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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Black hole – explanation.

Vortex, basic creation, for every stabile formation.

United Nature-Wave Theory considers that three sophisticated media Time, Space and Energy are basic media that create everything by space time curvatures which by revolving-rotation [swirling] motion create black hole that create quantum formation that create everything. The behaviour of quantum is simple but still beyond our understanding and even imagination.


Black hole: Maximum condensed  energetic spacetime that by swirling motion create spacetime curvature [Einstein’s] which create  vortex and the most condensed vortex space [called singularity black hole,solar black spots, proton in atom] expelled swirling path [string] that create open or closed quanta formations that create everything. This most condensed energetic space is the core of quantum and relative to its force creates different formations. The NATURE creations are simple but very sophisticated.


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United nature theory-Wave theory.


The work based on last laboratory and space observations


Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world;
all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.”

A. Einstein, 1933

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Vortex-open quantum, basic creation to all stabile formations

All black holes are not alike. wiki/Black_hole

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wallpapergate. com



Energetic path-string expelled from singularity by continue swirling motion create different quanta formations. 

See full size image


B H created by spacetime curvature

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Black holes-energetic concentration may be of different sizes and behavior expelled swirling energetic path that create everythimg.  

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Black hole expelled peculiar swirling path-string create quantum and everything.

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See full size image

Pict. from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


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Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck

http://creationwiki .org/File:Dna.gif

solar black spot-hole [black hole]

       Black hole, vortex [quantum] created by energetic spacetime [Einstin’s[ curvature.


Solar black spots [black holes]


NASA  Similar solar and earth behavior     



Different “black holes”, with different behavior. Einstein/index

Vortex created by swirling condensed space curvatures

Closed vortex quantum

Open continue quanta formations.


Graviton   graviton      black holes with expelled strings.

Fluctuation of interacting [quantum mechanics] regional swirling area, create spacestime curvature composed by space fabrics[A. Einstein] two sides curved open high energetic swirling string-paths-gravitons [A. Einstein]. The very condensed spacetime curvature [A. Einstein] create by peculiar swirling motion vortex which by continue swirling motion create inside maximum condensed energetic space time called-black hole,

Different pictures from NATURE explain the basic creation, vortex [quantum] and black hole inside.

Well known vortex.  

The whirlpool [vortex] is a classical example of the behavior energetic matter. Condensed energetic space pushes matter to the inside of vortex formation. When experienced swimmers encounter a whirlpool, they attempt to scrunch their bodies into a ball and allow the swirl to take them down. Eventually, in the most most condensed space the whirlpool [vortex] will peter out by energetic paths and they will be thrown back to the surface.

Spacetime curvature forms an energetic swirl-vortex that condensed [concentrated] energetic space time to maximum point black hole and releases energy from its singularity as an energetic path [string] or paths that moves by peculiar swirling motion upward vortex and “socked” back to swirl [semi closed] quantum formation, or 2] by swirling motion create following another swirl.  . The second swirl, Schwarzschild, [white hole], creates energetic space time curvatures, scattered gravitons and electron path. Scattered gravitons are swallowed back to swirl and create again circle vicious  that create open or closed quantum formation. Majority of quanta formations are 3] semi open quanta to enable to protect quantum formation and to be in contact with other quanta creations. 


 Explanation of basic behavior of all quanta formations from galaxy to atom.. 

The energetic [Kerr swirl black hole mixed all forces times] condensed regional energetic space time expel electromagnetic swirling string electric path with all time forces [genes]. Electromagnetic string path on its line motion disperse energetic strings [prolonged forces time future continue recycling quanta forces time and to inside quantum formation dispersed strings creating small different quanta forces times [hard to detect because they are semi closed strings formations maybe they are the small connected quanta forces-bosons . On the end of its main swirling string path, create second swirl [Schwarzschild-white hole] which also mixed of all forces times and expelled as gravity swirling string, [space time curvatures forces-times]. The magnetic- gravity strings paths are curled to inside of itself forces and time shrunk [condensed]. In gravity paths the time and forces [condensed]. Quantum which unified of all forces may be condensed as neutrino or large as universe.

That is theoretical explanation of quantum behavior and of all its forces.. 


Every strings [segment- small string-open quantum] wearer all forces but their properties [symmetry, balance and spin] are changed by

phase transitions but energetic balance of the “two semi loops forces” is always preserved.

Pict. creation of quantum formation, by peculiar motion of energetic, electric string, path.

Only nature alone is able explains this, likesimple” sophisticated creation

Hubbell pictures. Every quantum has it own characteristic, typical, behavior.

Galaxy-quantum.  Motion of energetic path from like Kerr swirl by quanta formations

Continue motion of energetic matter appears only in quantum closed formation by changing spin motion by two semi loops formations

[like space time geometry A. Einstein].


All black holes are not alike.

The wildest behavior of energetic matter, can’t create exactly the same matrix formation [Heisenberg uncertainty principle].

That is the reason of different ingenious quanta equations.


The answer is simple: quantum has endless formations and unified of all forces and the United Nature Theory explains the natural quantum formation behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations.



Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:




 The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh


The Tejman’s equation of everything explain the behavior of quantum, which by continue dispersing electric path-strings [energetic-semi loop], energetic matter by endless phase transitions change its energetic level from high to low stage [gravity stage] by changing proportion of perpendicular [semi-loops] spins.

This equation of photon phase transition, equal proportion between two semi-loops.


In different phase transitions the proportion are other.


. Summary

Black hole: Maximum condensed  energetic spacetime that by swirling motion create Einstein’s spacetime curvature that create vortex and from the most condensed vortex space [called singularity]expelled swirling path[string] that create open or closed quanta formations that create

everything …. everything…. everything  


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. June, 2010

Theory of everything.


This article may copied but please cited the source

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  June.  2010

Theory of everything.