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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Water living creation and basic for life.

By large hydrogen electron orbit accept energy from vicinity and transferee to object with lower energetic level.

That is the secret of life.


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Emeritus,  Jerusalem university..

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory 



Hydrogen atom breath that means that water molecule also breath-alive!!!


Water, living, open quantum formation.

Shrink –expand…….. Shrink –expand……… Shrink –expand


Atom quantum

Two semi-loops

{Tejman theory}

The atom breath

Atoms metabolism!


..expand- shrink


from energ. loop

to magnetic loop

and vice-versa


Like ellipse


That is the same law for all






Circulation of energetic matter in atom {Tejman} and

Johannes Kepler’s works explain the behavior of energetic matter in quantum formation..

Water by hydrogen atom, open quantum, is the most active living formation!!!

of energetic matter and

Source of living creations!!!


The living quantum Universe blueprint formation

 for each organic and non-organic formations!!! From the beginning and….The primary virtual sophisticated substance is a living energetic matter (force) and it is not a surprising then, that all living formations are a sequence of this Masterpiece creation!

Water after galaxies and photons is the most active living creation.


Water, showing tetrahedrally positioned lone pair electrons


Water molecule from different Scientifics works.

Hydrogen bonding between water molecules


IMAGE SOURCE: "Chemistry and Life", 4th Edition, John W. Hill, Dorothy M. Feigl, and Stuart J. Baum, 1993 Macmillan Publishing Company, NewY

IMAGE SOURCE: "Chemistry in Context"

 Wm C Brown Publishers, Dubuque Iowa ,

2nd edition, A project of the American Chemical Society, ed: A. Truman Schwartz et al., 1997,

Chapter 5 "The Wonder of Water


The polarity also allows water interact with  an electricfield And to interact with other polar moleculeswhich is ho substances become dissolved in water.

For understand water behavior I try explain Hydrogen atom structure on basis lasts astronomic observations.

Hydrogen atom,quantum formation {gravitational wave- A. Einstein}


The structure of like H. Atom I describe  on basis M-51 galaxy. Small and large formations must have the same behavior.{A. Einstein}.

This galaxy clearly show two different swirls connected by two energetic path and is completely independent wave {quantum} formation.


M-51 galaxy as model for Hydrogen atom structure and behavior.

This galaxy {quantum formation} also clearly show two different swirls connected by two energetic path and is independent wave formation.


Stefan’s quintet galaxies model for atom H           Explanation model

That means that every quantum formation composed by two swirls connected by .energetic path


Description of Hydrogen atom {side view}

1  hydrogen a.

View from side

3 e. path circulation


Hydrogen atom is quantum stabile photon-atom energetic wave particle.

Hydrogen atom, with oxygen atom bond depending of amount of energetic matter transferee to different phase transition gas, water, ice, and vice versa.

Structure p shells atoms {according to wave theory}.


Carbons atom is one quantum formation but composed by smallest quanta.

I thought that the best explanation of this sophisticated behavior of nature is by pictures plus some of common sense and imagination. It’s known that Newton and Einstein also though by pistures and a lot of imagination.

Explanation of electrons behavior in carbon atom{quantum formation}.



Pictures of carbons atom structure and behavior





Energetic shells of carbon atom.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb



Behavior of energetic matter in carbon atoms formation.,bonds,valence,hybridizationweb 


Explanation of electrons bonds .

1. H. atom with electric electron {He}2S22p2 very strong force.

2. H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S22p1 strong force.

3. H. atom or other with electric electron {He}2S2 weak force.

4. . H. atom with magnetic electron {He}2S1 very weak force.

Nitrogen atom structure {according to wave theory-Tejman}.

Oxygen atom structure {according to wave theory}





Carbon atom structure

Oxygen at. structure shells

Molecule bond breath


 For understand Hydrogen molecule , basic covalent bond, please read

Hydrogen atom  with Hydrogen atom

create together high energetic stabile molecule.

Hydrogen molecule structure.

Model of molecule bonds .

Explanation of picture:

Electrons long path {last part of hydrogen atom} have gravitational properties {-}. Circulation of energetic matter {metabolism} in electron have gravitational properties- but continue energetic matter flow {arrive}  enlarge electrons space-Van der Waals forces and change the electrons  behavior{charge}, to electric {+}. The energetic space time geometry properties [ A. Einstein}.


Einstein’s idea of gravitational field trajectories (electric fields) that are created by the same energetic matter (force), that is to say, by changing space time trajectories, by Riemannian geometry, Richie curvatures and Gauss curvatures creates gravitational wave {part atom}.

  Electron with new energetic matter by its rotation and revolving motion come near to proton, which behave like black hole,  which “ingest” this surplus of “energy” and push its to new circulation {atom metabolism} and so etc…In Hydrogen-oxygen molecule, electron from H atom feed the proton of  O atom and its {metabolic} circulation and vice versa.

So, both atoms have the same energetic matter circulation {metabolism}.

