explained  beautiful Feynman’s  works.


Click - Behaves like an enormous drop of water floating in Space,

File:Feynmann Diagram Gluon Radiation.svg

Twin Spiral Galaxies Dance

Behaves like an

 enormous drop of

water floating in Space,





Spiral Galaxies in Collision

"If galaxies are all moving


All creations in quantum formation ruled by these two sophisticated forces 

Two perpendicular semi loop create one! composed strong force electro and perpendicular magnetic

File:Feynmann Diagram Gluon Radiation.svg

Galaxy M 51




Feynmann_Diagram_ Gluon_Radiation.svg?


NASA pictures of galaxies…  [two semi loops forces].

Superposition of dark matter creates strong force, which create quantum formation.

The most ingenious idea of 20 century was Schrödinger’s idea of superposition of energetic matter in small and large quanta formations=like  Feynman’s diagrams.






Tejman’s equation of superposition of energetic matter in all phase transitions

Schrödinger’s equations of superposition.

F(x_1+x_2+\cdots)=F(x_1)+F(x_2)+\cdots.   or|\psi\rangle = {3\over 5} i |A\rangle + {4\over 5} |B\rangle.
     or               |\psi \rangle \approx \alpha |\psi \rangle


Superposition principle… also known as superposition property.


In all quanta equations, energetic matter-forces, are in superposition,



Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh

The best explanation of duality strong forces and quantum formation by M. Faraday and J. Maxwell.

 M. Faraday!  Rigid two closed, perpendicular spins, energetic time forces, formation that was the laboratory created quantum, basic formation, of electromagnetc force which create all forces and creations.

      The first laboratory quantum formation [see picture] composed by two parts, electric and magnetic. Motion of one force create two basic forces electromagnetic of quantum. By motion of on one part appears simultaneously energetic force in second part. That beautiful explains this one force, of two behaviors.  The “two” active forces are not opposite, only appears by swirling motion of the one force by superposition of two perpendicular spins.

               These two behaviors I explain by two semi loops 720 [as we see in galaxies pictures]. This one time [two time forces] is unbelievable, ingenious creation of nature superposition . Two forces [time], acting simultaneously [like Schrödinger’s cat].


Faraday’s equation:



On basis Faraday’s experiment wrote Maxwell ingenious equation of swirling continue motion of energetic matter, create two [from one] forces. The famous, Maxwell, equation, clearly show motion of energetic matter by open quanta formation [electric-magnetic-electric..magnetc…...



Two perpendicular forces [ of the one ] always appears in superposition


 Maxwell equations: Open quantum of two [one swirling] main forces.  



In all equations by continue swirling motion appears shift electric force to magnetic and vice versa. 

c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}. \

Traveling sinusoidal plane waves, with the [two semi loops-behavior] electric and magnetic field Directions orthogonal [perpendicular] to one another and the direction of travel, and with the two fields in phase, traveling at the speed


Maxwell equation, exactly, describe the Nature behavior and vice versa by these two forces. 

High energetic organic and not organic formations behave as open continue quanta [electric-magnetic-electric two perpendicular semi loops.]


Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum reproduction(duplication)


Quantum ren

Two perpen-

dicular semi

loops !  

High energetic formations are open string time quanta formations



electricity open   

quanta wavemotion.  

 Motion of strong [duality] foce by open quanta.


File:Sine wave amplitude.svgelectromagneti-gravity force

Water, open quanta, wave motion by twoforces [spin].   Motion by crest and trogh duality.

Pictures from hurricane, Swirling motion of electric string-path [Hubble]

 Explanation of pictures by U. N. T.  Motion of two [one] forces, two semi loops [electro-magnetic].

Creation of strong force by dark mattertelescope pictures.

NGC 1499 California Nebula


Pencil Nebula NGC 2736

Swan Nebula M-17

Pencil Nebula NGC 2736 Strong force.

Swan Nebula M-17 Motion of strong force.

Pict.2 Against a background  of moving strong force we se like conus formations

clic here

foNGC 1499 Califo [strong forces]

Elephant Trunck in IC 5070 (NB color)

http://panther-observatory[expell strong forces].  

Different creation of strong force.

