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Gravity explained  


Easy explanation of gravity by quantum behavior and

United Nature-Wave Theory. 

Only Nature explains alone its sophisticated behavior.


Gravity definition: Quantum [of endless creations], which guard of continue energetic matter circulation [circular vicious] in its given regional space  [formation] and by phase transition and evolution continue keeping its creations.

Life and even our spirit are quantum creation.


For more understanding see Gravity explanation


Tejman Chaim, Henry. Jerusalem independent researches

of NATURE and “generative” of United Nature -Wave Theory.

The best explanation of quantum and gravity we can understanding from different aurora shapes.

Aurora definition by United Nature Theory:

High energetic gravitational wave expelled by constant activity of earth energetic matter like volcanoes, earthquake, tsunami, geysers, solar prominence etc.

Aurora beautiful explained gravity-gravitational wave

[A. Einstein] and quantum formation [C. Tjman]

Beautiful explanation of gravity [gravitational wave A. Einstein] created by aurora.

Red :

Energetic paths

From earth [energetic sources]

With large

Energetic path

which by swirling motion create


Retrograde swirling motion create gravity force that push energetic paths [now with gravity spin] back to energetic source which by swirling motion of space around, wrap [suck] gravity paths to inside energetic source.


More explaination by gravity [quantum] behavior.


Pict. The gravity wave by United Nature-Wave theory [Tejman] like prominence is gravity gravitational wave. Solar prominence have a. ascending [rising upward] energetic path and b] .Perpendicular [horizontal] and upward

 c] descending [go down] magnetic-gravity path, back to energetic source. Solar prominence appears from energetic source by duality strong force and return by gravity path to energetic source create closed quantum formation].

 Pict. 2] Exactly the same behavior of aurora [like solar prominence].

Pict.3 Galaxy M 51.Energetic source [down] like black hole or Kerr swirl expel energetic path [up] to gravity-magnetic swirl [Schwarzschild] which create space time curvatures [A. Einstein] that by swirling, condensed, shrinking motion toward [back] to energetic source, create closed gravity [gravitational wave] quantum formation. Pict. 4


I try explained quantum gravity [gravitational wave], behavior on basis pictures and different scientific works.


Basic energetic source expel pushing duality strong force.

By swirling E-M force create horizontal 

retrograde motion which change electric force to magnetic gravity force.

Gravity by swirling perpendicular motion acts as pushing together with electric force and pull sucking  by energetic source horizone.

More the distant from energetic source, greater dilution of energetic [waves] forces that lower gravity. Gravity push, suck likes fog.


Gravity: created by strong electro-magnetic gravity perpendicular forces to electric path that by peculiar motion creates closed quantum formation.


\The high activity of energetic matter, according to Heisenberg principle, can’t create exactly matrix formations, That is the reason that are different shapes of aurora. 


I try explained quantum gravity [gravitational wave], behavior on basis the picture.

Heads Up: It’s Another Mind-Blowing Aurora Photo

To everyone: Please, try finding the 4 forces of gravity[quantum]

The behavior of NATURE is beyond the most fiction fantasy.

The picture show how gravity [4 forces] wrap as envelope and push down to basic energetic source.

But that is the NATURE ingenious reality.

 Pict "Forest Storm" by Ole Salomonsen ( Ole Christian Salomonsen is a master at capturing the northern lights in all their glory as this image once again shows(...) LogoHere are the FeedBlitz blog 2012/02/29

Explanation: of gravity by the beautiful, picture:

1 Force expelled from energetic source [earth] up↑ - red paths. 2 by swirling motion create perpendicular swirl [horizontal →← →retrograde motion] that create perpendicular gravity force

3 which is pushed down by main electromagnet swirling foce.  ↓

4 the perpendicular [gravity spin force] is now sucked back to energetic source.

The “horizon” of energetic source [like black hole by swirling motion wrap and push the gravity [energetic paths] to inside energetic source

 The energetic source by swirling motion, change gravity spin [force] to new energetic spin force and push again to new circulation of energetic matter quantum creation.

