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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


LASER: explanation.

LASER beam, electric, pushing, antigravity, strong force, that faster-than-light.


An explanation according to the Wave Theory.

{United Nature Theory}


Tejman Chaim, Henry.



In this work, I present facts known in physics, as well as ideas only partially explained in that field and better explained by wave theory.  Wave theory, in comparison to other theories, is only a framework, the first step to a Grand United Nature theory that can help us to understand the laws of nature, to generate new ideas and to contribute to research.


In 1917 Albert Einstein, in his paper Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung (On the Quantum Theory of Radiation), laid the foundation for the invention of the laser and its predecessor, the maser, in a ground-breaking rederivation of Max Planck's law of radiation based on the concepts of probability coefficients (later to be termed 'Einstein coefficients') for the absorption, spontaneous, and stimulated emission. A. Einstein by its ignominious intuition sentient that this phenomenon must be very important for search of primary substance and United Nature Theory explain that.

In 1928, Rudolph W. Landenburg confirmed the existence of stimulated emission and negative absorption.[4]

In 1939, Valentin A. Fabrikant (USSR) predicted the use of stimulated emission to amplify "short" waves.[5]

In 1947, Willis E. Lamb and R. C. Retherford found apparent stimulated emission in hydrogen spectra and made the first demonstration of stimulated emission.[6]

In 1950, Alfred Kastler (Nobel Prize for Physics 1966) proposed the method of optical pumping, which was experimentally confirmed by Brossel, Kastler and Winter two years later.[7]

In 1953, Charles H. Townes and graduate students James P. Gordon and Herbert J. Zeiger produced the first maser, a device operating on similar principles to the laser, but producing microwave rather than optical radiation. Townes' maser was incapable of continuous output. Nikolay Basov and Alexander Prokhorov of the Soviet Union worked independently on the quantum oscillator and solved the problem of continuous output systems by using more than two energy levels. These systems could release stimulated emission without falling to the ground state, thus maintaining a population inversion. Townes, Basov and Prokhorov shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964 "for fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which has led to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers


Laser: Explanation by Wave Theory.



Motion of energetic matter by condensed electric path {semi-loop} like space time curvatures {A. Einstein} and by magnetic-gravity {semi-loop} like Maxwell equation {electric-magnetic motion}.



Motion of energetic matter by condensed electric path {semi-loop} and by magnetic-

gravity {dispersion semi-loop}.

The movement of energetic matter, in light, that is aligned into stream of photons.


A beam of light {photon’s} that is composed by two high energetic semi loops. One electric - Kerr swirl {red} and the second magnetic – Schwarzschild swirl {blue} that

together create wave – particle formation.. The duality motion of light, help explain the energetic matter behavior.


A laser is composed of an active laser medium and a resonant optical cavity.



Explanation of picture: by United Nature Theory.


A beam of light {photon’s} that is composed by two high energetic semi loops by run of photons stream inside of mirror device, by adding a little of energy, the magnetic semi loop releases and transferee energy {energetic matter} to electric semi loop, and of the end of the process appears pure electric path, high energetic beam {strong electric force}. Electric path stream {Newton’s, “signal-velocity”. faster-than-light, that create rigid quantum }.

LASER; is condensed high electric energetic path beam {electric semi loop}.

This “half” photon’s electric stream, maybe known as primary creation of Einstein’s space fabrics, Casimir force, Van der Waals {Berlin} forces.

  That was known that I. Newton and A. Einstein are though by pictures and for better understand the behavior of the nature behavior I also try explain United Nature Theory, by pictures.

The motion of energetic matter , by quanta formations, pictures taken from NASA  appears to be simple, but this like simplicity is the most complicate, ingenious, sophisticated energetic matter creation {behavior} and that is even still beyond our imagination


    NASA: Picture taken from hurricane swirl show motion of energetic matter.           My explanation                               







For understand the behavior of the nature behavior we must understand the behavior of the energetic matter and it basic creation- quantum {wave} formation that United Nature Theory try explained.



Introduction of quantum by M. Planck {the most basic sophisticated creation of Nature} and development of this idea by A. Einstein give the key to success of understand behavior of the nature.

Those different quanta formations create everything so that are different equations for this same sophisticated creation.  

