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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
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Definition:  Evolution-reproduction of quantum organic formation

Evolution-reproduction of quantum organic and not organic formations, offspring. continue creation of original formation by motion of energetic matter by two  semi loops, energetic -male to magnetic-gravity and vice versa


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Dr. Emeritus, Jerusalem University.

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory


Evolution, reproduction, of living formations appears by two main forces

electric [male] and magnetic [female].               

Evolution of living “quanta formation by continue recurrences of quantum formations “heading”, controlled by central energetic swirl [‘’brain’’]

The ways of evolution: of organic quanta creations are endless, and new generation in some species are different from their ancestors.  Central energetic formation try survive its creation by different combination for became adaptation to different changing circumstances of vicinity. That is the reason that during evolution new generation are with new features by Darwin Natural Selection, Lamarck adaptation, Mendel  [genetics].

The wildest behavior of energetic matter [Heisenberg uncertainty participle] can’t create exactly matrix formations [so every offspring has its specific character

 the central energetic formation tejman’s [brain in high living formations] accept or reject new formations and also adapt existing formations to changing vicinity

        Evolution of not organic quantum formation appears by continue motion of energetic matter from electric semi loop [male] female magnetic electro-magnetic force-s [male and female] but ways of evolution are different than living creation. The quantum by phase transition disperses [known as half-life by radiation ect] and crated like quanta that are in lower energetic level.

         In sexual reproduction female carry half  genetic information [gravity semi loop] and by adding male energy-carry half  genetic information [electric semi loop] create next continue similar species formations [evolution]  

In asexual reproduction female [semi loop] carry all genetic information must became energy [male semi loop] to creation next semi loop.  The asexual species became the energetic matter [male semi loop]  by different ways, as from “mother”, sun energy , water [hay energetic formation], friction and by utilization of other energetic formation, but always female musts became energy [male]  for reproduction

[mitosis] and evolution

Evolution , reproduction by electric [male semi loop]… …magnetic semi loop … electric… magnetic… electric[male]…from vicinity to magnetic…[female]-for creation of progeny quanta formations with the same energetic level or even more.

Inorganic quanta by phase transition disperse energy [known as half-life by radiation ect] that is source for new endless creations with different energetic levels.

Evolution o organic formation by motion of energetic matter by two swirls, forces like DNA


Picture from nature


This is a color enhanced version of the infrared signal to make the Double Helix Nebula's features easier to see. The spots are mostly red giants and red supergiants. Many other stars are present, but are too dim to appear. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA \


The forefathers of evolution.

B Lamarck

C. Darwin

G. Mendel

M. Planck 

A. Einstein



Evolution, reproduction, of living formations appears by two main forces

electric [male] and magnetic [female].               


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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. August. 2010  Theory of everything.