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December 31, 2003 One of the most challenging and significant questions facing physicists today is how to reconcile an apparently expanding universe with the pulling properties of gravity. According to wave theory, only one force exists: a condensed, energetic continuum that by dint of its unidirectional, swirling and spinning movement along an energetic path creates wave formations, which the fundamental structure of everything in the universe! The wave formation is comprised of two perpendicular loops: a loop with electric properties is situated in the horizontal position and a magnetic loop that is aligned vertically (see article on Photons).

Energetic matter moving by dint of
its swirling and spinning behaviors


Wave formations: the energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes outward, while the magnetic loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside

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Wave theory is merely an explication of observations. Consequently, the breathtaking pictures below, which were taken by NASA, offer firm evidence for many of the ideas posited in wave theory:

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Click to enlarge ( NASA)


A wave formation

The solar prominence shooting out of the left-hand corner is indicative of the vibrant movement of energetic matter within its own wave formation




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Click to enlarge (NASA)



Click to enlarge; NASA

The two pictures and attendant illustrations above prove that energetic matter is living and mercurial; consequently it is only logical that every phase transition is unique all forms of energetic matter are aligned into various types of wave formations, and not one, identical paradigm.


Another example of a wave formation. 



Click to enlarge; NASA

A swirling vortex with a “black hole,” or condensed energetic matter.


These pictures depict the different stages of energetic matter’s mtion and behavior along its path. This movement is exclusively unidirectional regardless of whether it proceeds along a single path or in a wave formation.

Click to enlarge; NASA



Part of a swirl along an energetic path, offering a view of the perpendicular spinning that is characteristic of energetic paths.


Small new vortices appear
in the arms of swirls.


Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Vortices constantly appear along energetic paths. In galaxies, this process constitutes the
formation of stars.



All the pictures presented to this point depict the behaviour of wave formations.

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In energetic paths, energetic matter spins in the opposite direction of the swirling motion:

Click on picture to enlarge; NASA


Energetic plasma inside a swirl



Click to enlarge; NASA

Energetic matter in motion.
The movement in this picture proceeds from the bottom up.

In the picture above, concentrated energetic space creates formations, including the black hole (plasma concentrations). The energetic path that exits the black hole and empties out into space also engenders spinning and swirling energetic paths. The exterior tips of the paths ultimately disseminate into space, as per the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Click to enlarge; NASA


The propagation of energy


In the picture below, energetic matter proceeds in a single direction while simultaneously spinning and swirling. This constitutes the fundamental behavior of energetic matter.


The descending, horizontal swirling is energetic and the elevating perpendicular spinning generates magnetic properties (picture above). In other words, the uniform, dual movement of energetic matter creates two forces: a magnetic and an energetic swirl (vortex). These beautiful pictures substantiate wave theory, and wave theory returns the favor by explaining the phenomenon depicted therein.

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Only a closed wave formation (illustrations below) is capable of firmly maintaining its energetic matter (condensed space), while all energetic paths that are not aligned into a closed wave formation eventually dispersed into space.



The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl,
to the left, combine to form a wave formation


Galaxy 51, as seen in the picture above, is apparently a mature galaxy that is firmly entrenched in its position. The circulation of its energetic matter within the closed boundaries of its wave formation enables its magnetic swirl to maintain its energy and preserve its energetic space.

* * *

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In his famous experiment involving magnetic bars and wires, Michael Faraday clearly proved that magnetic matter and energetic matter corroborate and that both entities advance in the same exclusive direction.

Changing the direction of the magnet alters the flow of electricity. Matter moves in but one direction and its functionality is strictly dependent on the interaction between its two loops. Faraday’s experiment, which assumes an even greater significance according to wave theory, proves that only one form of matter exists and that its flow produces both an electric and magnetic form of this same energetic matter. Moreover, Faraday showed that only a change in the configuration of energetic matter can alter its behavior. However, the electric and magnetic flows are always connected perpendicularly regardless of the direction of either current.

Field lines connecting positively and negatively charged points. There are only pushing forces; consequently, the positive charges are dispersed and the negative charges contract.

Nature thus points to but one unidirectional force. Although gravitation is widely perceived to be a pulling force, there is absolutely no evidence backing this claim. On the other hand, many observations have verified the existence of a pushing force that results from the advancing, swirling movement of energetic matter. The configuration of the energetic path in a magnetic swirl enables the magnetic swirl to push the energetic matter into the swirl, and the latter then pushes in everything in its vicinity by dint of its spinning and swirling movement. Moreover, the spinning and swirling regulates the pace in which the energy is propagated so that the energy does not jettison straight out into space. This process, then, maintains the energy and preserves the structure of the wave formation. It constitutes the only feasible framework (as exhibited in Faraday’s experiments) for the behavior of energetic matter.