Motion of duality strong force motion by OPEN QUANTA 



-gallery/category/25-ccd.html Erin

 Sheets lab, Penn State)

These computers use DNA to
1000 × 751 - 123k – jpg


That needs not explanation

Large [as in sky] and small [as in DNA] quanta have the same behavior 

 [A. Einstein]

These computers use DNA to

The "DNA formation"

, East
725 × 496 - 74k – jpg

The 'DNA' formation,

 Alton in-division-and-dualit

field for dna



stock photo : gene in DNA. 3d  

Motion of DNA by two semi loops-forces. 

They took DNA

from the cells


DNA can be found

 in a range of


-dna is a con


But, the formation

did have an

Motion by duality electro magnetic force

The wildest motion of electromagnetic force create similar formations but not

 matrix creatios [Heisenberg uncertainty principle].

[Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum theory.]

Dna Research  Split  DNA  strand

DNA structure. Bases  

re in the centre,

surrounded by phosphate

–sugar chains in a

double helix.


The bright areas

 represent enzyme clusters.



Splitting of strong force, to more forces, for more quanta formations.

clic here

DNA  Research  Replication

Pencil Nebula (NGC 2736)

Regenerate daughter strands


That is amazing ! to see that all creations behave as the main  CREATOR strong force.





Here the DNA




DNA strand

splitting into



The more


in the




DNA nanotubes

 form a split




Active dark matter, create duality electromagnetic wave

strong force-quantum [“electricity” and DNA]-everything


DNA wave


red lines

Electric waves)




 electric waves





Electric and

magnetic waves?




The like simplicity of nature is the most ingenous complicate creation

Abstract Electric







Waves like

In water


Waves by


electrical waves

 on human

The electromagnetic force  move by crests and through.

 The wildest behavior of energetic matter [uncertainty Heisenberg principle ] cause that created stron force also has wildest behavior. 

1 N83b NGC 1748 Condensed twisted strong force create maximum condensed space which expel electric path-string which create quantum. 

    2   M 78S

http://schweifstern.marcel-  p/deepsky-


3   DNA

Life creation by strong force [two semi loops] quantum formation.

Metaphase stage:
















That is impossible to differentiate between created galaxy and offspring of living creation. Small and large quanta have the same behavior [ A. Einstein ].

Anaphase stage: 













Morula stage:
















Blastula stage:








Those pictures fully clarifies dark matter as main creation fo everything, Further explanation is not needed.

Explanation to the pictures:

 Metaphase stage:

Picture 1: Ring Nebula M 27. Picture 2: M 27. Picture 3: Monoceratos. Picture 4: Nebula NGC. 7742. Picture 13:  Butterfly Nebula P. 112/3  other pictures are of cells division

 Anaphase stage:

Picture 7: Supernova 1572. Picture 8: Cats eye.

 Morula stage:

Picture 1: Trifid Nebula NAC 6814. Picture 2: Hen Nebula 1357.

 Blastula stage:

Picture 1: N.1512. Picture 2: The Hoag Ring Galaxy.

Other way of quanta creation by strong force

from energetic sources [like black hole].

Picture, GALAXY M-51 closed quantum formation

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum- gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



Exactly as Tejman’s equation two semi loops of the one quantum

 formation created by one [duality] strong force.

On basis all scientific pictures and works I try explain quantum


 Explanation of basic behavior of all quanta formations from quantum galaxy to atom but in different phase transition their shape and behavior change and became other names.  .                   

Quantum 3 D dimensions [two semi loops] possess all forces.


Every strings [segment- small string-open quantum] have their duty in quantum formation but when separated they wearer all forces [but their properties symmetry, balance and spin] are depended from their behavior in given time in quantum.

Particles from energetic part of quantum have different behavior than from gravity part of quantum. [see phase transitions of quantum formation] but energetic balance of the “two semi loops forces-two [one] forces” of every segment is always preserved.

Max Plank: introduce the name quantum and quanta equations. Basic formation for everything.  His quanta constant are basis for modern physics..  

 Black hole radiation

energetic                 magnetic gravity


Energetic-electric part   Magnetic-gravity part of  quantum symmetry


Quantum-Gravitational wave A.Einstein, space time geometry, 


3 D - bubble closed quantum formations.

Albert Einstein’s space time curvatures the basic of quantum formation.



G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}

File:Einstein patentoffice.jpg


Einstein’s equation


Visual Einstein’s and Tejman’s quantum space time curvatures 3D

Galaxy two semi loops quantum






















A. Einstein’s equation describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional, semi-Riemannian  manifold representing spacetime on the one hand, and the energy-momentum contained in that space time on the other. That exactly is quantum formation equation. Creation of everything, Einstein did that! But He not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and United Nature theory by introduction two behaviors [two semi loops 720] and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explain this ingenious quantum equation as  appears in nature .

