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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything




Active dark matter, create duality electromagnetic strong force, basic for everything and life


Explanation: creation of matter and DNA [life] by pictures.

Only NATURE alone explained its amazing,

ingenious, sophisticated behavior.

Its beyond our imagination.


By swirling motion of regional

fluctuated energetic spaces “quantum mechanics” appears condensation of energetic space [A. Einstein ] and by created strings and gravitons [dark matter] by twisted [pict. 1] motion create condensed electromagnetic duality strong force [pict. 2] by energetic strings, path [C, Tejman] that  create quantum and [pict. 3] life [DNA] and everything.

That seems to be simple but is very sophisticated and still beyond our understanding

1 N83b NGC 1748 Condensed twisted strong force create maximum condensed space which expel electric path-string which create quantum. 

    2   M 78S

http://schweifstern.marcel-  p/deepsky-


3   DNA

Dark matter create everything include life-DNA.

See full size image


See full size image

Pict. from SKY & telescope  august

Looking Down the Throat of a Black Hole


.edu/ hoto/2


Black body radiation and DNA model

Max Planck

http://creationwiki .org/File:Dna.gif

solar black spot-hole [black hole]

       Black hole, vortex [quantum] created by energetic space time [Einstein[


Tejman Chaim, Henry, Dr.

Emeritus of Jerusalem University

United nature theory – wave theory,




NASA pictures, from earth hurricane. Motion of energetic path [matter] by strong duality force, from maximum condensed energetic source [like black hole].


That needs  some commonsense to understand NATURE behavior .

From huge energetic sources the electric path-strings-waves are longer, [example tsunami] than from small sources [example U.V rays rt,]. 


From energetic sources ejected strong duality force-[path-string] move by two semi loops-forces [vortices].                   

More NASA pictures, from earth hurricane. Motion of energetic matter  by strings- paths.

Different electromagnetic waves [energetic matter] behavior depended by energetic source.

   More NASA pictures, from earth hurricane. Motion of energetic matter.


Additional pictures of NASA. Different electromagnetic waves [energetic matter behavior]

depended by energetic source. From huge energetic sources the electric path-strings-waves are longer, stronger

 [example tsunami] than from small energetic sources the electric path-strings are small –with condensed electric force=like ultra violet rays.

The same, like, motion of electromagnetic [duality strong forge] created by condensed dark matter [telescope space picture]. Amazing !


Image of NGC 6872 (left) and companion galaxy IC 4970 (right) locked in a tango as the two galaxies gravitationally interact. The galaxies lie about 200 million light-years away in the direction of the constellation Pavo (the Peacock). Image credit: Sydney Girls High School Astronomy Club, Travis Rector (University of Alaska, Anchorage), Ángel López-Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory/Macquarie University), and the Australian Gemini Office

Motion of condensed duality strong force, [electromagnetic], by duality behavior, created by thrown stone.                

←←Huge source

Small source


Theoretical explanation of the electromagnetic force motion.



Creation of strong force by dark matter,

We are only on beginning of the way to understanding the nature behavior [ see United nature theory]. Motion by two semi loops [duality].

NGC 1499 California Nebula


Pencil Nebula NGC 2736

Swan Nebula M-17

Pencil Nebula NGC 2736 Strong force.

Swan Nebula M-17 Motion of strong force.

Pict.2 Against a background  of moving strong force we se like conus formation

[other way of strong force creation]  


clic here

foNGC 1499 Califo [strong forces]

Elephant Trunck in IC 5070 (NB color)

http://panther-observatory[expell strong forces].  






Pictures  of strong duality force.

Only, only NATURE alone explained its amazing, ingenious, sophisticated behavior. Its still beyond our imagination,

Strong duality force by quanta motion create everything include DNA [life]

Motion of duality strong force=motion of OPEN QUANTUM  FORMATION.


-gallery/category/25-ccd.html Erin

 Sheets lab, Penn State)

These computers use DNA to
1000 × 751 - 123k - jpg

That not needs explanation

Large [as in sky] and small [as in DNA] quanta have the same behavior  [A. Einstein]

These computers use DNA to

The "DNA formation"

, East
725 × 496 - 74k – jpg

The 'DNA' formation,

 Alton in-division-and-dualit

field for dna



stock photo : gene in DNA. 3d  

Motion of DNA by two semi loops-forces.


They took DNA

from the cells


DNA can be found

 in a range of


-dna is a con


But, the formation

did have an

Motion by duality electro magnetic force

The wildest notion of electromagnetic force create similar formations but not matrix creatios.

[Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum theory.]

Dna Research  Split  DNA  strand

DNA structure. Bases  

re in the centre,

surrounded by phosphate

–sugar chains in a double helix.

The bright areas

 represent enzyme clusters.


Splitting of strong force to more forces for more quanta formations.

clic here

DNA  Research  Replication

Pencil Nebula (NGC 2736)

Regenerate daughter strands

That is amazing to see that all creations behave as the main CREATOR.




Here the DNA


DNA strand

splitting into

The more


in the

DNA nanotubes

 form a split



Active dark matter, create duality electromagnetic wave

strong force-quantum [“electricity” and DNA]-everything


DNA wave

red lines

Electric waves)


 electric waves



Electric and

magnetic waves?

The like simplicity of nature is the most ingenous complicate creation

Abstract Electric



Waves by



Waves like

In water


Waves by


electrical waves

 on human

We are created by this MAIN FORCE.

Yours waves quanta are very nice, adorable.


Yours waves quanta are pfu,,pfu




Every energetic creation expel and receive electromagnetic waves created by ”life” activity of every substance.  The most active wave comes from brain y and less from  body activity include energetic DNA activity

Dark Matter by its different evolution ways create UNIVERSES which create everything see   


Wait a minute!... wait a minute!    We come affect YOU also.

That is not conundrum for us.

... YOU can not believe, to see how we affect YOUR the most beautiful ingenious  creation the Earth,

YOU SOLE strong force create mankind laboratory in Israel with different religions [branches] of YOUR most beautiful ideas for all peoples.

But the 10 commandment are terrible for mankind and they try again and again blast YOUR laboratory and Israel.

He who tries to destroy his most holy place is doomed.




Active mystery energetic space create energetic strings, gravitons strong duality force [Faraday-Maxwell].

This electromagnetic strong force is similar to open quantum, DNA formation.

This one duality strong force create endless different quanta formations,     

This one duality strong force basic creation of DNA in all UNIVERSE.

This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  January  2011