Click to enlarge; NASA

Propagation of energetic matter in a closed formation.


This evidence shows that, since the Big Bang, a single form of energetic matter has expanded in a pushing, spinning and swirling mode and creates vortices.

The pictures below affords us with a wonderful example of the vibrant movement of rapidly expanding energetic matter since the Big Bang.

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

cClick to enlarge; NASA

Energetic matter clearly moves forward as it spins, swirls, and creates new vortices.


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Wave theory — and especially its approach to gravitation — is thus a revolution in human consciousness, similar to the breakthroughs of Copernicus and Galileo some 450 years ago. Wave theory marks the first time that these ideas are elucidated. Every phenomena and entity known to mankind is aligned in a wave formation. Therefore, gravitation must also be the product of mobile energetic matter that pushes anything in its vicinity to the interior of a wave formation’s magnetic loop.

Only one unidirectional force exists in nature, which proceeds along its own, energetically-produced path and creates everything in the universe. Consequently, gravitation must be a pushing force.

These revolutionary ideas debunk our entire conception of the universe (it even seems unnatural not to use words such as draw or pull in this context), but it does not necessitate a revision of any of the major conventions on the composition of matter, nor does it alter any of the accepted mathematical models. In fact, the opposite is the case: the notion that energetic matter has moved in only one direction since the Big Bang solves the conundrum of gravitation in a manner that is compatible with both Einstein and Hubble’s constants. Furthermore, energetic matter expands by means of its swirling and spinning, yet the propagation is always constrained by the borders of the closed wave formation.

* * *

The most concentrated point of energetic matter is referred to as either a plasma formation or black hole. I reiterate that condensation is not the product of sucking/ pulling properties. The energetic space that spins and swirls towards the black hole’s concentrated center merely gives off the illusion that it is being sucked or pulled. It is formed exclusively by the pushing of condensed energetic space and by virtue of its spinning and swirling movement (picture below). Subsequently, this concentration of energy is released into space (and out of the formation) via singularity in the form of an energetic path. In my earlier works, I stated that gravitation was the result of pulling exerted by magnetic swirls. However, the more photos of the sky and cosmos that I come across, the more I become convinced that there is only one force that is assisted by the magnetic swirl of wave formations.

In the magnetic loop, the energetic matter faces to the inside of the swirl, while in the energetic loop, the energetic matter faces (pushes) towards the outside. In any event, there is only evidence of a pushing force (pictures below).


Gravitation can thus be described as the pushing of everything into a swirl. In fact, the potency of the magnetic-gravitational swirl depends on the size of the radius and the amount of energy in its loops. In the chapter on photons, I provide a detailed account of the behavior of energetic waves. This entire matter can be translated into a rather simple formula, the equation of gravitation:

G =

Energetic Matter




According to this equation, condensed energetic matter is always in a state of superposition regardless of the energetic and magnetic properties that exist in a particular space. Only the relative proportion between these properties determines the amount of gravity that is exerted by a particular unit of energetic matter in a specific continuum.


Click to enlarge; NASA


Sun Spot

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Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to go through many of the astronomical pictures taken over the past few decades by NASA and other organizations. I suddenly came across a picture that vindicates my fifty year quest to comprehend the behavior of our universe.

The two photos above — taken by SOHO’s SMM satellite in 1980 — depict the “solar limb,” as described by Michael Rycroft 1, “and a prominence observed on 17 March 1980 by the ultraviolet polar meter and spectrometer (UVSP) on the SMM satellite. The phenomenon observed in the CIV line, at a temperature of 100,000 degrees Kelvin is shown in [the picture to the left. The adjacent picture] shows the velocity of plasma in the solar prominence, with ascending velocities in red and descending velocities in blue.” The ascending portion in red constitutes the energetic arm, while the blue represents the magnetic path. These pictures thus verify and vindicate my theory. Ironically, these prized pictures, which I have desperately sought for over fifty years, were taken some twenty-three years ago.

Various energetic activities in the sun cause manifold pushing prominences. These prominences are configured into parabolic formations. The energetic matter forms both ascending and descending arms. The sudden shift of the energetic behavior is underscored by the change in the colors of the arms. The arches that form the prominence draw the classical forward movement of energetic matter: the configuration of energetic matter into the wave packages of an energetic path. The Wave prominenceenergetic ascent (in red) pushes upward by dint of its own spiraling and swirling movement (also see the pictures of prominences to the right and those provided below). Due to the fact that its movement is dictated by its swirling, mercurial energetic matter, upon reaching its apex the prominence creates a swirl, reverses its direction, and returns to its source via an indirect route,. At this juncture of the path, it adopts magnetic properties and everything that it encounters is subsequently pushed inside the loop. The descending arm returns to the wave formation and reverts to its own, appropriate swirl size. If the prominence had been pulled back, it would have preserved its color and maintained its spinning motion. The changes from red to blue indicate that the sudden about face is the result of the energetic matter’s own active movement, which also pushes along everything in its vicinity into the sun.