Gravity [quantum]-definition:

Continue circulation of energetic matter in given space.

Gravity, gravitational wave, quantum, photon, rigid closed sophisticated space formation created by regional energetic matter circulation,

Gravity seems be simple, but that is the most ingenious, sophisticate energetic matter [wave] creation by all quanta forces and is still beyond our understanding.

That needs a lot of imagination.

More pictures of auroras [ gravitational waves].

 Thumbnail for version as of 23:44, 1 January 2007

See full size image Large horizon of sucking energetic source.

Gravity is quantum formation.

 The gravitation wave like curtain motion show exactly how magnetic-gravitational wave like electron is the magnetic part of semi loop in atom] move.

 [See :  

Wave theory explains and verified the ingenious Einstein’s idea that small and large quanta have similar behavior.

These different pictures help to understanding gravity behavior.   

       The gravitational wave composed by two forces. 1. Electric expelled, eject from solar energetic source up strong electric force [form energetic source] which by its swirling motion create on apex [top. peak] gravity perpendicular swirling retrograde motion. This swirling motions change the direction of electric force to magnetic gravity force and now push the energetic path back to energetic source. The magnetic gravity, perpendicular force, by peculiar shrinking, sweeping like curtains, motion push and also is pulling  by sucking of the energetic source.




From common source arise from one side different-relative gravity-wave and return to other side of energetic source.

In this gravitation wave quantum by swirling motion appears a lot of small relative gravity quanta

Every gravitation wave has it’s specify frequency.

Energetic source from one side expel energetic path [paths] and from other side “suck” this energetic changed gravity path and create the most ingenious sophisticated formation gravitational wave [quantum circular vicious.

 Gravity, gravitational wave [quantum, circular vicious] is the most ingenious creation fo NATURE  THAT CREATE EVERYTHING . MORE INGENIOUS CAN’T BE.

 Solar prominences are gravitational waves are expelled from one side of energetic source and by pushing swirling [expelled force] return back to energetic source by other side, create quantum, gravitational wave.



Solar prominence with a lot  of small gravitation waves [quanta].

The rotation and revolving {serpiginous} motion of energetic matter create small relative quanta

That need lot of imagination to understanding this ingenious force.

Aurora gravitational wave in pick of energetic path [string ] create ] “neutron “ swirl that by gravity swirling forces [like gravitons fog] by 3 D curtained  motion and shrinking condensation forces push and pull everything to energetic source 

Image: Saturn aurora

Aurora Borealis



Quantum limited space 3 D 11 dimension creation with all forces by wildest energetic matter behavior [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] create endless quanta behaviors and formations 

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Aurora over Norway

Aurora in the Night


Right: What does an aurora

Arnar Valdima

Only Nature can explains alone so sophisticated behavior the different aurora quanta formations.

venta en aurora ill~

Aurora Borealis over Trondheim

Aurora Borealis by ~RoieG on

Energetic source expel  path which created quantum gravity

. AuroraSite.htm  Beautiful and important picture.                        Earth energetic source expel electric [red] forces moving straight up and gravity forces moving perpendicular, horizontally [like curtain] to electric strong force. In these curtains motion are [blue] lines pushing straight down. Gravity composed force by two behaviors which act simultaneously. One perpendicular pulling and shrinking and second pushing down in superposition [Schrödinger ingenious paradox]. More beautiful as

Nature explain alone its sophisticated behavior can’t be

The space time curvatures are different [[Heisenberg uncertainty principle]

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Go to fullsize image NASA unified of all forces by

unified of all forces by quantum gravity2

Arnar Valdima..   

. the Aurora Borealis?


Space time curvatures, like curtains, around gravity swirls with a fog of falling gravitons.

NASA Basic picture of quantum behavior


unified of all forces by amazing quantum gravity 2


unified of all forces by  this simle quantum gravity 3


aurora borealis, amazing
thetoptensite.c gravity semi loop









Space time curvatures, like curtain, around gravity swirls [source] with a fog of falling gravitons l

Quanta creations are endless and beyond our imagination.  

        his paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  May  2012

Theory of everything.