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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


  Unified Forces-Unified Field [equation] by strings quanta including living creations

[Einstein's Dream],


Everything created by one strong-electric force which by swirling motion create

second perpendicular magnetic-gravity force and by continue revolving rotation motion

create vortex, open, semi-closed and closed quantum formation with all forces and creations.

The most ingenious of the NATURE it’s simplicity of creations, by instantly matching of suitable energetic creations by all 11 dimensions, is the most sophisticated, amazing phenomenon,

After understand the NATURE behavior by UNT, explanation, all ingenious equations became be homely and easy to understand.


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Emeritus  Jerusalem university..

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory 


Equation of everything by quantum formation.






Equation: of everything by quantum, two perpendicular semi loops-spins, equilibrium of all forces, 11 dimensions and all times.

This and others, like simple equations, of quantum formation are the basic for endless creations and equations.


That needs a lot of observations and common sense for understand the ingenious, endless sophisticated, amazing and wildest behavior of the NATURE [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] it’s still beyond our imagination.

I known, that United Nature Theory by connection with physics sciences describe the NATURE from earliest stages of matter creation is not favorable [alike        C. Darwin’s observation together with A. Einstein theoretical works] for some scientists, but was accepted enthusiastic by KABBALA scientist, because UNT deal with energetic space

The U.N.T. describes the reality as appears in NATURE. 


Everything created by three sophisticated infinite constant active media

Space, time and energy are waved together.

   Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together.

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated regional vortex wave-quantum creation with all energetic space time forces. Quantum formation has beginning and end but by energetic space time [time quantum genes] create endless recrudescent quantum time [evolution] future quanta of continue times.

Continuum time and hyperspace exist by continuum vortices [quanta] creations].

 These three media of condensed energetic space time A. Einstein call them space fabric and I call them together energetic matter which by swirling strings [extremely high energetic strings-path] and  by [space time curvatures motion create second perpendicular spin-magnetic-gravity force and together create closed formation -quantum [motion of energy- in two-semi loops 720  , closed circle vicious, “standing” electromagnetic wave, constant, active, vibrating, energetic living sophisticated creation.


 Swirling curved motion of gravitons create second [ by perpendicular spin] magnetic-gravity force and together create open, semi closed and closed formation-quantum of constant motion energy in closed two-perpendicular semi loops, circle vicious.

These two main perpendicular spins forces create string cocoon, bubble formation of endless directional forces with all 11 dimensions.

Small or large quanta have the same behavior and obey the same rules [A. Einstein]. 


The first laboratory quantum create

M.Faraday !                

    Rigid formation, of two closed, perpendicular spins, energetic time forces, formation that was the quantum, basic formation, of all forces and creations.

      The first laboratory quantum formation create by Faraday [see picture] composed by two parts,

electric and magnetic [two basic forces electromagnetic of quantum. By motion of on one part appears simultaneously energetic force in second part. That explains beautiful this one force, of two behaviors.  The “two” active forces are not opposite, only one force of two perpendicular spins.


   These two behaviors I explain by two semi loops 720 [as we  see in pictures] This one [two forces is unbelievable, ingenious creation of nature. Superposition of two forces, acting simultaneously [like Schrödinger’s cat].

On basis Faraday’s experiment create Maxwell ingenious equation of motion energetic matter by two [one] forces. The famous, Maxwell, equation, clearly show motion of energetic matter by open quanta formation [electric-magnetic-electric…

Two perpendicular forces [ of the one ] always appears in superposition .


Maxwell equations: Open quantum of two [one swirling] main force.



In all equations by continue swirling motion appears shift electric force to magnetic and vice versa.


c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}. \

Traveling sinusoidal plane waves, with the [two semi loops-behavior] electric and magnetic field Directions orthogonal [perpendicular] to one another and the direction of travel, and with the two fields in phase, traveling at the speed.


Nature, behave alike Maxwell equation.

High energetic creations organic and not organic behave as open continue quanta formations

[electric-magnetic-electric magnetic….by two perpendicular semiloops.]   

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum reproduction


Quantum reproduction

Two perpen-

dicular semi

loops ! classic exampl

Quantum energetic matter .dispersion

High energetic formations are open quanta formations


      Water                  electricity     open quanta, wave motion.  


Motion of open quanta.

Water, open quanta, wave motion.   DNA, open quanta, motion.


Quantum bubble formation


Max Plank: introduce the name quantum and quanta equations. Basic formation for everything.

 His quanta

constant are basis for modern physics..        