Black holes are essentially condensed accumulations of energetic matter (see the picture to our left). We are accustomed to the idea that huge black holes are only found in the center of the galaxy, but in fact they exist in every formation in the universe and obviously come in an extraordinary array of sizes. The source of every black hole is the swirling condensation of energetic matter. The prominence then returns as a magnetic path to the energetic swirl and pushes everything it comes across inside the wave formation, by dint of its swirling behavior.

Prominences also come in various sizes, but they all form a closed formation. In other words, this form of gravitation exists on different levels, and derives from its source. Consequently, manifold waves exist at various gravitational levels — namely, different sized prominences — some of which are referred to as energy belts.

Gravitational loops in diverse sizes; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Occasionally, the spinning movement of the loops engenders a prominence with a formation that is identical to its progenitor’s.

Solar Prominences


The earth similarly contains various levels of gravitational waves. For instance, the moon orbits along one of the many gravitational belts that circle the earth. Incidentally, the moon was created during the earth’s incipiency, just as the latter was created when the sun was still young.

The sun, the solar system, and the earth’s system

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All stars and planets similarly exert their own gravitation via “wave prominences” that are expelled from their surface and adhere to the same principles cited above. The ascending and descending arms create gravitational borders, and each prominence (wave) reaches its maximum height. However, every planet possesses different levels of wave prominences, and the apexes similarly vary according to the energetic activity of their particular planet. Consequently, every celestial formation operates on a particular wave length through its magnetic loop. The level of gravitation is entirely dependent on the particular phase transition of the energetic waves, which adhere to the indelible laws of nature. Moreover, these levels serve as the specific entity’s gravitational field, as the prominences that have been spotted by NASA possess observable and limited gravitational borders.

At the nascency of our solar system, all its matter was aligned into one, energetic disc-like formation. Thereafter, it gradually lost energetic matter and the condensed magnetic matter shrunk into what formed the sun and planets. Despite the separation of the planets from the sun the magnetic paths remained in place, which enables the planets to orbit, and maintain their contact with, the sun. Apparently, every path in our solar system is somehow linked to the activities of the sun’s interior layers. Moreover, every star belongs to a similar order: galactic constellations. All energetic formations, including the sun, thus possess a number of energetic paths and gravitational-energetic rings.

As emphasized above, only one force exists along with a single form of energetic matter that moves forward and creates closed formations. By virtue of its spinning and swirling propagation, each formation contains both an energetic and magnetic path (see the adjacent picture of the sun and the planetary loop). The earth’s gravitational path (loops), for example, maintains or pushes everything to the inside of its swirling formation, and our solar system similarly keeps the earth within its framework. The energetic path of each planet’s space is quite expansive, and it is difficult to pinpoint its exact borders, as they tend to intermingle with other paths and entities. Nevertheless, every energetic formation only responds to certain waves with appropriate energetic properties. For example, every planet obviously communicates with its own path/loop.

The same types of energetic activities are constantly transpiring within the earth and energy is subsequently released in the form of gravitational waves, or what is referred to as auroras. Due to the energetic matter that has gradually been lost in manifold ways, the earth is currently more magnetic than energetic.

Consequently, we are surrounded by gravitational forces, and the amount of energy that energetic matter needs to escape the gravitational field is dependent on the balance between the energetic and magnetic loops. It is obviously more difficult for energy to extricate itself from a wave formation in which the magnetic loop contains more energy than the electric loop. For example, the earth is more “gravitational” than the sun.

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The same principles apply to atomic structures as well (please see the article on atoms). All atoms are endowed with three energetic packages (quarks) that resemble the planetary paths found throughout the universe. These paths similarly proceed along energetic paths, adhering to the same laws that guide every energetic formation, both minute and colossal. Einstein and Planck’s theories have thus finally been unified!

As Einstein suggested, the universe can be thought of as a large network in which everything is connected via the gravitational loops of its wave formations. The universe itself is a wave formation in which every energetic formation proceeds along its own path yet all in the same forward direction. Moreover, each formation is powered by its own vibrant energetic activity. Therefore, everything is aligned into wave formations and every formation is in contact with the formations in its particular region. Gravitational waves only impact formations with the appropriate dimensions and properties, and they do not react to waves/energetic paths that are extrinsic to their particular network. Humans, thus, only correspond with the planet’s appropriate waves, which for the most part are smaller waves in which the magnetic loop has gained the ascendancy.

Magnetic loops are constantly attempting to prevent the energetic loops from escaping and dispersing into space. Our universe thus operates according to a hierarchy in which larger formations reign over the small.

