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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Creation of matter by dark matter2

Graviton: Dark matter primary phase transition between space [fabrics] and all creations

High energetic [still mystery media] create [condensed energetic space=A. Einstein] fluctuated energetic spaces [quantum mechanics] that by energetic strings [twisted, swirling, rotation] motion create gravitons-dark matter

Gravitons by quanta [stabile] formations create [matter-mass]… everything.

Every quantum holds its energetic space which changed by phase transitions.

United Nature Theory [alike  Lamarck’s and  Darwin’s works] try describe the NATURE behavior by observations together with all discipline of sciences.


Chaim, Henry Tejman Dr.  Jerusalem.

Emeritus, Jerusalem university.

United Nature-Wave theory


Definition: . Graviton appears by swirling condensation of high energetic strings: 

String: Two side open high energetic scattered swirling, twisted-string.

Graviton by peculiar twisted, motion creates curled formation with gravity spin that condensed”space dust” and expel as strong electric force.

Definition:  Strong electric force: Condensed, scattered strings

settled together in parallel order that create together strong force.

Graviton: Primary phase transition between space [fabrics] and quantum formation like solar system between galaxy and atom quantum.

Graviton created by condensation of energetic strings






1 Energetic string by twisted, swirling, rotation motion is basic substance for dark matter formations [see different theories].

2 String split to gravity force [blue] and electric[red] force.

3 string created by “mystery energetic space”  have ability to unification, coalescence or condensation to huge formations that by phase transitions disperse and return again to “space”.

4 “Spatial energetic dust” by twisted condensed motion create swirling condensed  formation [graviton]that expel condensed electric force [strong force by condensed strings-condensed space]. 





4File:Proton decay3.svg

1.2.3 Unification and splitting of strings.

4. Condensation of spatial “dust” and  formation graviton which create strong force by condensed strings,



                                                                                  pl. nebulae or nebulæ,

The energetic strong force create central swirl and around space time curvature-clouds [likegravitons] [see introduction to cloud formation Tejman]  

Gravity and graviton is such a weak force, could provide a potential explanation for dark matter


Gravitons clouds.

Stargazers on Sark enjoy the wonder of the Milky Way. Credit: Martin Morgan-TaylorLooking for a great vacation spot with those all-important dark skies for astronomical observing? A small island in the English Channel off the French coast of Normandy might be just what you are looking for. The Channel Island of Sark has been officially recognized for the quality of its night sky by the International Dark-sky Association (IDA), who have designated it as the world’s first dark sky island, the latest in a select group of dark sky places around the world. (...)
Read the rest of Travel Destination: World’s First Dark Sky Islan (230 worTwo semi loops formation by gravitons

High energetic creation by concentration of  gravitons. Possibility of black hole creation. 


Creation fo black hole by condensed gravitons“dust”. 

. Travel Destination: World’s First Dark Sky Island



Interstellar nurseries, such as this close view of The Trifid Nebula (NGC6514), are a riot of color and furious activity. The Trifid is located about 9,000 light years from Earth towards the southern constellation of Sagittarius. by R. Jay Gny Home

Huge graviton created by condensed gravitons space.

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Space 
 The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula B33 Orion Nebula



Huge graviton expel quanta galaxies [quanta-matter-mass]



The Nature “alone” show and explain its ingenious “ordinary” behavior.

“Space” swirl create a lot of similar gravitons-clouds [condensed energetic space time curvatures-static electricity]. It is not merely empty space, as small feather like formations have been observed that point inward towards the direction in which the energy is heading ( picture, left). Other example, when we place two sweaters together, their shared energetic space [space time curvatures-gravitons] is larger than the sum of their individual spaces. The energetic matter circulate in common swirl. When separated, their energetic level (space) is diminished and excess energy is expelled as visible sparks [gravitons]-strong force. That means that static electricity is stored by gravitons [by common swirl and gravitons around like clouds]. space time curvatures [gravity part of quantum].Beautiful example by nature of open circle vicious-energetic matter circulation.,

AuroraDispersed -gravitons.

Beautiful spectacle of gravitons.


See full size image

Birkeland currents following the voltage drop from the photosphere down to the umbra. www.electric  


) The twisting Birkeland currents evident in a detailed image of the penumbral streamers.

Solar prominence

Like quantum behavior. [by gravitons string]

Solar prominence

Like gravity guantum semiloop behavior


Energetic explosions by gravitons

See full size image ../sun/prominences.html

Solar Plages





Gravitons behavior-like lucid rain

See full size image

Auroras-gravitational wave.            


Black Hole created by gravitons condensation,

Black Hole eject swirlin energetic sting path-that create quantum- hat create everything matter mass and all forces 


Pict. from SKY & telescope  august 2008 p 14

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole Jet.

Black body    radiation-

Max Planck [two semi loops-quantum]


High energetic [still mystery media] create [condensed energetic space[A Einstein] fluctuated energetic spaces [quantum mechanics] that by energetic strings [twisted, swirling, rotation] motion create gravitons-dark matter

Gravitons by quanta [stabile] formations create [matter-mass]… everything.


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