Quantum: C.Tejman, composed by 3D, bubble strings –energetic paths time, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings  cocoon wave formation of electric and magnetic [gravity] semi loops– two perpendicular 720  spins forces] two semi perpendicular loops of open semi closed and closed  quantum wave as appears in nature

.Other  way of strong force creation.

Accumulation of energetic matter expel electric path [strong composed force]   whch by swirling motion dispersed by small opn quanta and gravitons.



Quantum creation  by swirling energetic path.

Creation of quantum [two semi loops] formation.

The swirling rotation and revolving motion of strong force create quantum formation and everything.. everything!  

Strong force [red] “photon”= quantum, by swirling motion creates perpendicular weak force [blue path strins]” that means two behaviors [electromagnetism] of the one force.

The other way of quantum creation appears by maximum condensation of dark matter.

BY . Gravitons: the main compound of darkmatter is two side open high energetic scattered swirling string, with perpendicular semi loop of gravity spin behave like black hole.

In the most condensed space [like singularity of black hole] expel strong [duality] force.  large gravitons




This form may be the smallest and as the large scatering creations

Black hole:

 big graviton.


wordpresscom swirling gravitonexpel

The Cone  nebula.

outdoors galaxies

Conus nebula large grviton








Graviton, open, swirling string [open quantum] primary creation for all,

 Every electric open scattered string, graviton, where electric spin dominate, strong swirling force, have electric spin swirl. In curled semi closed graviton in low energetic stage the magnetic gravity spin dominate

Graviton: Primary phase transition between space [fabrics] and quantum formation like solar system between galaxy and atom quantum. 


This form may be the smallest and as the large scatering creations

tanjeev.wordpresscom swirling gravitonexpel

The Cone  nebula.outdoors galaxies


Graviton, open, swirling string primary creation for all, mediated, scattered interactions in universe.

  Every electric open scattered string, graviton, where electric spin dominate, strong swirling force, have electric spin swirl. In curled semi closed graviton in low energetic stage the magnetic gravity spin dominate 

Swirling behavior of energetic matter create different formations 

See full size image

The Cone Nebula


The Giant Elliptical

Galaxy Credit:nasa

The large graviton [pict. the Cone Nebula] expel condensed electric path-string which create galaxies

More beautiful picture and important can’t be


Pict. from SKY & telescope  august 2008 p 14

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole Jet.

Black body    radiation-

Max Planck [two semi loops-quantum]





The main strong force [red path] is always unidirectional forward pushing swirling string force-path.  By its perpendicular motion create second gravity force and her open semi closed quantum formation.

The mysterious space around us included gravitons [small space time swirling curvatures]  

Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize imageBy jrtadje on

Including space fabrics [gravitons].

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Dispersed gravitons

Dispersed sparks-gravitons. Graviton: Curled dispersed string-energetic path, spark gravitons [pictures from yahoo]are independed [autonomous] scattered formations,


The strong force by swirling rotation and revolving motion create second gravity force and together  quantum formation and everything..

Gravity created mainly by quantum formation


Quantum very condensed regional space swirl, expel electric strong force-path string, which by unidirectional forward swirling, revolving, rotation motion, create second Schwarzschild swirl  gravity which create space time curvatures [A. Einstein] that by peculiar perpendicular [curtain] motion are pushed and sucked to energetic source. The source like human cord became and expel energetic matter. The behavior of energetic source is like black hole. Kerr swirl, black spots on sun, proton in atom

These beautiful pictures explained gravity quantum behavior.

Wikipedia, An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth's magnetic field into the atmosphere


.The gravity wave by United Nature-Wave theory [Tejman] like prominence is gravity gravitational wave. Solar prominence have a].ascending [rising upward] energetic path and b] .Perpendicular [horizontal to upward electric] ,

 c] descending [go down] magnetic-gravity path to back to energetic source. Solar prominence appears from energetic source by duality strong force.

 Pict. 2] Exactly the same behavior of aurora as solar prominence.

Pict.3 Galaxy M 51.Energetic source [down] like black hole or Kerr swirl expel energetic path [up] to gravity-magnetic swirl [Schwarzschild] which create space time curvatures [A. Einstein] that by swirling, condensed, shrinking motion toward [back] to energetic source that create gravity [gravitational wave] quantum.