From all equations we see, that are two main behaviors,            


Faraday’s, Maxwell’s. Schrodinger’s and Tejman’s equations show that both said of their equations are composed by the same energetic matter. 

That means that only one substance creates everything that have two mains behaviors and one behavior can pass from one form to the other and vice versa. WAVE to PARTICLE and PARTICLE to WAVE.



Schrodinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh


All those equations are related to this one ingenious sophisticated quantum {wave} formation and the United Nature Theory try describes and explains this formation and its behavior.

Tejman’s equation, on basis different scientific works and observations, explain, that all, nature stabile formations must be quantum

{two “semi -loops”} formation.





Left, magnetic semi-loop is more- gravity.   Right, electric semi-loop is more- energetic            

 Left. particle behavior.      Both, together, are wave-particle        Right, electric behavior.


Every “semi –loop” have some properties of the other, and their proportions are dependent by phase transition.

The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic semi-loop equals the energetic semi-loop, which equals 1 {1=1}. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan. But in different phase transitions the proportion of the semi-loops, electric/magnetic are changed that cause, that quantum formation became other behavior.


There are different idea for the same basic substance that create everything {still mystery for us}

A. Einstein: space fabrics….. Condensed space, time….. Space time curvatures .  

Exist and not exist {E. Schrodinger}.

Uncertainty principle {Heisenberg}

Energetic matter {C. Tejman}}≈ “Condensed energetic, space, time”

 Created by space fabrics. Casimir forces, Van der Waals forces. Which by space time curvatures and by revolve-rotation motion, {space time geometry-Einstein }

 created two semi unclosed loops {720˚} wave {Tejman} quantum {Planck} formation – wave  particle {Einstein, de Broglie}. .


The quantum formation has different shapes.

Quantum {M. Planck} is comprised of two energetic semi-loops

 {+and-0}-wave formation { C. Tejman } .


Motion of energetic matter { red electric path, blue magnetic path }.

Rotation and revolve motion of energetic matter {red-electric,

Blue-magnetic properties} create quantum {M. Planck} =

Wave formation { C. Tejman }. 


Energetic matter moving by space time curvatures and by dint of its swirling and spinning behaviors, create waves {quanta} formations.


Wave formation:{quantum} the energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes outward, while the magnetic-gravity loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside


More explanation of space time curvatures {Einstein’s space geometry} behavior.


Galaxy M 51 {classical two semi loop wave formation} quantum.



 Electric semi-loop…magnetic semi-loop {wave particle}

The best formation for investigation of energetic matter is photon {M. Planck} quantum {wave particle}. It is well known experiment of light, with two perpendicular slits which clearly show that photon have two properties { behaviors } that are not similar  but they have some properties of each other and one can turn into second and vice versa.

That means that this one sophisticated energetic matter {C. Tejman}by change space time geometry {A. Einstein} create two behavior

Absolutely everything in the universe derives from the same, identical form of energetic matter — the wave formation — and adheres to its rules. Every stable energetic formation {quantum} is thus a wave formation: one quantum composed by two swirls (vortices, electric and magnetic) that are connected by energetic paths like galaxy M51.   That is the explanation of  A. Einstein’s space time geometry by United Nature Theory            I try  explained  by different pictures from nature, that show that thus quantum, wave formation that is composed by two semi loops swirls {720˚}, electric and magnetic                                             

The two properties of the one photon – quantum {wave formation}.



Tracery from chapter: Photon-wave theory {book 1, Tejman}

Book I United Nature Theory

Explanations of photons, light, stream.




In photons {quanta} stream, energetic matter, circulate inside and between waves like α formations.


Solitary photon immediately disperse to space.

The movement of energetic matter, in light, that is aligned into stream of photons.


Motion of energetic matter.


Upshot-Knothole Grable

The best explanation we obtain from nature of behavior the same matter.



Motion of energetic matter in DNA {double helix}.


Only nature can explain quantum {gravitational wave} formation



NASA The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl - left 




Quantum formation

As posited in my equation of gravitation, the two vortexes of a wave are endowed with antagonistic properties, and in constant competition but are nevertheless aligned as one wave formation in which the forces of gravitation and anti-gravitation are in a state of perpetual superposition (Schrodinger’s ingenious idea) .     