Black hole radiation

Energetic-electric part of quantum symmetry

Magnetic-gravity part of  quantum symmetry







Quantum-Gravitational wave A.Einstein, space time geometry, 


3 D - bubble closed quantum formations.

Albert Einstein’s space time curvatures the basic of quantum formation.



G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}


Einstein’s equation


Visual Einstein’s and Tejman’s quantum space time curvatures 3D

Galaxy two semi loops quantum










A. Einstein’s equation describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional, semi-Riemannian  manifold representing spacetime on the one hand, and the energy-momentum contained in that space time on the other. That exactly is quantum formation equation. Creation of everything, Einstein did that! But He not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and United Nature theory by introduction two behaviors [two semi loops 720] and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explain this ingenious quantum equation as  appears in nature .

Quantum: C.Tejman, composed by 3D, bubble strings energetic paths time, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings  cocoon wave formation of electric and magnetic [gravity] semi loops– two perpendicular 720  spins forces] two semi perpendicular loops of open semi closed and closed  quantum wave as appears in nature. 






                Picture, GALAXY M-51 closed quantum formation.


Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum- gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



Exactly as Tejman’s equation two semi loops of the one quantum








On basis” independent 51 and other galaxies I try, explain quantum [vortex] created by two semi loops of electromagnetic force, strings, formation.

However the shape and behavior of quantum by changed electromagnetic forces, in different phase transitions. Quantum to be stabile must obey all basic quantum rules   [A. Einstein].

 Unified Nature Theory by introduction quantum two semi loops [as in picture   3 D time-720] connected by strings [energetic-electric [electromagnetic path forces]  and by they motion to all direction comprise all fields, spaces, dimensions and unified all forces, times.

  In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media re nged but

the energetic equilibrium of quantum is always guard


Everything created by three sophisticated infinite constant active media

Space, time and energy that are waved together include matte..


Explanation of matter creation.



  E = mc˛quantum





and by Tejman’s equation.




The same behavior of the quantum formation by .

        Gravity =

quantum gravity  mass

Condensed  Energetic Matter

Its Spacetime [c˛ ]

Gravity depends on the amount of condensed energetic matter on particular specific



the same quantum by different equations Einstein-Tejman [modification]

Mass =M=

quantum gravity mass




quantum gravity mass

Energy/ spacetime


By 1] three sophisticated infinite constant active media

Space, time and energy are waved together     create

2] space time curvatures and gravitons [A. Einstein]    create 

3]  closed formation -quantum [motion of energy- in two-semi loops 720  , closed circle vicious, “standing” electromagnetic wave, constant, active, vibrating, energetic living sophisticated creation [Tejman]   create

4] gravity quantum = mass quantum

The direction of electromagnetic force [energetic matter] in quantum formation is always from high phase transition to lower phase transition [from creation to space dispersion] and graviton is the first creation that connected space fabrics with matter formation [quantum].

Quantum gravity mass creation by…….

 Dispersed interacting fluctuation [quantum mechanics] regional swirling area, create space fabrics [ A. Einstein]  that scattered by open massless swirling, electric string-path-[graviton], two sides curved open high energetic swirling string-paths, with perpendicular gravity [semi loop] spin.


Graviton, open, swirling string-path, primary creation for all mediated, interactions in universe,  Graviton as space time dust, dark matter, raw substance, [background independent-Standard Model] for different creations and by spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] create large formations. or disperse again as electric strings [gravitons] with different spins that create various particles as Higgs, bosons, Casimir force, ect.

Spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] by peculiar swirling, revolving, curved rotation motion by strings-path forces create different condensed formations where all events [background dependent [as in Standard Model] take place. Motion of electric string path [gravitons] by its swirling behavior create two perpendicular forces-electric-[red] and perpendicular magnetic-gravity].  The very high energetic strings-paths [very energetic condensed strings-path] by spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] create black hole which by two perpendicular swirling spins forces [see gravity strings behavior],,]  

by pushing and pulling [condensed] forces create quantum formation [where graviton is background dependent] create closed formation quantum [closed motion of energy-strings-gravitons in circle vicious-standing wave] with two perpendicular spins [semi lops.

 High energetic scattered swirling string graviton, where electric spin dominate, [strong electric force], the open spin swirl dominate. In the low energetic stage,         [by dispersed energy] the graviton became curled semi closed magnetic gravity spin.

    Open quantum, scattered string, graviton, electric spin dominate-strong swirling force, have like “glitter” spin swirl. In the low energetic stage, [by dispersing energy] the graviton became curled semi closed magnetic gravity spin [as picture].


