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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Evolution Reproduction of organic and not organic formations.


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Dr. Emeritus, Jerusalem University.

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory


Evolution: Continue motion of energetic matter by [two forces] quanta formations.

Energetic [male] to magnetic-gravity [female] ect.

for creation continue “like” original formations.                                                                

1.  Evolution of not organic [infinite] formations appears

by one strong-electromagnetic force [composed by two forces [electric and magnetic] and by swirling motion create continue quanta [two semi loops forces] formations .


Energy motion

Electricity current motion  by two forces

Energy motion

http://www.grandunifiedth Book7/BigBang

UNIVERSE solutionand explanation.htm

Pict. Continue motion of strong force [electro magnetic]

Dispersion or explosion gravity semi loop dispersed electric [semi loop] force and create like quanta formations.


Water, open quanta, wave motion.   DNA, open quanta, motion.

Motion fo energetic matter by two swirls [forces].


That needs a lot of imagination to understand the NATURE bdhavior

This is a color enhanced version of the infrared signal to make the Double Helix Nebula's features easier to see. The spots are mostly red giants and red supergiants. Many other stars are present, but are too dim to appear. Credit: NASA/JPL-

The sequence quanta are in lower phase transition and disperse by strong forces to space, which create again quanta formations.

Evolution of not organic formations appears only by the one strong force [asexual]. Infinite cosmos: by quanta evolution.   

  Our Universe was created from “space” and disperses again to space which creates new universes by endless circulation at this mysterious energetic “essential substance”.

 [picture below explain behavior of our universe and all its creations]


The Universe after formation by quantum formation, The energetic matter escape all time from this creation and disperse again to space. The escaping energy [infra red] or other radiations are absorbed by different formations


Our universe is open quantum formation [means] that the energetic circulation continue from one quantum formation to other quantum formation.




Evolution of Universe by motion of electric part of quantum [invisible, collecting, period] to magnetic part of quantum [visible, dispersed period] and vice versa

{like photon motion] but our Universe is quantum formation and ruled by Newton absolute time. Every quantum is rigid formation.


 2.     Evolution of organic formations by gravity weak” [female]  force, which  for offspring [quantum] creation needs energetic [male] strong force  [that maybe supply from different, endless sources. [ways].

Example, male energetic semi loop: heating, sun friction, water with high energetic hydrogen atom. ect.

Evolution: reproduction of organic [living] formations always by supply of energetic force to magnetic gravity [semi loop].  Sexual reproduction.

         In “high” living creations: Sexual reproduction female carry half  genetic information [gravity semi loop] and by adding male energy-carry half  genetic information [electric semi loop] create next similar formations [evolution]

In “lower” living creations female carry all  genetic information [gravity semi loop] and offspring appears by adding male energetic force.

In asexual reproduction female [semi loop] carry all genetic information must became energy [male semi loop] to creation next like formation  The asexual species became the energetic matter [male semi loop]  by different ways, as from sun energy , water [hay energetic formation], friction and by utilization of other energetic formation, but always female musts became energy [male]  for reproduction [mitosis] and evolution,



Inorganic evolution is infinite with standard formations.

Organic evolution endless formations depended from vicinity and every species have beginning and end

The ways of evolution: of organic quanta creations are endless, and new generation in some species are different from their ancestors.  Central energetic formation which try survive its creation by different combination of its formation for became adaptation to different chang in circumstances of vicinity, so during evolution new generation are with new features by Darwin Natural Selection , Lamarck adaptation , Wildest behavior of energetic matter [Heisenberg uncertainty participle] can’t create exactly matrix formations[ so every offspring has its specific character .

Evolution by Tejman’s  central energetic formation. [brain in high living formations] accept or reject new formations and also adapt existing formations to changing vicinity


Asexual reproduction.


Sexual reproduction.


High energetic [spermatid] came first [Da[rwin: Natural Selection]

The Moment of Fertilization



Evolution of inorganic formations: by electric strong [male] force.

Evolution of organic formations: by gravity [weak] force with supply, strong [male] force.


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© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. January  2011

Theory of everything.