In different phase transitions the gravity of quantum formation change,    so Tejman’s equation of gravity fitting this problem.



energetic matter


 Newton and Einstein’s equations on gravity are well known. To follow is an additional approach to the behavior of gravity in different phases.

If energetic matter is highly concentrated in a limited swirl area, gravity is correspondingly high and vice versa. We can think of gravity as concentrated energetic matter in a particular space: the more concentrated the matter by swirl formation, the higher the level of gravity. also contribute to the force of gravity. The relative proportion of the energetic loop in a particular formation determines if the structure is in a wave or particle phase transition. Laser is pure electric path {only on its destination bends and create Schwarzschild swirl-pushing {pulling alls on its way} force to inside the swirl – gravity properties.

Laser as pure electric path with pushing properties acts as antigravity pushing force{basic electric  force for everything}.  

The principle of LASER operation.

Condensed energetic matter from magnetic semi loop pass to electric semi loop and expelled as high electric stream that is the strongest known force-laser..

As accepted in physics Laser (light amplification by stimulated radiation) is an optical source that emits photons in a coherent beam. Laser light is typically near  monochromatic i.e., consisting of a single wave length , and emmited in a narrow beam. This is in contrast to common light sources , such as the incandescent light bulb , which emits incoherent photons in almost all directions usually over a wide range of wavelengths. The gain medium of LASER is a material of controlled purity, size, and shape, which uses a quantum mechanical effect called stimulated emission (discovered by Einstein while researching the photoelectric effect) to amplify the beam. For a laser to operate, the gain medium must be "pumped" by an external energy source, such as electricity or light (from a classical source such as a flash lamp, or another laser). The pump energy is absorbed by the laser medium to produce excited states of photons in the medium. When the number of particles in one excited state exceeds the number of particles in some lower state, population inversion is achieved. In this condition, an optical beam passing through the medium produces more stimulated emission than stimulated absorption so the beam is amplified. An excited laser medium can also function as an optical amplifier. The light generated by stimulated emission is very similar to the input signal in terms of wavelength, phase, and polarization {pure electric stream path}.This gives laser light its characteristic coherence, and allows it to maintain the uniform polarization and monochromaticity established by the optical cavity design.

The resonant cavity (see also cavity resonator) contains a coherent beam of light between reflective surfaces so that each photon passes through the gain medium multiple times before being emitted from the output aperture or lost to diffraction or absorption. As light circulates through the cavity, passing through the gain medium, if the gain (amplification) in the medium is stronger than the resonator losses, the power of the circulating light can rise exponentially. However, each stimulated emission event returns a particle from its excited state to the ground state, reducing the capacity of the gain medium for further amplification. When this effect becomes strong, the gain is said to be saturated. The balance of pump power against gain saturation and cavity losses produces an equilibrium value of the intracavity laser power which determines the operating point of the laser. If the pump power is chosen too small (below the "laser threshold"), the gain is not sufficient to overcome the resonator losses, and the laser will emit only very small light powers.

These beautiful pictures of NASA, worth more than million words and help to understand the behavior of energetic matter.


My explanation


Those NASA picture are the basic evidence from nature of the energetic matter behavior. We clearly see two different paths with two different swirls that are by continue motion {open quanta formations} that dispersed by electric path and create small quanta-waves formation.

The energetic{red|}path, pure energetic matter is exactly like LASER beam {path} dispersed energetic matter. Path that create second Schwarzschild swirl which by change space time geometry A. Einstein} continue create wave formation –quantum. Like every energetic path disperse on it way energetic matter by different time space quanta.

{that is the reason that laser beam waves return by different quanta }times.

This basic substance, space fabrics = A.Einstein, Casimir force, dark matter Van der Waals forces , Energetic matter {Tejman } create quantum formation with absolute time {Newton} and relative time { A. Einstein }, the Universe, galaxies suns, planets, Human being and even our Spirit are quanta formations.

This basic substance create everything     

That is is the reason that A. Einstein with its ingenious intuition arise this idea and United Nature Theory by introducing two semi lops wave {quantum} formation explain that by pictures from nature.

The LASER beam is pure electric path.

Energetic matter –constant active, moving, condensed energetic space time, Van der Waals force, Casimir force that by revolve and rotation motion create quantum,

wave - particle formation {C. Tejman}.

