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Dark matter definition.


Chaim, Henry Tejman.

Emeritus  Jerusalem university..

United Nature Theory-Wave Theory 


Definition:  Dark matter phase transition, [equilibrium] balance, space fabrics

[A. Einstein], with all its creations.

 Dark matter is mediator [transmitter] between space fabrics creations and vice versa.


This form may be the smallest and as the large scatering creations.

Black hole:

 big graviton.

tanjeev.wordpresscom swirling gravitonexpel

The Cone  nebula.outdoors

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See explanation: Graviton dark matter [United Nature Theory].

Einstein space time continuum picture

The most condensed energetic matter around stabile formatins.

Dispersed interacting fluctuation [quantum mechanics] regional swirling “space fabrics” [A. Einstein], create scattered open massless swirling, electric strings-path, gravitons, as space time dust, dark matter, raw substance, [background independent] for different creation.

Dispersed interacting fluctuation [quantum mechanics] regional swirling “space fabrics” [A. Einstein], create also spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] tht create also large formations.

Spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] by peculiar swirling revolving, curved rotation motion by strings-path forces’ create different condensed formations where all events [background dependent as in Standard Model] take place.

The most condensed by spaces time curvatures [A. Einstein] is black hole which by two perpendicular swirling spins forces [like gravity strings behavior] by pulling and condensed forces create quantum formation [where graviton is background dependent].

Themost condensed quantum formation by phase transitions disperse again to space fabrics.

Circular vicious of space fabrics.

Graviton, open, swirling string primary creation, of

space fabrics mediator for all interactions in universe.

 Every electric open scattered string, graviton, where electric spin dominate, strong swirling force, have electric spin swirl and small gravity spin.

With time  curled behavior of the semi closed graviton and by continue dispersion of electric string path transferee to low energetic stage where the magnetic gravity curled spin dominate.

Accepted idea in physics [Standard Model] that a gauge boson [one of the gravitons spine] mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles

Figure 1: The distribution of dark matter obtained from a large numerical simulation. Note how the dark matter is clustered into dark matter halos, which are connected by a large filamentary network. It is form simulations like these that astrophysicists have obtained a detailed understanding of the abundance and clustering of dark matter halos. This particular simulation is performed by the Virgo consortium, including scientists from the Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics (see Jenkins et al. 1998, Astophysical Journal, 499, 20-40) 


Dark Matter is a mysterious, unobservable form of matter that some scientists believe fills our universe.  Some thought they’d found evidence of its existence in mysterious peaks of radiation emanating from the center of our galaxy.But now Science Daily is reporting on a study which disproves that /2009/08/03/




Dark matter is mediator [transmitter] between space fabrics creations and vice versa.



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