See full size image

See full size image

See full size image

Using NASA'schandra.









schoolsobser vatory


Swirling behavior of gravitons [energetic matter] create different formations

See full size image

The Cone Nebula

The Giant Elliptical

Very large graviton [pict. the Cone Nebula] expel [like Van de Graaff generator] condensed electric

path-string which create galaxies

Graviton is swirling electric path which by revolving rotation motion create unclosed active energetic formation with electric behavior that means attraction and repulsive and by continue swirling motion create unclosed high energetic formation [in contrast to closed electron formation]. Because is high energetic, that is reason that is masless [mass gravity negative]. Gravitons interactions depends

by its space time condensation and space geometry [spins]. All quanta formations [include our body]

expels and absorb gravitons all time

. Graviton:  Two side open high energetic scattered swirling string, with perpendicular semi loop gravity spin,

primary formation, of space fabrics.

Graviton:  Mediator of energetic creations and interactions between particles.

Today accepted that a gauge boson [one kind of gravitons spin, mediate the (weak, quantum and outside

quantum, gravitational interactions, between particles].

Graviton: Phase transition, between space fabrics dark matter and vice versa.




   space fabrics           gravitons   


                     gravitons       dark matter    


Graviton: Phase transition, equilibrium [balance] between space fabrics dark matter and vice versa.


Graviton =

Dark  Matter

Space fabrics


Gravitons: Phase transition, equilibrium [balance] between dark matter] and stabile formations, and vice versa.


              Dark matter [gravitons]              gravitons


                     gravitons                     stabile creations     


 Gravitons: Phase transition, equilibrium [balance] between dark matter] and stabile formations, and vice versa

Phase transition between dismantling stabile formations and gravitons [dark matter] and space fabrics [A. Einstein]



Graviton =

stabile creations    

Dark matter  gravitons

Space time curvatures by continue swirling motion strengthening the “space” to most strong condensed force that in maximum condensed segment-singularity-expelled swirling electric path [strong force] which by continuous swirling forward motion create second swirl. The second swirl, Schwarzschild, [white hole], creates energetic space time curvatures. scattered gravitons and electron path. Scattered gravitons are swallowed back to swirl and create again circle vicious –quantum formation.                                                                                                      Pictures: Explanation by United Nature Theory of the energetic matter behavior..

Magnetic field or lines of flux of a moving charged particle

1.    Explanation by pictures quantum [vortex] formation  by energetic path-strings by swirling space time curvatures ELECTROMAGNETC force

2.    Swirl. Vortex created by space time curvatures-A Einstein create                                                                         closed quantum formation of gravitons circulation [standing electromagnetic wave].                                                                                                  

The swirling space time curvatures create different high energetic swirling semi loop formation with gravity behaviors vortices and swirling strings forces and by forceful condensation of space time curvatures create different sizes black holes and smallest Kerr swirls.                        

Vortex swirling strings forces by condensation of space time curvatures create different sizes black holes –Kerr swirls. 


Gravitons are dispersed by moving  space time curvatures of energetic matter.                      


Space time curvatures created by aurora [quantum] dispersed gravitons, like rain, that are illuminated by sun rays, give the beautiful spectacle.

Pict: Dispersed gravitons by swirling motion of electric strings-paths,

Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize image

 Static electricity is created by scattered dispersed gravitons.


By jrtadje on Flickr


Static electricity-strong electric force, graviton, spark Casimir force, laser, gravity forceaurora, volcano, lightening, earthquake, cloud formation, whether, UFOare created by graviton electric string GRAVITY QUNTUM  FORCE.  Static electricity, maybe in future, the important earth energetic source.   Space time curvatures and gravitons have ability accrete to every formation that is capable enlarge its energetic capacity in form energetic-electric regional swirl. Excess of energy expels as electric path-spark, Example: two sweaters together, [organic matter] shared, collect a great amount of gravity wave space force in form of spice time curvatures [gravitons], when separated, their shared, energetic level (space) is diminished and excess energy is expelled as visible sparks-strong force. That may explain that static electricity is stored by gravitons on gravity sweaters quantum formation. Aurora gives beautiful explanation of “circle vicious” of quantum energetic earth behavior, gravity force.                                                                                                                                          

Reuter pict. Glitter of volcanic EYJAFFJALL Iceland 14.4.2010 eruption by gravity, energetic condensed space, electric force.                  