Pict. 4 I try explained quantum gravitym gravitational wave, behavior on basis space pictures and different scientific works.

All stabile formation are created by quantum.


Gravity [pushing-puling-shrinking sucking] appears by Schwarzschild [neutron] perpendicular swirl which create quantum formation.

    more the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of   Perpendicular motion of gravity force, energetic [wave] forces lower the gravity.                             pull horizontally and push to its source

Only Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior.


Basic energetic source expel pushing duality strong force.

By swirling E-M force create horizontal,  retrograde swirl which change electric force to magnetic gravity.

Gravity by swirling perpendicular motion act as pulling and shrinking. Together with electric force push to sucking  energetic source.

More the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [waves] forces that lower gravity. Gravity [see] like fog.


Gravity: created by strong electro-magnetic gravity perpendicular forces that by peculiar motion creates quantum formation.

More the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [waves] forces lower gravity.

Perpendicular motion of gravity force, push-pull horizontally to its source    

Gravity-gravitational wave     AuroraSite.htm

Gravity waves by space time curvatures of “falling”gravitons.

Gravity force; Composed by PUSHING [down to the source] of strong force and pulled, sucked by horizon swirling motion of energetic source. That is the most strong force composed by two forces acting to inside quantum formation. That is the force which guard of quantum integrity.

The peculiar, gravity perpendicular, retrograde, horizontal motion is created by like Schwarzschild swirl [like neutron of quantum.

Wave theory explains and verified the ingenious Einstein’s idea that small and large quanta have similar behavior..




From common source arise from one side different-relative gravity-wave and return to other side of energetic source.

In this gravitation wave quantum by swirling motion appears a lot of small relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency.

Energetic source from one side expel energetic path [paths] and from other side “suck” this energetic changed gravity path and create the most ingenious sophisticated formation gravitational wave [quantum circular vicissous.  Gravity, gravitational wave [quantum, circular vicious] is the most ingenious creation fo NATURE  THAT CREATE EVERYTHING . MORE INGENIOUS CAN’T BE.

 Solar prominences are gravitational waves are expelled from one side of energetic source and by pushing swirling [expelled force] return back to energetic source by other side, create quantum, gravitational wave.



Solar prominence with a lot  of small gravitation waves [quanta].

The rotation and revolving {serpiginous} motion of energetic matter create small relative quanta

That need lot of imagination to understanding this ingenious force.

Aurora gravitational wave in pick of energetic path [string ] create ] “neutron “ swirl that by gravity swirling forces [like gravitons fog] by 3 D curtained  motion and shrinking condensation forces push and pull everything to energetic source 

Image: Saturn aurora

Aurora Borealis


Vortex- quantum 

Quantum limited space 3 D 11 dimension creation with all forces by wildest energetic matter behavior [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] create endless quanta behaviors




The Giant Elliptical

The aurora , vieu from shuttle resemble a closed formation with energetic source .Tha is  a classical gravitational wave. The aurora , shows behavior of energetic matter, her force,strength..

Strong and weak atomic force

Explanation by pictures







Pict.1 energetic source like black hole…

Pict.2 Energetic source eject strong electric path-string…

Pict.3 Energetic eject strong electric path-string by swirling motion disperse

energetic string forces as small gravitons.

Pict.4 Energetic eject strong electric path-string by continue swirling motion create WWZ particle with retrograde motion [like Schwarzschild swirl] that changed energetic path spin properties to perpendicular gravity spin behavior.
Pict.5 Energetic eject strong electric path-string still by continue swirling motion created by WWZ particle, of retrograde motion with perpendicular gravity spin, electron formation, which by 3 forces return to energetic source. a, strong electric force pushes to energetic source b. the gravity motion to energetic source and c, the large swirling horizon push and suck electron to inside electric source].  This called invisible weak force is the most strong force that guard of quantum integrity.

Pict.6  Energetic source by Kerr swirl [like black hole, opposite to Schwarzschild swirl] inverse gravity force expell energetic strong force to new circulation of atomic metabolism like living creaton [circular vicious .



Quantum and all forces are created by electromagnetic strong force.  


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source

Tejman Chaim Henry Jerusalem December 2011 Book 7

Dr. Chaim Tejman. Copy right ©   All rights reserved.

Wave theory of everything.

All pictures from Google and Yahoo