Circulation, of energetic matter in molecule is united by the electrons but molecule atoms are dividing by protons. Atoms nucleus is united by


protons {photons-quanta} and is divide by neutrons and electrons.

Motion of energetic matter in all formations has two properties,

Two semi loops Creation of, electric and magnetic {720˚ quantum}. Strong force {+} ,and weak force {0-} with circulation of energetic matter in this quantum circulars vicious.


Oxygen electrons, which form bonds with others atoms obey the same laws.

Shrink – expand…………… Shrink – expand  …           

Energetic matter circulates only in, gravitational wave {quantum}, by changing space time geometry {720˚} {A. Einstein}.

Atom {quantum} breath. That is “Metabolism” of energetic matter {Tejman}:

Atom {quantum} breath!

Shrink.…expand….. Shrink –expand…… Shrink –expand…

This like “simple” model of breathing is the basic behavior of living formations.


This hyper-energetic bond {Van der Waals forces} Shrink–expand…

and transmit energetic matter by Van der Waals forces [electron expanding and shrinking circulaton] to other molecules

That is the secret of life!.  


More ingenious and

sophisticated behavior can’t be!!!

This H-O bond Shrink- expand {breath}.When expand, its energetic matter {Van der Wales force} by hydrogen electron come to contact with like molecule force create temporary relationship. This behavior, exchange of energetic matter {breath, metabolism} is the

Mystery of life. More ingenious and

sophisticated behavior can’t be!!!


Water molecule structure and behavior.

Water molecule when come to contact 


create temporary their high energetic H-O bonds. Weak bond by

Electron’s large energetic circleVan der Waals forces

The energetic relationship of Water molecules like as in photons by

Temporary a formations!

Water motion like light, photons stream by temporary a formation.



Motion  of  energetic matter  by  quantum creation .

Water molecule, bonds is composed by Oxygen and two high energetic H atoms bonds.  Water molecule have one bond very strong and second strong both with large peri-molecular Van der Waals forces, energetic matter, which is in constant motion by electrons motion, changes all time position-polarity {charge} and relationship with others molecules, that is the reason that water  came easy to relationship with a lot of atoms and molecules by its

Van der Waals forces by small open photons transferee to lower energetic level creating endless creations and behaviors.

Energetic semi-loops{+} of quantum attract and divide but magnetic semi-loops {-} have only condensed and defend it’s quantum properties. When electron path is large with a lot of energetic matter the Van der Wasls forces with large space  came easy to contact with the same neighbors Van der Waals forces and unite them temporary by weak force relationship. Electrons of both atoms and their Van der Waals forces all time change energetic space time geometry {polarity} so they unite and repeals and vice versa.     

The frequency of this process depend of amount of energetic matter {temperature} in define space.

In high energetic enviroment with a lot of energetic matter, molecule are more energetic and larger Van der Waals forces enlarge space between molecules and high energetic molecules became properties of energetic semi-loop {pushing, divide “anti” to gravity semi-loop and

evaporate to space,.

In clouds {cold space} water molecules loss energetic matter in form thunders    {Casimir force , Van der Waals forces } and water molecules less energetic return to earth.{circulation of energy}.

In cold environment the electron space is smaller and Van der Waals forces are lesser and molecules are more stickers and less mobile.   






In water solutions we see like "chaotic motion” of diffuse particles..

This like chaotic-Brownian motion is caused by Van der Waals forces. But energetic matter obeys its laws in all quantum formations by central, energetic and around magnetic-gravitational behavior.

Water clusters and galaxies have the same behavior.

Central, energetic and around magnetic {structure}.

Galaxies structure…           egg  structure



Example: galaxies and living morula stage


That not needs a lot of common sense to see correlation of “living”

 and “not living” nature {energetic matter} creations.


and similarity in the water clusters.



Untreated Distilled Water twilight/research_emoto.htm

 Other work

AnCl in crystal structure and in water

Water like photons motion, create temporary a formations and also disperse energy .

Photons, light motion

Water molecules easy accept, transmit and easy disperse energetic matter {Casimir force, Van der Waals forces} in relationship with other molecules and atoms. That is the secret of “life” creation.

The source of quantum formation and life is central energy concentration black hole [galaxy] black spots [sun] proton [atom] energetic [condensation] in water swirls in organic molecules, cell nucleus, brain in living formations.

Brownian motion by Van der Waals forces in water swirl


In some places in water the accumulation of energetic matter that creates swirls (as pictured above). This phenomenon is very familiar to us when we sit near the pool or a river and that is exactly Brownian motion. We can easily spot small swirls that appear and disappear like small tornados in desert. The sea swirls are the result of the accumulation of energetic matter that water receive from the sun or from the water itself and the energetic matter accumulates in a specific area, then creates a swirl. This swirl is similar to a black hole’s behavior. The energy from outside and peripheral areas in the water behaves like Einstein’s space curvature and pushes this energetic matter inside the swirl formation In the same way appears tornados, hurricanes etc.


