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United [Unified] Nature Theory.

United [Unified] Nature theory created by theoretical scientist who developed the theory of United [Unified] Nature theory [Grand unified theory, Wave theory] effecting a revolution in nature sciences.  semi loops [+ and 0]The theory introduced quantum as composed by two 720 electric and magnetic forces that are created by wave electromagnetic force . The amazing, sophisticated wave, energetic matter quantum create endless formations and unified all scientific disciplines physics, quantum mechanics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine etc under one roof and give scientific solution of every stabile natural formation.

Born: 11.5.1935

Palo Alto | Chaim Tejman

                    Rowne Poland

Residence: Jerusalem Israel Nationality: Israel Profession: Family, Skin, Allergy and immunology medicine Hadassah Hospital and Outpatients clinics Fields: Independent researches Natural sciences

50 years try unified all nature creations by “energetic matter” and quanta formations

Doctoral: 1961 Jerusalem University of Medicine and Nature Sciences Like Planck-Einstein’s quantum open the door to modern physics 20 century; the same, seems be happen, with two semi loops, wave formations Tejman’s quantum, that open the door to 21 century modern physics and all natural sciences. After many years of exploring and research succeeded Tejman to connect between Darwin’s theories of life with all other disciplines of science. This connection he called “The United Nature Theory”, also known as Grand Unified Theory. Wave theory. The U.N.T. is an additional path of understand the ingenious sophisticated behavior of the “NATURE”. The first book of The United Nature Theory (Grand Unified Theory, Wave Theory, Theory of everything) was published by Chaim Tejman in 2001. Until today he published another nine books of the theory. The theory introduced that quantum formation is composed by two semi loops (+ and 0) double bubbles that give scientific solution to every natural formation. The best description of Tejman’s theory gave Dennis Tate, Professor of German Studies in the Department of European Studies & Modern Languages: “Dr. Chaim Tejman is one of the leading proponents of putting theoretical physics together with metaphysics to come up with a logical explanation for life as we known it”. The theory is now included curriculum together with I. Newton and A. Einstein works of many of universities. Tejman wrote 251 original papers.[ideas] and introduce 18 new equations to physic. U.N.T. is the first theory that united longstanding discussion between quantum mechanics and. Einstein’s ideas that every thing is composed by this same one quantum formation. The revolution’s ideas of United [Unified] Nature theory.

Quantum double bubbles. Dark matter created by space bubbles [double bubbles]. Creation of energy and everything by space double bubbles. Evolution by quanta formation. Evolution by central energetic fomation. Gravity explanation. Creaton of life and everything by quantum formation. The Stern Gerlach experiment explanation. Earths rotation, explanation. Zeeman effect explanation. Bends of light explanation. Electron motion, spin, waltz solution. Coulomb’s law, explanation. Lightning explanation. Atomic shells quantum. Neutron Structure. Big bang solution. Unified_field_theory_equation. Hypnosis definition. Hypnosis time travel machine Unified Field Theory Explained by UNITED NATURE THEORY . Einstein’s Twin “Paradox” equation. Retrograde motion: explanation. Solar system quantum formation. Water: living creation, structure and behavior. Human Being accslerated evolution by brain. Atoms structure. The Origins Of Cancer . Phase transition.

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[PDF][PDF] Searching for Reality

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Frames, organisations, and practices as social components of energy

G Osti - International Review of Sociology, 2012 - Taylor & Francis

... Nevertheless, they are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which
they appear and decay together.2 2.
Chaim H. Tejman's Grand Unified Theory: Wave Theory.
Available from: View all notes. It is not

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 BOOK][B] The Great Field: Soul at Play in the Counscious Universe

J James - 2007 -

... 98 11 Page 13. The G reaT Field Fig. 19 Chaim Tejman's drawing of the loops of
energetic matter. ....100 Fig. 20. One of many fractal arrangements that replicate natural
formations such as vertebrates, nerves and blood vessels.

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The Journal

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It was proposed in 2001 by Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and Neil
Turok of Cambridge University. The theory .... (Dr. Chaim Tejman).

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In 1903 he was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a
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1.    [PDF]  29 Mar 2002 to 04 June 2010 - The New Wanderings - Similar29 Mar 2002 ... Lego building resources from the University of Queensland, AU. ...... Dr. Chaim H.
Tejman's Grand Unified Theory explains every principle of nature. ...... daylong
conference at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA.