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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything



Cosmos-HYPERSPACE, [definition] 

Infinite, without borders and time,

created by endless regional vortexes-forces [quanta,] that appears and by phase transitions disperse again to hyperspace and by evolution of quanta-vortexes the cosmos continue endless.

By vortex-quantum creation  appears Higgins space with Higgins “particles”, that create space, time, matter and all path[string] forces time . 

Vortices [quanta] may be large as universe or small like ۲ waves .

Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University.


Regional space vortex, [quantum].

Quantum 3 D –M-  bubble, Planck, regional curled swirling formation of condensed energetic space time .


Quantum-Gravitational wave 3 D  of strings waved , energetic condensed space time geometry formation- bubble- quantum  [for all stabile formations]—Einstein.

Quantum: Composed by 3 D bubble of strings waved , energetic condensed space time geometry formation [of all quanta] Regional vortex by stringsenergetic paths, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings wave, formation, of two  behaviors electro-magnetic and gravity [two semi loops– of perpendicular spins forces 720.  two semi loops of gravitational wave. [C.Tejman].

Quantum: Higgins energetic space strings with primary small energetic semi loops- path-strings-Higgins “particles”, that by peculiar swirling motion create quantum and everything.


Every formation, small or large in order to be stabile must be quantum creation.

Cosmos composed by open quanta formations [see water behavior, Tejman] that are in high phase transition. That means, that the energetic circulation continue from one quantum formation to other quanta formations.

Regional energetic forces of condensed space, create vortexes [quanta] creations [M. Plank] that appears and by phase transitions disperse [circular vicious] and by evolution of quanta formations [universes ect.] the cosmos continue endless.

The most classic example of quantum formation from nature is galaxy M-51.[more beautiful picture can’t be. That is reality quanyum]

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


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NASA M-51 The magnetic gravity swirl, to the left, and the electromagnetic swirl, right  together connected by large strings-energetic path and space time curvatures that create 720 two semiloops quantum- gravitational wave formation 



quantum formation composed by two semiloops


By strings energetic

 paths They are not






These pictures explain quantum formation by energetic path-string theories and united nature  theory vice versa.

In closed quantum formation energetic matter circulates until disperse to space [by phase transitions].

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According to UMITED NATUTE THEORY the wildest behavior of energetic matter can’t create matrix formations[Heisenbeg uncertainly princip], so different options exist to create like formations. Different quanta creation.


Every quantum formation  [M. Planck]-gravitational wave             

 [A.Einstein]-behave like large photon-like hydrogen atom [C.Tejman].


 Explanation of basic behavior of all quanta formations from galaxy to atom.. 

The energetic [Kerr swirl- [mixed all forces times] condensed regional energetic space time expel electromagnetic swirling string electric path with all time forces [genes]. Electromagnetic string path on its line motion disperse energetic strings [prolonged forces time future continue recycling quanta forces time and to inside quantum formation dispersed strings creating small different quanta forces times [hard to detect because they are closed strings formations maybe they are the small connected quanta forces-bosons . On the end of its swirling string path, create second swirl [Schwarzschild-white hole] which also mixed of all forces times and expelled as gravity swirling string, [space time curvatures forces-times]. The magnetic- gravity strings paths are curled to inside of itself forces and time shrunk [condensed]. In gravity paths the time and forces [condensed]. Quantum which unified of all forces may be condensed as neutrino or large as universe .

Theoretical  explanation of quantum behavior of all forces. 


Every strings [segment- small string-open quantum] wearer all forces but their properties [symmetry, balance and spin] are changed by

phase transitions but energetic balance of the “two semi loops forces” is always preserved.

Pict. creation of quantum formation, by peculiar motion of energetic, electric string, path.

Only nature alone is able explains this, likesimple” sophisticated creation

Hubbell pictures. Every quantum has it own characteristic, typical, behavior.

Galaxy-quantum.  Motion of energetic path from like Kerr swirl by quanta formations

Continue motion of energetic matter appears only in quantum closed formation by changing spin motion by two semi loops formations

[like space time geometry A. Einstein].

{semi-loops-swirls} electric-magnetic {720˚ quantum creation}Strong force {+}

United Nature-Wave Theory considers that three sophisticated creations Time, Space and Energy are basic media that create everything by space time curvatures which by revolving-rotation [swirling] motion create quantum formation that create everything. The behaviour of quantum is simple but still beyond our understanding and even imagination.

The three constant active media - time, space and energy - are waved together.  Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together. .

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated wave-quantum-formation which has beginning and end that creates- everything.

Energetic matter 

There are different idea for the basic space fabrics, substance that create everything.   {still mystery for us}

A. Einstein: space fabrics….. Condensed space, time….. Space time curvatures .  

Exist and not exist {E. Schrödinger}.

Uncertainty principle {Heisenberg}

Energetic matter {C. Tejman}}≈ “Condensed energetic, space, time”

 created by space fabrics, Casimir forces, Van der Waals forces, dark matter. Which by space time curvatures and revolve-rotation motion,  created two semi unclosed loops {720˚space time geometry-Einstein}six quarks [Murray Gell-Mann] wave formation {Tejman} quantum {Planck} formation – wave  particle {Einstein, de Broglie}

Motion of energetic matter.

Wave-quantum velocity, like Einstein’s relative time -  relative wave motion.

Signal-velocity, Newton’s absolute time - Newton’s absolute quantum velocity [instantly to all parts of quantum formation -small or large]. Velocity of Newton’s quantum is absolute { rigid } by nets of electric and magnetic paths. Example rigid quantum Universe [Newton’s absolute time and absolute motion] ruled all its formations by rigid quantum formation in their energetic path, like as in army [not chaos].     

 Einstein’s relative motion appears by different quanta velocity inside “mother” Newton’s absolute wave – quantum by maximum +/-300 000 k.

These three media by phase transition create endless different formations with specific behaviour in each phase. Below equations of constants proportions of these three media in different phases. .  

                              hence constant

The increase in space suggests prolonged time and thinning gravity then quantum constant.

In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media changed

Enlarged extended space prolonged also the time.

The more enlarged extended space that cause to extended of time, by extension of space decreases the condensation of energetic matter [decreases the gravity].

  Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity         vice versa         enlarged spce prolonged time and decreased gravity               

     Low  phase transition                                                                         high phase transition.

Low phase{transition}  = quantum constant – high phase{transition}





Behavior of these tree media in quantum formation [are always proportional constant] These equations explain behavior of the three media in quantum formation by different phase transitions that is necessary for understand the universe and solar system behavior.

Phase Transition [Tejman’s equations].

The ideal structure of energetic matter is the wave formation, quantum which is comprised of an energetic and magnetic two semi unclosed loops {720˚}six quarks, space time geometry [Einstein], wave formation {Tejman} quantum {Planck} and wave particle{Einstein,de Broglie}.  Under ideal conditions [balance], such as the photon, the two loops are equal insofar as the properties of their energetic matter are concerned.

The structure of the wave formaion is amenable to the creation of various life forms. Any change in the proportion of energetic matter in the loops leads to a new phase transition in which one of the loops has more energetic or gravity  properties. These changes to the equilibrium between the energetic and magnetic loop result in different behaviors and endless phase [transitions]..

To follow are mathematical equations for the balance between the energetic and magnetic loop of a wave formation in various phase transitions:

High Phase Transition:     Space time enlarged {energetic semi loop Energy dispersed [diminished] so gravity almost disappears {nearly 0} as that occurs in Hyper universe.

Energetic Loop(x)= E{x}


The equilibrium of Magnetic Loop


Energetic Loop(x) oscillating

Magn.-grav. Loop    M        

and Energetic Loop(x)must be obey

Magn.-grav. Loop x frequency

In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic-gravity loop (matter) almost disappears {nearly 0}.

Energetic Loop(x)    E{x}oscillating frequency

In high phase transition the space time may be endless but gravity nearly 0.

   Magn. grav. Loop    M        

The gravity appears only by condensation of energetic space time by Einstein’s space-time-curvatures that creates gravitational wave. A. Einstein {quantum M. Planck} two semi loops[3x2 quarks] wave formation [Tejman].                                                                                                        

  2. The Duality Phase: {light-photon}

Energetic   Loop




 E{space time}

Magn.grav. Loop

Energetic Loop

 M {magneticgravity}

Proton=2 up quarks+1down   

Neutron=2down quarks +1oop



The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop equals [equilibrium] the energetic loop, which equals 1=1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan.

3. Low Phase Transition-High Magnetic, gravity semi loop.

Magneticgravit Loop(x)


Energetic Loop


energetic space tm


Energetic space time Loop

Mag.grav Loop(x)



In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy like neutrino and neutron stars. In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion  

In different phase transitions the gravity of quantum formation change, so Tejman’s equation of gravity fitting this problem.

Magnetic-gravity Loop(x)       M [mass].

Energetic space time Loop        E   [energy].

Gravity arise in particular space with elevation of condensation energetic matter.

Magnetic-gravity Loop(x)       M [mass].

Energetic space time Loop        E   [energy].

 Newton and Einstein’s equations on gravity are well known. To follow is an additional approach[by United Nature Theory-Tejman]to the behavior of gravity in different phases. If energetic matter is highly concentrated in a limited swirl area, gravity is correspondingly high and vice versa. We can think of gravity as concentrated energetic matter in a particular space: the more concentrated the matter by swirl formation, the higher the level of gravity. Also contribute to the force of gravity. The relative proportion of the energetic loop in a particular formation determines if the structure is in a wave or particle phase transition. As posited in my equation of gravitation, the two vortexes of a wave are endowed with antagonistic properties, and in constant competition but are nevertheless aligned as one wave formation in which the forces of gravitation and anti-gravitation are in a state of perpetual superposition [Schrödinger’s ingenious idea]. Example: The gravity of earth is greater than sun because gravitational semi loop is proportional greater [more condensed] than the sun’s where electric semi loop is proportional greater. 

Gravity-force!{definition explanation}.

In Hyperspace [space fabrics-A. Einstein] exist only ONE force.which by pushing energetic space time curvatures [A. Einstein] by swirling motion

create condensed swirling formation BLACK HOLE [and other formations] which by continue SWIRLING motion  expel [eject] swirling energetic [electric] path that create second swirling formation white hole[Schwarzschild ] which create QUANTUM FORMATION [M. Planck]             



Gravity force-pushing [pulling} is created by swirling motion of electric path and quantum formation [see gravity pushing pulling Tejman].

Gravity- {gravitational wave A. Einstein, quantum M. Planck two semi loops wave formation    C. Tejman}  basic force +/- that depend from phase transitions of quantum formation


Solar system quantum formation

phase transition between galaxy and atom behaviour creation.

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m31 the andromeda galaxy

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Solar_System_5.gif597 x 

10 electric [nucleus]


Neon atom semi-closed

quantum formation-10 electric [nucleus] swirls.

Phase transition of energetic matter from galaxy to atom. Every planet[electron neutron swirl]has inside the sun its own electric-Kerr swirl, like as atoms quanta.  

Solar corona may be first “pro-planet” of solar system like as

Asteroid belt or Saturn rings not “condensed planets”.


Every planet [quantum] behave similar as the like corresponding atom quantum, that can explain axial tilt of major planets, but solar energetic axis is very prolonged that change the corresponding, to alike according atoms quanta.

From side view, we clearly see, that solar system behave ike two swirls.


Solar system two swirls.

Electric and gravity.

Every quantum formation composed by two swirls [720’] electric and gravity.

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Galaxy: huge energetic space time quantum

Solar system- condensed quantum

Atom quantum very condensed.

Galaxy: by disperse energetic space time and by phase transitions create stars, planets and atoms…everything

In closed quantum formation energetic matter circulates until disperse to space [by phase transitions].

Our universe is open quantum formation-that means-that the energetic circulation continue from one quantum formation to other quantum formation.

Our Universe was created from “space” and disperses again to space which creates new universes by endless circulation at this mysterious energetic“space substance”.

 [picture below explain behavior of our universe and all its crations]

The Universe after formation by quantum formation, the energetic matter tries escape all time from this creation and disperse again to space. The escaping energy [infra red] or other radiations, are absorbed by other formations or creates new unstable quanta formations, [second law of thermodynamics-Tejman].

The galaxies are first stabile quanta formations.

Pict. Young galaxies are with large electric semi loop [phase transition].

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The wildest behavior of energetic matter can’t create matrix formations [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] so every galaxy has its own specific behavior.

The Sombrero Galaxy, an example of an unbarred spiral galaxy.  Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.

The Sombrero Galaxy,Hubble


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Photograph of the "Great Andromeda Nebula" from 1899, later identified as the Andromeda Galaxy 

"Great ndromeda Andromeda


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  Every galaxy composed by two swirls [electric-Kerr and gravity-Schwarzschild swirl]

m82, Ursa Major. SCf/6.3, CCD SBIG ST-7

I Zwicky 18 (lower left) resembles a newly-formed galaxy.. Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.:HubbleSpace 



NGC 1300, an example of a barred spiral galaxy.  Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.

NGC 1300 HubbleTelesco

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spiral galaxiesnasa TopTechWriter...

 Prediction: Please found the complexity of ”like single” galaxies because every formation [quantum] in order to be stabile must be composed by two swirls connected  energetic path. 


Elderly galaxies are like photons phase transition. Electric semi loop balance [equilibrium] with gravity{magnetic}semi loop.

Go to fullsize imageColliding_gala.

NGC 4414, a typical spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, is about 17,000 parsecs in diameter and approximately 20 million parsecs distant. Credit:Hubble Space TelescopeNASA/ESA.

NGC 4414, constellation




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up galaxies

like solar and neon a. structure.

Low phase transition: Old galaxies dominant gravity semi loop.

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 New created galaxies have large electric space prolonged time and low gravity.[dispersed energetic matter]  In elderly galaxies the space is condensed time shorter and gravity arise.



Energetic matter {gravity}



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