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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Quantum: creation, definition.

Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.

 Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United nature theory – Wave theory,

The most ingenious secret of NATURE is the simplicity of its creations and behavior. This ingenious quantum, simple creation and behavior create everything include our life and though.  

The creativity of quantum is endless, by the same way creates different formations and also by different ways creates like formation.

 All forces and dimensions are crated by quantum.

Quantum is so amazing and sophisticated that is, as people says, DIVINE, Quantum create the most complicated and sophisticated creations. Only NATURE explained exactly quantum formation. Definition of quantum creation…

Two energetic swirls in perpendicular position connected by energetic wave [strings path] create circular vicious of continue energetic matter circulation and guard of its energetic matter capacity and structures.

The most classic quantum formation

M-51 galaxy is one closed huge [photon] quantum formation

 Conclusion: Microscopic H-atom is also one photon-quantum. 

So he must having like behaviour, that means 2 x half spins [semi loops] of proton –neutron 720▫ closed quantum formation with two retrograde motion. 

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerginggalaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum gravitational wave formation.



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



These pictures explained semi open quanta formations that means, that they come in contact with other quanta formations.  

2Feynman’s “the sum over  paths method"


Every semi loop consist behavior of second semi loop of quantum.

The condensation of space dust [gravitons] by swirling rotation motion crate black holes that create quanta energetic formations 


Pict. 1 space dust creates gravitons 2. gravitons create black hole 3. black hole create quantum formation.4. Right .Schwarzschild swirl gravity part of quantum.

 Only One strong force electromagnetic create quantum which create all stabile formations.

Electric, energetic string, by its swirling and spinning motion by 3D time space curvatures create quantum, open duality formation Two main perpendicular spin forces.  


Wave formation:{quantum, closed] composed by electromagnetic[semi loop-spin1] strings Forces that pushes outward and inward, while the magnetic[gravity semi loop-blue] pushes the energetic matter inside (left semi loop]     spin  2, ­- condensed space time

      The first laboratory quantum formation [see picture] composed by two parts, electric and magnetic [motion of one force] which by peculiar motion create two basic forces electromagnetic of quantum. By motion of on one part appears simultaneously energetic force in second part. That explains beautiful this one force, of two behaviors.  The “two” active forces are not opposite, only appears by swirling motion of the one force by superposition of two perpendicular spins.


    M. Faraday qoantm!  Rigid formationof two closed, perpendicular spins, energetic time forces, formation that was the laboratory created quantum, basic formation, of electromagnetc force that create all forces and creations These two behaviors I explain by two semi loops 720 [as we see in galaxies pictures]. This one time [two time forces] is unbelievable, ingenious creation of nature superposition of two forces time, acting simultaneously [like Schrödinger’s cat].

On basis Faraday’s experiment wrote Maxwell ingenious equation of swirling continue motion of energetic matter, create two [from one] forces. The famous, Maxwell, equation, clearly show motion of energetic matter by 2 forces open quanta formation [electric-magnetic-electric..magnetc…...



Two perpendicular forces [ of the one ] always appears in superposition

Maxwell equations: Open quantum of two [one swirling] main forces.



In all quanta equations by continue swirling motion appears shift electric force to magnetic and vice versa.

c = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}. \

Traveling sinusoidal plane waves, with the [two semi loops-behavior] electric and magnetic field Directions orthogonal [perpendicular] to one another and the direction of travel, and with the two fields in phase, traveling at the speed.


Maxwell equation, exactly, describe the Nature behavior and vice versa.

High energetic organic and not organic formations behave as open continue quanta [electric-magnetic-electric two perpendicular semi loops.]

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum energetic matter dispersion

Quantum reproduction(duplication)


Quantum ren

Two perpen-

dicular semi

loops !

High energetic formations are open string time quanta formations


electricity open   

quanta wave motion.  

Motion of open quanta.

Water, open quanta, wave motion.   DNA, open quanta, motion. 

Quantum bubble formation


Electromagnetic force motion.



Wave [quantum] creation and behavior.


One sophisticated strong force [electromagnetic] crate everything.


Max Plank: introduce the name quantum and quanta equations.

 Basic formation for everything.

 His quanta constant are basis for modern physics.. 



Black hole radiation

Energetic-electric part of quantum symmetry

Magnetic-gravity part of  quantum symmetry








Quantum-Gravitational wave A. Einstein, space time geometry, 


3 D - bubble closed quantum formations are

Albert Einstein’s space time curvatures the basic of quantum formation.



