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Earthquake, forecast, prediction, precisely by variety of equipment.

The equipment is very expensive but cheaper than one life.

 Every big city must create earthquake station and be connected by nets with other stations.

Earthquake wave are gravitational waves [A. Einstein].

 Explanation: by United Nature-Wave Theory.

Earthquake appears by accumulation of energetic matter in “pocket” of earth mantle which try escape from active energetic earth quantum by earthquake.

For understanding the earthquake we must understand the rules and behavior of NATURE that is very simple but very sophisticated and with all modern tolls we can predict earthquake more precisely.  


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University.

United nature theory – wave theory,


Quantum definition.

Circulation of energetic matter in regional, unclosed 11 dimensions formation, defending itself by gravity forces. 

Theoretical idea of quantum and atom structure see.

See articles of quantum structures and behavior United nature theory – wave theory.

Our earth is large quantum formation Every quantum, gravity wave is composed of ever smaller quanta of different seizes and behavior. Every quantum has beginning and end by dispersing its energy. By those small quanta earth loss constantly energy [gravity waves], The earth mantle has hollow [inclination] in inner surface and her appears condensation of dispersing active energetic matter This dispersing active energetic matter creates new quanta or accumulates as energetic pockets that try rescue from earth quantum.

. The very condensation high active wavy energetic matter causes to mantle in these regions quake. Sometime this energetic matter [strong force] “cutting” throw mantel and cause earthquake, with fire, volcano’s and geysers.

.Energetic matter is constantly active by energetic wave.

Every energetic wave is composed of ever smaller waves — ad infinitum — and contains both an energetic (electric) and magnetic component of perpendicular activity. Perhaps, prediction, try to utilization of the smallest energetic wave [enormous energetic source] will prevent the catastrophic effect of the biggest waves      ( picture below).

Every quantum composed by two main forces electric and magnetic.

Two kinds behavior of perpendicular motion energetic forces.


Beautiful pictures of two kinds of perpendicular energetic forces motion.

Phobos [Mars moon] soil, may be blasted by some impacts. Pic. from DISCOVER JUNE 2009. CLEARLY SHOW TWO PERPENDICULAR FORCES [that not needs a lot of imagination]

Other beautiful important picture of two gravity quantum perpendicular forces .

Cover of “Scientific American” February 2009. and explanation by united nature theory:. Motion of energetic matter from a black hole expelled from singularity by quanta [two behaviors “semi loops” ]   1.magnetic –gravity, visible, condensed energetic space.   2. Electric –[invisible to our eyes] wave quantum formation]. Similar to the M. Faraday experiment and Maxwell equation  

Behavior, of these forces [waves] from deepness are like as on surface
Pict, of gravity [quanta] waves behavior.

The strong electric field causes the air ionization that is important sign of energetic activity in the region..

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Ionization of air [energetic accumulation] before earthquake. changes in the ionosphere, various types of electromagnetic indicators including infrared and radio waves, radon emissions, and even unusual animal behavior. [vikipedia].

           detect ionization in the air

 An Autograv CG-5 gravimeter


Gravity: appears in closed condensed energetic space time by motion of energetic electric and magnetic forces that tending to push draw them toward the center of the body. Wave formations [quanta] are composed of both a pushing energetic loop (swirl) and a pulling magnetic loop (swirl). These swirls are in a constant state of both competition and superposition in large and minute formations like Schrödinger’s cat.                                                                          Energetic matter is apparently a living mercurial formation. Since energetic and magnetic loops are in constant competition, gravitation in any particular location is mutable. Waves are in a state of superposition, but each one maintains its own space. Experiments may yet prove that the wave formatin is in fact a living behavior and are in constant activity.

Perhaps, earthquake wave’s vibrations are caused by successive pushing and pulling [shrinking] properties of the earth energetic waves. In the future, scientists may be able to discern these vibrations with highly sensitive scales or other measuring utensils.

In Paris “1 kilo” of feathers and 1 kilo of iron are equal. 



In the North Pole     “1 kilo” of feathers will be heavier than in Paris

In the equator “1 kilo of feathers will be lighter than in Paris

More precise with electronic tools

Explenation: Aurora gravitational wave (quantum=previous page) have two kinds of energetic path. 1]Ascending energetic and  2 Perpendicular to him (horizontal) and magnetic (gravitational) like falling fog. In the north the gravitational semi-loop [pulling] is greater. In the equator energetic semi-loop [pushing] is more prominent, and the pushing ascending [anti gravity force is prominent.                                                                                                                From that we can conclude that gravity and weight are not the same.

Gravity =

Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space


Important tools for gravitational wave detection.

Gravitational wave detector

Are available many techniques, or methods of integration of the above techniques, have been developed and are currently used.                                                               Seismic methods, such as reflection seismology, seismic refraction, and seismic tomography.

  1. Geodesy and gravity techniques, including gravity gradiometry.
  2. Magnetic techniques, including aeromagnetic surveys.
  3. Electrical techniques, including electrical resistivity tomography and induced polarization.
  4. Electromagnetic methods, such as magnetotellurics, ground penetrating radar and transient/time-domain electromagnetics.
  5. Borehole geophysics, also called well logging.
  6. Remote sensing techniques, including hyperspectral.

Every gravitation wave-quantum- has its specific frequency {vibration} and they may help to predict earthquake. Tejman 2007

Love Wave motion        Love waves are transverse and restricted to horizontal movement - they are recorded only on seismometers that measure the horizontalground motion

Rayleigh-Wave Motion Rayleigh waves are similar to water waves in the ocean (before they "break" at the surf line).

Love Waves                                           Rayleigh Waves

The energetic electromagnetic force move by two perpendicular forces, which are always in superposition [Schrödinger ingenious paradox]. That is the reason that earthquake forces are very destructive.

Only NATURE explained alone these sophisticated two forces. Pict.4 explanation.


These two [one] forces create everything and that is the reason that I propose two perpendicular seismograms.

DIspersed Wave

Seismic Wave propagation. The difference in wave speed has a profound influence on the nature of seismograms. Since the travel time of a wave is equal to the the wave has traveled, divided by the average speed the wave moved during the transit, we expect that the fastest waves arrive at a seismometer first. Thus, if we look at a seismogram, we expect to see the first wave to arrive to be a P-wave (the fastest), then the S-wave, and finally, the Love and Rayleigh (the slowest) waves. Although we have neglected differences in the travel path (which correspond to differences in travel distance) and the abundance waves that reverberate within Earth, the overall character is as we have described. .  Images for seismograph                                                .        We are only on beginning the way to learn earthquakes . With different tolls we can predict the place and time of earthquake 

The rise of temperature may help predict the place of earthquake.

By drilled some borehole [that not must very deep only with stabile temperature] the rising temperature together with other parameters can help to predict earthquake.

Animal’s behavior: Still object to learn, may help to predict of earthquake.

Continue examination of gravitational waves and earth temperature by shuttles can also help to predict earthquake.   

..There are two types of gravimeters: relative and absolute. Absolute gravimeters measure the local gravity in absolute units, gals. Relative gravimeters compare the value of gravity at one point with another. They must be calibrated at a location where the gravity is known accurately, and then transported to the location where the gravity is to be measured. They measure the ratio of the gravity at the two points.

. Earthquake wave are gravitational waves [A. Einstein].                     With all modern tolls we can predict precisely time and location of earthquake.

Equipment is expensive but cheaper than one man life and more… Earthquake is untapped energy source and in future...                        This dangerous location will be sources of supplement of huge amount of energy.

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Theory of everything.

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