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Carbon atom, electrons orbits, bonds forces

Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

See Carbon-C atom structure 2007 2 or


The structure of like

H. Atom

I describe  on

Basis M-51 galaxy.

Small and large      formations must have

The same behavior. {A. Einstein}

This galaxy clearly

show two different swirls connected by two energetic path and is completely independent wave {Quantum} formation.=.

The structure of like H. Atom 

Stefanís quintet galaxies model for atom H           Explanation model

That means that every quantum formation composed by two swirls connected by .energetic path 

Description of Hydrogen atom {side view}

1  hydrogen a.

View from side

3 e. path circulation

 Hydrogen atom is quantum stabile photon-atom energetic wave particle.

Hydrogen atom, with oxygen atom bond depending of amount of energetic matter transferee to different phase transition gas, water, ice, and vice versa.

Helium atom  

See H, He, Li atoms {Tejman}. 

Beryllium atom structure  

 Shells explanation  






 Boron atom structure


 Boron atom structure  

Carbon atom structure  

 Carbon atom structure


The energetic matter motion is one-directional swirling and rotation so every a formation have other position { in atom formation that is 45˚ },

 Four main elements, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, are essential in the creation of living formations.  The most vital is carbon.  With its high heat of vaporization of kJ/mol ~ 715, it is very stable.  Water also has a high heat of vaporization: kJ/ mol ~ 539.


Structure p shells atoms {according to wave theory}.

Carbon At...

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More c carbon atom structure images


From Yahoo


      Electron Configuration:

1s2 2s2p2

                     Electrons per Energy Level: 2,4

Shell Model



                     Ionic Radius:

                     Filling Orbital: 2p2

                     Number of Electrons (with no charge): 6

                     Number of Neutrons (most common/stable nuclide): 6

                     Number of Protons: 6

                     Oxidation States: 4,2

                     Valence Electrons:

Electron Dot Model
††††† from Yahoo

 Carbons atom is one quantum formation but composed by smallest quanta.

I thought that the best explanation of this sophisticated behavior of nature is by pictures plus some of common sense and imagination. Itís known that Newton and Einstein also though by pictures and a lot of imagination.

Explanation of electrons behavior in carbon atom{quantum formation}.


 Pictures of carbons atom structure and behavior





Energetic shells of carbon atom.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb  

 Behavior of energetic matter in carbon atoms formation.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb 

 Explanation of electrons bonds

1. H. atom with electric electron {He}2S22p2 very strong force.

2. H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S22p1 strong force.

3. H. atom or other with electric electron {He}2S2 weak force.

4. . H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S1 very weak force.


Summary: Behaviour of electrons in carbon atom.



Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry April 20012