Example of some forms of spice time curvatures behavior. AuroraSite.htm












Space time curvatures, two perpendicular forces, [by earth gravity force] Pictures of dispersed gravitons “falling” gravitons.                  

The ingenious Newton’s [gravity] and Coulomb’s laws [static electricity] equations are similar, however 

created by different pose of the same graviton.


Newton’s law  \mathbf{F}_{12} =
 - G {m_1 m_2 \over {\vert \mathbf{r}_{12} \vert}^2}
 \, \mathbf{\hat{r}}_{12}
 Coulomb's law \vec{F} = \frac{Q_1Q_2}{4\pi\varepsilon_0 r^2}\hat{r}.



Static electricity [gravitons] condensed energetic space fabrics.


The ways of sophisticated quanta formations are endless.  

Only nature, alone, able explains this, like “simple” sophisticated creation

They are created  “simple”, “instantly” and even very complicate quanta formations [molecules] are created

with matching all 11 dimensions immediately.   

Pict. below: One of ways of quantum-bubble behavior and its formation.

Creation of vortex [quantum] formation, by peculiar motion of energetic, electromagnetic main force by string-paths.  

I try again and again by different pictures from NATURE explain the basic creation vortex [quantum]

by the main electromagnetic force.

Only very thick string-high energetic path create quantum formation.


Dispersed interacting fluctuation [quantum mechanics] regional swirling area, create space fabrics [ A. Einstein]  that by peculiar swirling condensation motion by space time curvatures [A. Einstein] create vortex and in most energetic condensad point, create Kerr swirl, black hole ect. swirls  which expel electric path-string

electromagnetic force which by continue swirling, revolving and rotation motion create second 

perpendicular swirl forces- Schwarzschild spins and together create open quantum like photon

motion or closed quantum like M-51 galaxy. .   


Perpendicular main forces electromagnetic Perpendicular main forces electromagnetic

space curvatures Swirling motion of electric string-path

Perpendicular main forces electromagnetic


Quantum two semi loops plus and 0

Open and closed quanta formations.

Electric, energetic
string, by its swirling and spinning motion by 3D time space curvatures
create quantum, open duality formation Two main perpendicular spin forces
Wave formation:{quantum, closed] composed by electromagnetic[semi loop-spin1] strings Forces that pushes outward and inward, while the magnetic[gravity semi loop-blue] pushes the energetic matter inside (left semi loop]     spin  2, ­- condensed space time Wave formation:{quantum,
closed] composed by electromagnetic[semi loop-spin1] strings Forces that
pushes outward and inward, while the magnetic[gravity semi loop-blue]
pushes the energetic matter inside (left semi loop]
    spin  2, ­- condensed space time



That are different, endless quanta formations and behavior .

Every piece of quantum formation is composed by swirling electromagnetic particles forces, so by splitting quantum formation

every piece create its part [subatomic particle] as he in quantum formation.

Every segment of quantum formation is swirling 3D strings-path time [duality of segments electromagnetic force]. Quantum formations composed by  endless segments [zoo] particles.


New, quanta generations appears by evolution of swirling strong electromagnetic force time.

Electromagnetic force by its duality [two main forces of one by is vortex quantum, formation create endless organic and not organic formations


Two semi loops of perpendicular forces electromagnetic and gravity.

These forces appears by 3 D segments strings path motion.

Quantum formation by swirling, continue strings, motion that create two main forces in define space time.

Hank-wave of perpendicular waving strings energetic path

Energetic path –strings [space time curvatures] maybe different .



egment   segment

Segment   Segment  


Thickness  depending of energetic condensed space that creates open or closed720quantum formation.








It’s hard to believe the simplicity of the quantum creation by two main perpendicular forces, by two semi perpendicular loops 720. That create [+] and [0] Plus [+] electric path disperse and condensed and minus [0], gravity swirl which by condensation of energetic matter, create quantum gravity semi loop and all forces. They are in constant competition and complement each other [they are not opposite forces only perpendicular]. And they are always together in all phase transitions in superposition [Schrödinger’s ingenious idea, cat paradox].  

: I try “explained” theoretical the sophisticated structure of atoms quantum..

Basic energetic swirl (the foundation of the wave) resembles the black hole, blck the spots on the sun, [ like Kerr swirl in galaxy and proton in atom] which are so energetic that swallow light.

