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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Hypnosis time travel machine.

By adding to quantum, brain, by different ways

energetic matter, enlarges [distended] its time space capacity {A. Einstein’s theory} that enlarges [come to light] hidden memory frames to see them clearly


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Emeritus,  Jerusalem university..

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory 


 Brain, semi closed hay energetic, quantum formation














Hypnosis: the brain, quantum, in the highest phase transition.

Low energetic old  Brain

High energetic young Brain

Hyper [surplus] energetic Brain- Hypnosis

Brain is liquid. gel formation because it contains a lot of water and her hydrogen atom is the most energetic atom by her large electron radius,main atom of water, and for life creation, This high energetic capacity hydrogen atom, create large hallow around the brain which is responsible for our spirit. In higher energetic phase transition, appears mixing even very deep encoded remembers [come to light] frames from different locations. These remembers mobile fames [quanta] are in constant motion come in contacts with other energetic frames [time machines],Energetic matter in quantum formation move by swirling, revolving and continue circular motion so every particle or small formation as quanta [time machine] come in contact even several times [time machines, frames] with all family quanta generations. .This picture explains all possibility [everything] that are endless and beyond our imagination., That really appears in nature in every quantum formation.

 Pict.  Hypnosis: the brain, quantum, in the highest phase  Large electromagnetic wav [two semi loops] with many [inside]  family quanta from all generations [time machines] come in not limits contacts. Time “machine” which was expelled from quantum wave [formation without copy] is lost for ever. 

SummarThe most beautiful and sophisticated time machine is our brain. Time machine was one of many Einstein’s ingenious ideas and United Nature Theory approve that.

 This article may copied but please cited the source.© Copyright:   Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  June.  2010                                           Theory of everything.