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Grand Unified Theory
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Bends of light explanation

by Tejman’s United Nature-Wave theory.


Chaim, Henry Tejman Dr. Jerusalem. 

Independent researches.  


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When we 'send' light through a real small puncture or trail, we are able

 to see that the light is bended to the outside.
so light that comes in a straight line, will come out of this puncture in wider directions.

the smaller the hole, the bigger is the bending.
On school we learn this is a common feature of waves.

But, this doesn't satisfie me.....what is the real complete explanation???????

they really meant bending......we are talking about monochromatic light,

 so everything has the same frequence.

All i know is that light is bent by gravity. On earth it is barley,

if at all, detectable. But near a black Hole, light is bent by

the extreme gravitational pushes and pulls. Now

the reason for that is because gravity affects anytthing with mass.

 Light has mass through Photons. But photons are so small that

 they need a massive amount of gravity to affect them

We shine a laser on a diafragma with a small slit in it.

Behind this diafragma we set up a screen.
we can change the width of the slit.
As long as the slit is wider then 1 mm, we can't see

 anything of bending. The spot on the screen doesn't change.
So we can still say that light goes in a straight line.

When we make the slit much smaller, we see the effects of bending,

the light doesn't only go in a straight line, but is bended horizontally around the corners of the slit.
On the screen we will see a line of light, but interrupted with non light parts.

When we make the slit smaller again, we will see that a whole line appears on the screen.  Well, now i think the situation is clear, light bends, and not only by the bending of space.

And my stupid book only gives the explanation that light bends because it is a wave, but I want to know exactly.....HELP!


Huygens principle: this states that at every point where light passes

an object (eg. the slit) new sources of spherical waves appear…forming

the diffraction pattern.[that is not bend].

If you are defining the bending of light as photons traveling on a curved path,

 independent to their geodesic path, I must disagree.

They may interact with the atoms of the paper while passing through

the hole, but they will arrive and depart each atom traveling in straight lines. (Q)


How could photons not have mass? If they have no mass, they can't exist. Am I

Photons most certainly exist. And they do not have mass. However,

 photons exhibit properties of mass; ie. energy and momentum.

The energy of a photon can be expressed as E=hf, where f is

 the frequency and h is Plancks constant. Planck has described light

as bundles of energy. All of the energy in a photon is in

the form of kinetic energy, the energy of motion



from air into water This happens because light travels at different speeds in different

See full size image

See full size image

See full size image           

A triangular prism, dispersing light; waves shown to illustrate the differing

wavelengths of light A prism separates white light into its component colors.

the colors that make up white light are separated according to frequency

when they pass through glass. If the glass bends the light twice, as in a prism,

you can see the separated colors more easily. This is called dispersion.

Bends of light explanation  by Tejman’s United Nature-Wave theory.

Only one electric virtual force by swirling, revolving and rotation

motion creates quantum formation that create everything

Pict. Swirling rotation and revolving motion of electric strong force path

 create two semi loops quantum formations.

 Black hole or energetic source expell.energetic pathr moving by curvatures and by dint of its

swirling and spinning space time behaviors create open continue quanta formations and. exactly like known retrograde motion.

Wave formation: (quantum).The energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes outward, while the magnetic-gravity loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside.

Every stable {quantum} formation must have two behaviors:

Electric {strong force} semi-loop and gravity-magnetic {weak force}

of 6 quarks [+ +and -] and gravity semi loop [- - and+] which must be in

equilibrium in all phase transitions. See Tejman phase transitions

These two semi-swirls [wave formation] are common

to all stable formations, from galaxies to atoms..


For understanding quantum endless formations please see some examples

Different quanta formations

Example: Two semi loops- by strong force- closed quanta formations

         Picture, GALAXY M-51 closed quantum formation.

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum- gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



Two semi loops of the one quantum formation connected by path.

Electric part of M-51 + lt

Gravity magnetic part M-51-rt

 Other connections

Two Semi loops open quanta formations by continue energetic path.


Motion of energetic matter

From Hubbell Telescope. 

 Motion of energetic matter in DNA  Photons motion

Other type  of quanta closed gravity semi loop quantum.

Gravity super nova, earth, sun, electron [two electrons virtual molecule], neutrino living creation,

. molecules. electron galaxies, universes they are

stabile formations that means that they are quanta two forces and

Tejman’s article “Electron motion spin explained the NATURE ingenious creation.

Gravity path from North Pole [-] to South Pole and electric paths [+] from South Pole to North direction.

Pict. From Neutron stars by Steve Nadis [astronomy march 1999] p.52.


Expelled energetic path from energetic creation create quanta formations, 

Circulation  of energetic matter in electron, bubble and closed quantum formation.


1      Electric swirl  [Kerr, black hole]

2      Expelled electric path [with clockwise rotation Coriolis forces]

3      Creates white hole swirl [Schwarzschild swirl]




4      Schwarzschild swirl creates magnetic path [Coriolis contra clockwise forces]

5      Those forces move from north to south

6      Create closed energetic circulation in electron [closed gravity quantum formation]

That means electron, sun and earth are closed quanta formations.

These closed quanta are not connected by energetic path only by

 virtual electromagnetic wave forces. Example…


Our earth is big electron-neutron that means two spins closed quantum.


1 When North pole [gravity part of earth] is closed to gravity

sun then gravitational forces [ in very closed distance] are very strong and push the earth away. 

2 In distance electric forces are stronger than magnetic and the earth is pulling back to sun.

The quantum behavior is endless so appears different quanta formations

and equations [but always with balance of both forces semi ].



Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:

Einstein’s  equation:

The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh


Tejman’s equation claims: that for stabile quantum formation must always be energetic equilibrium of [two semi loops] bubbles forces including open quanta of light. 

This mixed electromagnetic force [two semi loops bubbles] appears in superposition [of two bubbles behaviors] as one entity like Schrödinger’s cat paradox.

Light continue two semi loops [forces] open quanta.

From telescopic pictures of a nebula the expelling of several rotating discs bound together by a cloud like substance is noticed (as depicted in above drawing). These discs shine as bright as stars.

This observation triggered the thought that the motion of photons has a similar form and are quanta formations.  


Hubble pictures from hurricane show motion of energetic matter by two two swirls

open quanta.

The movement of energetic matter that is aligned into stream of photons

Scientists have long been able to describe how electricity flows through a wire. However, Wave Theory and the pictures from the Hubble Space telescope show how this occurs in nature.

Pic 17: These pictures depict the light stream and it's reflection from a surface (left), where red is the direction of motion of electric semi-loops, and blue is the perpendicular magnetic semi-loops. Within the light stream there are opposing directions, due to the magnetic semi-loops. That is the reason why the reversal of directions via reflection is at the same angle.


Stream of Light composed by photons.

 Photons are quanta formation that means

: has electric and magnetic--gravity swirls.


Explanation : Bbnding of light by pictures [Tejman United Nature theory]

That means photon has mass.

 Mass, in quantum formation,

appears by high  condensation

of electromagnetic waves in gravity semi loop.

Electric part of photon is pulling

 by gravity star but magnetic part is

Only Wave theory –quantum two semi loops explained this Einstein’s  ingenious prediction and experiment. 

pushing gravity part of photon

 and fight with star for her electric part

 The nearest light path are swelled.

 The distal path escapes but change the path direction.

That was ingenious Einstein idea.



This article is one of many to come in a series regarding the photon.

This is due to the fact that the photon (wave formation) is

 the fundamental stable formation of energetic matter,

and will be continuously researched, as long as mankind exists.


© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry December 2012

The theory of everything

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