G_{\mu \nu} + \Lambda g_{\mu \nu}= {8\pi G\over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}


Einstein’s equation


Visual Einstein’s and Tejman’s quantum space time curvatures 3D

Galaxy two semi loops quantum






















  1. Einstein’s equation describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional, semi-Riemannian  manifold representing spacetime on the one hand, and the energy-momentum contained in that space time on the other.
  2.  That exactly is quantum formation. Creation of everything,
  3.  Einstein did that! But He not imagined visually the quantum as appear in nature and United Nature theory by introduction two behaviors [two semi loops 720 and phase transition of every quantum formation [include living formations] explained this ingenious quantum equation as  appears in nature .

Quantum: C.Tejman, composed by 3D, bubble strings –

energetic paths time, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion

create strings  cocoon wave formation of electric and magnetic [gravity] semi loops–

two perpendicular 720  spins forces] two semi perpendicular loops of open, semi closed and closed  quantum wave as appears in nature. 




The creation of quantum is very simple but .. it’s creations is beyond our imagination.


One force [electromagnetic] creates 4 basic forces by quantum [vortex] creation. quantum create endless force and formations.

Energetic quantum source:, proton H+He [like: Kerr swirl, solar black dots. Black hole].

Energetic source expel strong force electromagneticSee

This strong force splits to electric [red] and magnetic gravity [blue].

Electric force by swirling motion create wwz particle [ neutron] and partially dispersed to inside quantum-atom ,catches by atom’s nets and returned back to proton for continue energetic matter circulation.

Neutron wwz particle has magnetic gravity force properties [weak force] by swirling and retrograde motion create Schwarzschild swirl [white hole] .   See…


Neutron by electron, returns energetic matter back to proton for continue energetic matter circulation and guard of atom’s space quantum.

That is the most primitive theoretical idea of the most ingenious sophisticated creation quantum and atom.


These simple pictures explained the biggest secret of quantum and its amazing, ingenious and sophisticated behavior of NATURE.

1. The black hole in galaxy or rotate black spots in the sun expelled energetic swirling strong force-path, that by peculiar swirling and rotate motion create

2. Swirl called in galaxy Schwarzschild and in atom NEUTRON.

 3. NEUTRON by retrograde motion give back the energetic matter by electro to energetic source called in atom PROTON.

4. PROTON by retrograde motion begin again the energetic circular vicious called quantum formation.

Because the behavior of quantum is endless so appears different,

Important, quanta equations.


Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:

Einstein’s  equation:

The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh

Tejman’s equation two semi loops of the one quantum

 Formation exaxtly.






One electric string [strong force] create everything

Electric strong [string-path] force, create quantum formation which by phase transitions disperse again back to “space” which is source for new energetic matter circulation.

The structure of the wave [quantum] formation is amenable to the creation of various life forms. Any change in the proportion of energetic matter in the loops leads to a new phase transition in which one of the loops has other energetic properties. These changes to the equilibrium between the energetic and magnetic loop result in different behaviors.

To follow are mathematical equations for the balance between the energetic and magnetic loop of a wave formation in various phase transitions:


  1. High Energetic Phase Transition (Hyperspace negative gravity):

Energetic Loop(x)


Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

Energetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop  ↓

·         In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic loop (matter) almost disappears.

 The Duality Phase.

Energetic Loop


Magnetic Loop


1 = 1

Magnetic Loop

Energetic Loop

 The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality [equilibrium} whereby the magnetic loop equals the energetic loop, which equals 1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan.

3.Low Energetic-High Magnetic Phase Transition {positive gravity}.

Magnetic Loop(x)


Energetic Loop

= 1 = 1 =

Energetic Loop space

Energetic Loop

Magnetic Loop(x)

Magnetic Loop x-spine↑  ↑

In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave {quantum}. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy! In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion

Open quanta formation [high phase transition] continue energetic motion.


Open quanta formation appears in large semi closed quanta formations




Aurora semi closed quanta [duality phase transition]

Closed quantum formations [low phase transition]. Pict. from Google




See full size image

Summary.High energetic strings wave[cosmos dust] by swirling rotation and  condensation motion create gravitons with black holes that expel continue swirling rotation strings path that by peculiar motion create closed formation [circular vicious of energetic matter] quantum “living” creation with all 11 dimensions and all of forces directions that give to quantum possibility of endless creations.    

 This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  June 2011

Wave theory of everything.

All pictures from Google and Yahoo