The energetic[Kerr swirl-mixed all forces times] and expel  electric swirling path with all times forces [genes]. Strong electric force - path on its line disperse energetic matter [forces time] outside [future continue recycling force time] and by swirling and rotation motion to inside quantum creating a nets inside and outside of quantum with  small different quanta embedded in nets quanta forces-times]. The nets create rigid structure for quantum formation and outside defended of quantum formation and by swirling motion of energetic paths remitter dispersed energetic matter and gravitons back to quantum circulation. On the end of expelled main electric path [from Kerr swirl] its swirling path create second swirl [Schwarzschild-white hole] which also mixes all forces times and expelled as gravity swirling paths [perpendicular forces-times]. In an electric path forces time is extended, in gravity paths the time and forces shrink [condensed]. Quantum may be condensed as neutrino or large as universe.

The different quanta formation I create on basis different works and pictures   with help of all ingenious theories.


 Explanation of basic behavior of all quanta formations from quantum galaxy to atom but in different phase transition their shape and behavior change and became other names. 


Quantum and all forces are 3 D behavior. 


Every strings [segment- small string-open quantum] wearer all forces but their properties [symmetry, balance and spin] are changed by

phase transitions but energetic balance of the “two semi loops forces” of every segment is always preserved.


Quanum creation  by swirling different gravitons.

Strong force [red] “photon” by swirling motion create perpendicular weak force [blue] “graviton” that means two behaviors [electromagnetism


 After many years I understand that all ingenious equations of all ingenious scientists describe the same ingenious, sophisticated quantum. Why does that happen?

The answer is simple: quantum has endless formations and unified of all forces and the United Nature Theory explains the natural quantum formation behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations.

From these different equations we see that all forces and creations are included in quantum formation



Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

 The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh


The Tejman’s equation of everything explain the behavior of quantum, which by continue dispersing electric path-strings [energetic-semi loop], energetic matter by endless phase transitions change its energetic level from high to low stage [gravity stage] by changing proportion of perpendicular [semi-loops] spins.

This equation of photon phase transition, equal proportion between two semi-loops.


In different phase transitions the proportion are other.


Every quantum formation has beginning and end by phase transition

Only three sophisticated media: time, energy and space are infinite, without beginning and end.


Quantum create by space fabrics and return to space by  

endless phase transitions [explanation].

High Phase Transition:     Space time enlarged {energetic semi loop Energy dispersed [diminished] so gravity almost disappears {nearly 0} as that occurs in Hyper universe.[describe beautiful by superperstring theory]



In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic-gravity loop (matter) almost disappears {nearly 0}



The gravity appears only by condensation of energetic space time by Einstein’s space-time-curvatures that creates regional swirl of condensed gravitational strings wave [like hank] . A. Einstein {quantum M. Planck} two semi loops[3x2 quarks] wave formation [Tejman].

 2. The Duality Phase: { light-time photon}

The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop equals [equilibrium] the energetic loop, which equals 1=1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest time lifespan.


  Left, gravity-magnetic behavior-- Both, together, are wave-particle---  Right, electric behavior



3 Low Phase Transition-High Magnetic, gravity, mass weight semi loop [time condensed].



In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace [oscillation] at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy like neutrino and neutron stars. In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion



In high electric phase transition electric semi loopIn low phase gravity semi loop

Accordingly, the more condensed the matter is in a particular amount of space, the greater the force of gravity; in other words, the more energy condensed in a given area, the stronger the force of gravitation by curled motion to inside of quantum formation.


Equation of gravity –Tejman  by United Nature Theory




Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space

Example: The gravity of earth is greater than sun because gravitational semi loop is proportional greater than the sun’s where electric semi loop is proportional greater.

Continue conclusion :




Hence the space { nothing ? }, energetic matter time [quantum] that create universe and  everything 

           Einstein                                                               Tejman


Mass=weight dependent by gravity. From that we conclude that mass and gravity are in tight relation  From that we conclude  Newton and Einstein’s field equations.

F = G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2}

G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}


Relation between gravity [mass] energy and space are always proportional [constant]


Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity   Low  phase                                                

vice versa   

enlarged space  prolonged time and decreased gravity  high phase transition.              




Matter creation.


