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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Evolution of “living” creations by Central Energetic Formation                    Which rule, accept  or reject every part of living quantum and every mutation that help to “living” formation survive.

Evolution: Continue Quantum genes by time quanta.



The primary virtual sophisticated substance is living

Energetic matter (constant active force) and is not a surprising then, that all living formations are a sequence of this primary force.


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United nature theory – wave theory,


The basic creation of everything, organic and not organic formations is: condensed energetic space time creation called, Black hole in galaxy [quantum]

Black spots in sun

Proton in atom

Central energetic formations

in primitive organic creations

Nucleus in cells

“Brain in high” living formations

create and rule living formations [quanta].

Black hole is the basic creation for all stabile formations [quantum]

that creates galaxy – universe – stars [sun] – planets- atoms

Atoms- water – life.

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Pict. from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


.edu/ hoto/2


Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck



Wave theory-United nature theory describes nature like Lamarck and Darwin’s works. I write this theory after 150 years with new discoveries and I will begin from the Big bang, the creation of our “universe”.

Relaying on all the discoveries from various disciplines I can associate all the findings from nature including, physics and chemistry to show the evolution of the universe and all it creations. From the beginning, the Universe, dispersed by phase transitions, evolution again to space.. Energetic matter, (condensed space, time, energy-A. Einstein} sophisticated formation that is endless and still beyond our perception.

I know that the problem of evolution [especially of sex in living formations] will be very controversial but I try to address it because this is the basic of evolution of organic and not organic formations.(see Darwin’s works; Inorganic formation outcome its evolution by phase transition, but the organic formation outcome evolution, by “sex”; unification of two fundamental forces from different sources for continue reproduction and survable of the original “living” quantum formation [evolution]

  According to Einstein’s General relativity the beginning of the universe started as “space time curvature” and wave theory adds that those curvatures created condensed matter formations like nebulas and black holes create universes and galaxies. This energetic matter is a constant living and moving formation. The last observations of a black hole in its most condensed formation (singularity) reveal that it expels quanta of energetic matter similar to Plank’s black body radiation. These is quanta – photons and according to united nature theory are composed of two components, as nature shows in its full glorious shine and evolution motion from electric [male] force to magnetic-gravity [female] force and continue vice versa


The Universe created

By condensed energetic space time[A. Einstein] and continue [exist] by Quantum Evolution [Tejman]

.  Creation of everything by condensed energetic space time [A. Einstein]   




Evolution of Universe by motion of electric part of quantum [invisible, collecting, period] to magnetic part of quantum [visible, dispersed period] and vice versa {like photon motion]



Quanta appears by energetic path from very condensed energetic formation [black hole etc] or by explosion of very condensed energetic  formations like supernova etc.


Condensed energetic space time [A. Einstein] in water [by Brownian motion] create, among, different creation also condensed organic formations that create colonies with most energetic condensation inside .

.Every stabile formation have ability to accept energy from vicinity but can’t storage it for a long period. so for existence need constant supply of energy create pseudopodia.Every pseudopodia (male-sex) have the same wave vibration as its colony (female sex) .The separate part brings in energy which surplus causes the maintenance and division of the colony. With, evolution, this pseudopodia separates in order to gain territory and bring energy in. With time in “high living formation” they are more independed but for reproduction [that needs surplus of energy] they united.   

Continue Evolution: by Time quanta              

Motion of energetic matter by quanta formations evolution.




Condensed energetic space-glitter-again condensed space and again glitter that disperse

Parasitic mushroom, basic strong force creates space. This space creates strong force again and creates dispersed space again

Strong force-create second weak force [dispersed force]


Only Nature explained quantum as two semi loops creation.



    It is unnecessary to convince people, because only a hint of common sense is needed to see that every quantum formation is a couple (duality)

.Central energetic formation, [male] and around, [female behavior] quantum.

The most impressive case in point is snail developing and evolution from central energetic formation.


Organic and inorganic formations have the same {energetic matter} behavior


 Evolution by two formations  [two semi-loops] from energetic source.

Evolution by two formations  [two semi-loops] from energetic source


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Hubble Image of the Antennae Galaxies


Evolution by two formations  [two semi-loops] from energetic source


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater

 Everything is created from this one energetic matter {amazing}.


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Victoria Crater

Strong force- space

Strong force- space

Quantum reproduction


Quantum reproduction

Quantum reproduction

energetic matter dispersion




Magnetic semi-loop{space}-   electric{strong force}-   magnetic semi-loop{space}-


Brain -classical quantum formation

The most sophisticated creation of the universe energetic matter and is like primary energetic mater creation force-space which appears by quanta time evolution 




The same behavior of quantum formation. 


Quantum created by two [one] main forces electro-magnetic which by continue peculiar motion create endless different quanta [two semi loops-wave formations and continue evolution.

The flow of energetic matter in DNA formation


The evolution of the Universe and life is the most ingenious and sophisticated creation of the NATURE MASTERPIECE.

In all its outcomes quanta- organic and not organic (wave formation) has the same behavior (evolution)  as the main creator.                                     

The evolution –continue motion of energetic matter from electric semi[male] to magnetic semi loop[female] and vice versa [continue….].  



Summary :

Evolution of “living“ creations by Central Energetic Formation                   Which rule, accept  or reject every part of living quantum and every mutation that help to “living” formation survive.

Evolution: Continue quantum genes by time quanta.


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  Revised. August  2010

Theory of everything. .



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