A. Einstein: space fabrics….. Condensed space, time….. Space time curvatures

Explanation of laser behavior by pictures.

1                                  2                                      3                                 4


1Motion of energetic matter in Hurricane swirl. NASA.

2 LASER beam creation.

3 LASER beam disperse electric path that immediately create wave{quantum}formation. by dispersing electric path.

4 Waves{quanta}formations {partially} return to source they may be from large waves to





The invisible energetic path for Human being create wave-quanta formation that constantly disperse and create new different wave-quanta formations and vice versa, this process is endless.

Motion of energetic matter.

Einstein’s relative time - Einstein’s relative wave {quantum} velocity.

Newton’s absolute time - Newton’s rigid quantum “signal-velocity”.

Velocity inside quantum is absolute { rigid } by nets of electric and magnetic pats and relative by different quanta motion inside “mother”wave-quantum..            

Rigid quantum Universe ruled all its formations by rigid quanta formations that move on their energetic path, like in army.


Only nature explained this sophisticated, ingenious

creation that is beyond our imagination.


Only One creation form everything and these primary visible known formations are space fabrics{A. Einstein}.

Energetic matter – {C. Tejman}. Casimir forces.

Energetic matter – C. Tejman {constant active, moving, condensed energetic space time, that by revolve and rotation motion create electric and magnetic {path, wave – particle-quantum formation} that create everything.

The three constant active media - time, space and energy - are waved together.  Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together.

Velocity, travel: transfer matter or signal from place to other place by these three media .

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated wave-quantum-formation that create- Everything


   Faster-than-light-prediction 1.


1. By light {photons, quanta}stream from Earth to the Moon and back Moon to Earth take 1⅓ seconds x 2 because the light stream travel by quanta {waves}Einstein’s relative time.

2.The time of LASER beam from Earth to the Moon and back Moon to Earth take only about 1⅓  seconds {+} to traverse that distance because electric energetic path, trajectory, from earth to moon is absolute {Newton’s time}.


Faster-than-light-prediction  2.


    Please try by seismograph read solar events {eruptions etc.} and with telescope after 8.3. minutes see what happen on sun.

Sun and earths are one rigid quantum formation and every strong event on the sun immediately sentient on earth {Newton’s absolute time, “velocity”-signal} but light stream {photons, quanta} arrive only after 8.3 minutes {Einstein’s relative time, velocity}.



Faster-than-light-prediction  3


Inflation was proposed in January, 1980 by Alan Guth and was given its modern form independently by Andrei Linde, and by Andreas Albrecht and Paul Steinhardt.              

Wave Theory{United Nature Theory} explain this  phenomenon by quantity{amount, force}of energetic matter that was ejected as rigid path from the big bang source. The stream of energetic matter, was ejected in a rigid manner that resembles the string of a violin or like LASER stream  (absolute Newton’s time} by electric pushing force that in an instant achieve every distance that depend only from the quantity of energetic source.

From distance of gravity path, remnants of the first wave { quantum} formations , we can calculate the big bang force {energetic source}. The electric energetic path which creates wave {quantum} formation disperses but gravitational semi loops persist a long time.  



Faster-than-light- prediction 4.


The circulation of energetic matter by electric paths in rigid quantum {that is like network formation} is faster than photons-waves {quanta} velocity        { Einstein’s relative time }.

Source for research may be atoms, solar systems, galaxies and universe that are rigid formations the signal appears simultaneously in every corner of quantum formation.


Faster-than-light-prediction 5


Aurora is rigid quantum formation and good source for research.

We clearly see the stream of energetic matter, was ejected in a rigid manner that resembles the string of a violin or like LASER stream - (absolute Newton’s time} by electric pushing force that in an instant achieve every distance that depend only from the quantity of earth energetic source and perpendicular we see gravitational waves {like courtin waving  path - Einstein’s relative time-velocity}



Faster-than-light-prediction  6


From earth-moon quantum formation tide and low tide of sea water we can learn the sophisticated behavior of quantum formation.

This Earth-moon quantum formation is untapped source of quantum research.



LASER beam-electric-pushing-antigravity strong force that is faster-than-light is untapped source for scientific research.


Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry, April 2008  

The theory of Nature {of everything}.