All planets are living, active energetic matter that progress as a result of their own exertions. They do not simply float about in the galactic sea like a raft lost at sea. Jupiter, for example, advances along its own orbit (energetic path) as do its satellites, and other planets ignore the signals and forces that derive from Jupiter’s path. Every planet thus resembles the aforementioned, fundamental energetic packets of the atom, which adhere solely to their own orbits — magnetic loops. In other words, they only respond to the edicts of the wave formations that comprise their own system.

This ingeniously efficient framework, however, does not carry on forever. Energy constantly escapes and eventually every wave formation disbands. Many senior citizens, for example, lose their energy and have difficulties moving about or even standing. A state of energetic balance ordinarily exists between an entity’s “energy” and “magnetism” (which Schrödinger termed superposition). However, as the body loses energy, its gravitational properties gain prominence. If we were able to supplement the amount of energy at our disposal (and the rest of our systems were functioning properly), the force with which we are pushed (not pulled) to the earth would be countered to some extent. Consequently, it is evident that the proportion between energetic and magnetic matter in a wave formation determines its gravitational behavior.

When a space shuttle proceeds at a uniform speed, only the application of active energy can affect the gravitational forces that it is subjected to. People inside a space shuttle or an elevator feel the change in gravity that results from an increase in the amount of energy (pushing) that is applied to the apparatus, which will also accelerate its speed. Einstein intuition was correct!

Energetic matter is perpetually active. All its motion is oriented forward along its energetic path where it comes into contact with neighboring energetic paths that derive from its original path and have altered their configuration. Newton’s ingenious equation proves that some force causes energetic formations to fall due to the acceleration of their constant speed. We have established that there is but one force in nature, so that the acceleration must also be a manifestation of the same pushing force. Consequently, the medium of gravitation constantly exerts force — pushing other entities — in order to maintain itself. It is indeed a “living,” active force that is potentiated by its forward movement to constantly push everything it encounters. Therefore it is vibrant and subject to the vicissitudes of all life forms and is not merely an arithmetic equation. Therefore, we cannot expect it to regularly conform to a precise mode of action.

Gravitation exists wherever there is concentrated energetic space. Its exceedingly contracting space thus resembles an upside-down pyramid. The whirlpool is a classical example of the behavior of energetic matter. Its condensed energetic space pushes matter to the inside of its formation. When experienced swimmers encounter a whirlpool, they attempt to scrunch their bodies into a ball and allow the swirl to take them down. Eventually, the whirlpool will peter out, and they will be thrown back to the surface.

The swirl is a potent energy source. Energy in its vicinity accumulates and forms an energetic swirl that releases energy from its singularity and creates an energetic path that moves in the opposite direction. Consequently, gravitation constitutes a pushing, magnetic half wave, which absolutely does not pull!

If a thick board were to be inserted on top of an object caught in an energetic swirl (such as the aforementioned whirlpool), the lower half of the swirl would be cut off from the wider top and would be markedly weakened. Meanwhile, the upper portion would continue to swirl robustly and expand. If gravitation was, indeed, a pulling force, then the upper portion of the swirl would have been neutralized by the board, as it would have been cut off from the force that was ostensibly pushing it down.

Due to the fact that space gradually condenses, every particular point that comes across a specific “gravitational” swirl is subject to a different degree of force. For example, the bottom-center of a bowl of soup is always the hottest (and most energetic) point, while the upper edges are the coldest. This is merely indicative of the narrowing pattern — the aforementioned upside-down pyramid — by which gravitation advances.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves, or what is more commonly referred to as radiation. Wave theory contends that these formations are magnetic waves that stem from magnetic loops. Like any other wave formation, these waves are the product of pushing, energetic behavior, as the only force throughout the universe is a perpetually-active, unidirectional pushing force. It then stands to reason that the flow of energy along galactic arms/paths must be unidirectional, even in close proximity to black holes. If there was a pulling force, all the arms would lead into the center of the galaxy — the black hole — but NASA’s photos clearly show that one arm propels energy towards the black hole, while the second leads out of the black hole.

When Einstein worked on the problem of gravitation during the first half of the twentieth century, he did not have access to these beautiful cosmological pictures, which essentially provide the cherished solution on their own. All that was left for me to do was observe. Wave theory provides the theoretical backing for wave structure as well as the behavior and properties of energetic matter, but this is only the beginning of a long process.

The fact that gravitation, which is almost synonymous with pulling and attraction, is in fact a pushing force comes as quite a shock, but our collective knowledge will be refined for eons to come. We can fully expect other surprises along the way.

Different levels of gravitation, each of which is characterized by a unique color.-

1. Michael Rycroft, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space, p.219, 1990.

* Copies of this article have been presented to the Swedish Academy of Science, Israel's National Library, as well as other distinguished institutions. Moreover it is being registered at the American Library of Congress.

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