      E = mc˛ [A. Einstein]


Tejman M


The same equation


        Gravity =

quantum gravity  mass

Condensed  Energetic Matter

Its Spacetime

Gravity depends on the amount of condensed energetic matter on particular specific




Mass =M=

quantum gravity mass



quantum gravity mass









By 1] three sophisticated infinite constant active media

Space, time and energy are waved together create

2]  space time curvatures and gravitons [A. Einstein] create 

3]  closed formation -quantum [motion of energy- in two-semi loops 720  , closed circle vicious, “standing” electromagnetic wave, constant, active, vibrating, energetic living sophisticated creation [tejman] create

4] gravity quantum = mass quantum

The direction of electromagnetic force [energetic matter] in quantum formation is always from high phase transition to lower phase transition [from creation to dispersion]

Low phase{transition}  = quantum proportion constant – high  phase{transition}



Electromagnetic [3 D space time] force [quantum]is always proportional to quantum space phase transition,

[quantum constant]



Behavior of these tree media [electromagnetic force] in quantum time  are always proportional constant 

in a particular amount of space


Time born with energetic space activity, and decay, together, with them.                                                These three media are constant active “living” substance "energetic matter" that can create stabile, living quanta, formations, that means, that quanta formations from beginning of creation are living formations that undergo EVOLUTION by continue quantum time.

Evolution [Darwin] continue recurrence of quanta formations.

Quantum constant=energetic equilibrium of two semi-loops.





Time is created with quantum formation and by evolution of quantum transfer to next quantum generations.


Continue recurrence of quanta formations [Darwin]

                         Energetic semi loop

  Time: Continue Quantum  = ─────────         evolution.

                              Magnetic semi loop


Time [quantum span] of non organic creation.

                                 Energetic semi loop

Time quantum span =─────── x :phase transitions times

                                 Magnetic semi loop

Time is created with quantum formation and by evolution of quantum transfer to next quantum generations


Time [span] of “living” quantum formation.

    Energetic semi loop

Time quantum span=──────── x genes times inside quantum

    Magnetic semi loop

See unified all forces by quantum creation.


Time is created with quantum formation and by evolution of quantum transfer to next quantum generations.    

Time quantum, [by evolution] born with all presences of times [genes-Darwin], which by phase transitions of quantum life [duration] comes in contact and interacts with other time frames [Lamarck-Tejman] and new born quanta [by evolution Darwin], hold and continue all ancestors times plus new future times                                              

. Three media - time, space and energy create a sophisticated wave-quantum-formation which is in constant energetic activity [motion], that means does not exist separate time, [or static time] and time as quantum formation, is energetic living active creation. 


Time/ velocity / space/  proportions  -  Quantum constant

Wavelength=  =wave space

                             λ {wave space}

           Time =   ▬▬    



                    Time =space energy media constant

proportions of quantum


Time, like other components of the wave formation with two semi-loops appears and decay with quantum by phase transitions..


Magnetic Gravitational Loop (Condensed Time)


Energetic Loop

Energetic Loop (Extended Time)

Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

The more energy it loses, greater gravity- mass the more the magnetic (gravitational) semi-circle rotates, consequently:


Relative Time =

Energetic Matter x Space

Rate of Oscillation

 That means


 Newton’s time is absolute in every [small or large quantum] and Einstein’s relative time for every creation inside quantum..

[C. Tejman] Quantum constant


 Time: Tejman’s, modification of M. Planck’s equation .

   M. Planck Quantum constant


M. Planck’s equation.




Other equations of time may be formulated as:


Quantum constant [Tejman]




Energetic matter {gravity}]  

Time  =        

Energy space

oscillation (frequency

Quantum  constant [Tejman]      


All equations explain time behaviour in different waves [quanta] formations.



                    Hence time constantans.

The increase in space suggests prolonged time and diminished  gravity


Time/ velocity / space/ proportions  -  Quantum constant


c2 [space x time] =    E = mc


That means in every cubic centimeter the condensation of Energy is great. In disperse energetic phase transition gravity is small

According to the second law of thermodynamics [tejman] the energy from every quantum formation is released to space as gravitons.


One sophisticated force [composed by tree sophisticated media space time energy that by fluctuation-swirling of regional area, create space time fabrics which by swirling motion, create different gravitons and space time curvatures, which by continue peculiar swirling motion create condensed energetic space formations vortex and the most condensed space formations as black holes, Kerr swirl, solar black spots, proton ect. which expel electric string-path-strong force which by continue peculiar swirling motion create quantum basic formation that create all forces and creations.

That is a natural life circle of energy/space time by rotational swirling circular motion accumulates [ gathering ] energetic matter condensing it into black hole , supernova, stars or Nebulas formations and by different gravity wave formation [quantum mass formations] again by phase

transitions [life cycle] returning it to the “energy/space/time”.



  ”. One sophisticated force [composed by tree sophisticated media space time energy] by fluctuation-swirling of regional area, create space fabrics [A. Einstein] sophisticated creation of everything.


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. April -2010


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