At the most concentrated point of the swirl (similar to singularity in black holes), energetic matter is ejected out of the swirl back to the space - Experienced swimmers that encounter a swirl know that they must go with the swirl’s motion in order to escape and finally they are expelled from swirl. 

Brownian motion {swirls } are the most important for life creation.

Those swirls melted minerals from surround and push them inside of swirl where is quietest and they can create different bonds, organic and not organic.

We can see in Brownian motion phenomenon where the center is the most energetic part and also the calmness, while around the swirl there is a very strong motion of energetic matter. This behavior is known from hurricane researches. Pilots that flew in these hurricane swirls reported that the center of the hurricane is the quietest, and around the center the winds are the strongest and the most dangerous for flying.

Energetic matter behaves in all formations simple but very…..very sophisticated.


Water molecules are open quantum formations

That means:

That energetic matter circulates inside and between quanta formations {clusters}. Like in ”Living creations” 


Living creations” are open quanta formations. 

It’s unbelievably that this ordinary leaf

explains the ”living“ behavior of energetic matter

More beautifully explanation than the behavior of energetic matter of those two leafs can’t be.. The behavior of energetic matter is simple but the quantum formation by its 11 dimensions creates endless formations.

In day the leaf space{green}condense solar energy {red arrow} and transmits to tree and at night {blue arrow},in the same way, expel  the surplus of tree energy. That is the reason why during the day in the forest it is cold and at night warm..

The behavior known as ‘sleep’ is natural process {circles vicious} of perpetual circulation {balancing} energetic matter {metabolism} in quantum formation.

The  energetic matter which is constant active. In day accept solar energy and at night balanced and expel excess.


Water, balance earth temperature. The most important phenomenon for living formations 

In day accept solar energy enlarge Van der Waals forces

between water molecule and at night expel its excess.

{Earth-energy- Metabolism}.

That is the reason that near coasts is warmer at night.

Only living substance “energetic matter” can create living formations.

From nature observations we clearly see two main behavior of energetic matter, condensed {brown path} and dispersed, using the same path..

Metabolism of living formations

Organizational graphic of a lung

At day accept- store energy

At night expel-


Tree- live energy


Live circulation of

energetic matter




Jellyfish have no lungs or no gills or any special breathing organs. The walls of the body and tentacles are so thin that the oxygen molecules {water -Van der Waals forces},are able to pass directly from the water into the internal organs and the carbon dioxide molecules pass out of the body in the same way. Jellyfish breathes with its entire body.


Gills in fish are specialized structures, in which the blood comes into contact with the high energetic water H2O {Van der Waals forces} over a very large surface area. Water

with large amount of Van der Waals forces transferee this energetic

substance by different ways to blood {“water” of living creation} which utilize them for living process of its energetic activity {existence}.


That is the top secret of life!!!



Chlorophyll in the "green" part of the leaves captures energy {Van der Waals forces} from the sun absorbs carbon

Dioxide and water from surround, product carbohydrates and Oxygen is released as a by-product of photosynthesis. Plants "breathe in" carbon dioxide and "breathe out" oxygen and water by stomata..{Metabolism}

6H2O + 6CO2        >        C6H12O6 + 6O2

Water like photons stream is the same open quantum behavior.

 Source of life, Van der Waals forces.

Motion  of   energetic matter  by  quantum creation.

 Pictures {from Google} of nature behavior.

Continue electric path create different quantum {Schwarzchild’s} swirls.

Examples of living quanta formations. like water behavior.


: Continue electric path create different quantum {Schwarzchild’s} swirls.

Tree condensed space magnetic, gravity, {blue } semi loop with it’s electric path

Strong force {red lines} transferee energy to weak force {blue swirl-knot-energy storage} and together establish sophisticated quantum creation {open and unclosed quanta formations

Nobody guess that this, quantum behavior it’s life creation by Brownian motion in water by Van der Waals forces.

                                           Open quanta formations.

Water – open quantum formation !    Water – living creation!

Strong force  transferee energy to weak force {blue swirl-knot-energy storage} and together establish sophisticated  quantum creation {open and unclosed quantum formation.}

www.indospectrum .com/photo/cd036 _03jul04_crat...

www.woodmagic. tomy/anat09.htm /americanwood worker/ ./photos/nature.html ./photos/nature.html

Swarzsschild swirl white hole gravity sem


DNA—like photons, and water motion {open quantum formation} transferee energetic matter by Van der Waals forces , that create living formations!

Photon {quantum-wave formation} created by Casimir force, Van der Waals forces is basic creation of energetic matter,.


Energetic matter motion -open quantum- living formation!

This sophisticated behavior of energetic matter creates everything by its peculiar motion force-space {quantum}.

Water create atmosphere and atmosphere protect water on earth this main factor for life.


The Quantum Universe living creation,

Blueprint for each organic and non-organic by its basic substance- forces create Everything!!!

Water and life.

We are only on beginning of the way to understand this Masterpiece creation.

This article may copied but please cited the source.©

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry December 2007