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Why are Planets round, revolve                

and circulate around the sun ?

My grandchild asked why are Planets round?  I did not know the answer.  Could you help out?  I sent your link to Coast to Coast, a talk AM radio show that dwells into subjects like your grand unified theory.  Hopefully they will call and do a show about you and your work.  Thank you,  D. K.

Dear Mr. D. K.

Only a genius grandchild asks questions that are obvious and “clear” to everyone and they look for a comprehensive answer. This leads to ingenious discoveries.

This question surprised me as well and I didn’t think about it. For me it was obvious that it must be that way.    

I am now working on your interesting and important question. United Nature Theory explains it nicely. In the next coming days, I will complete my work and send you an answer [as article] because only nature can give an ingenious answer to Her ingenious question.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. C.H. Tejman. United Nature Theory-Wave theory.    

Why are Planets Round?  Similarly, why do planets revolve and circulate on a stabile path millions of years around the sun, when  Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is well known and we see the wildest behavior of energetic matter that can’t create exact matrix formations. It’s well known “Feynman’s electrons remember path”.      

Until today it was accept that:   

Gravity pulls uniformly in all spatial directions (all else being equal). The more matter a forming planet attracts, the stronger the gravitational pull towards its center becomes. A sphere is the natural outcome of such a situation; deviations from roundness must muster the non-gravitational forces to withstand the force of gravity pulling downward. . So planets aren't perfectly round, after all. Their "roundness" depends on mass, size and rotation speed.

The Earth is not a sphere (although it is close). This is because the Earth rotates around an axis that goes through the north and south poles. Think of a merry-go-round and the force you feel when you are near the outer edge of the merry-go-round. You tend to get thrown off the merry-go-round. In the same way, the part of the Earth that is at the equator and that is farthest from its center axis feels a greater outward pull than parts that are closer to the poles. This force counteracts gravity, and since this counteracting force (centrifugal force) is greater at the equator than at the poles, the Earth is not a perfect sphere. Can you figure out whether the centrifugal force would make the Earth more like a bagel or more like a hotdog?

All those ideas are right. However, creations of nature are so sophisticated that it is unbelievable that mankind in the short term can solve everything.  UNT is an additional step for understanding the most beautiful and ingenious creation of the universe.

  It is right that planets are very close to being round. To understand this phenomenon I must start from the beginning of the creation of the universe.

United Nature Theory it’s main purpose is to connect all that we see in nature with all the scientific data that are available to us.


United Nature is not a theory, but describes the nature reality sequence of Lamarck’s and Darwin’s works united with all that with 21 century experience based on different scientific papers from all disciplines and NASA space laboratory.  


 "Logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world;
all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.”

                                                                                               A. Einstein, 1933

This is possible because of technological advances that brings us closer to understand nature. Among the fantastic discoveries done by NASA that surpasses our imagination. Even Jules Gabriel Verne did not dream of it. The creations of nature are so ingenious and sophisticated that it is beyond our imagination. We can only understand it by close observation and understanding its behavior.

In order to understand why planets are round. Circulate and revolve. I try to explain this by UNT that any high school student can understand, because this wonderful universal creation belongs to everyone not only to scientist.

The origin of everything is a mysterious “HYPERSPACE”. Einstein gave a name to active Hyperspace substance “space fabrics”.

The closest to Einstein’s  “space fabrics” was Casimir that saw that between very close plates that were in vacuum space, sparks appeared. He called that energy from nothing.


This space force ''from nothing' is known as Casmir’s force: Electric force that appears between very close metals. This experiment clearly shows that 'space force' really exist round us.

'Space force' Casimir force is composed by:

Three sophisticated constant active media - time, space and energy that are waved together.  Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together. .

These three media - time, space and energy create sophisticated wave-quantum-formation which has beginning and end creates- everything 

The three constant active media, time, space,and energy create condensed energetic/ space/ time formations mainly by Einstein’s space/ time curvatures.  Condensed energetic space I call ENERGETIC MATTER.


Energetic matter {C. Tejman}}≈ “Condensed energetic, space, time”

 created by space fabrics, Casimir forces, Van der Waals forces, dark matter. Which by space time curvatures and revolve-rotation motion, {space time geometry-Einstein}  created two semi {two unclosed semi loops {720˚}=six quarks, wave formation {Tejman} quantum {Planck}, wave- particle {Einstein, de Broglie}


 Space by Casimir force, space fabrics by revolving and rotation motion create known Einstein’s space, time curvature.


 This virtual energetic space time curvature, by their one directional swirling motion, increasingly concentrate energetic space and that creates different space condensate formations like nebula and others. The most discussed formation is the “Black Hole" that is known as a strong force which creates galaxy -wave formation (quantum)

United Nature Theory start with Einstein time space curvature by very condensed space time formation “ Black Hole”.


Black hole in his most condensate point called “Singularity" expelled this condensed energetic matter in packages like in Planck’s famous experiment – Black body


The first that arrived at the conclusion that matter appears in defined separate formation was Max Plank. In his experiment that he saw that photons that go out of black body appear in defined equal formations. He called them Quanta. The Quantum can be different sizes – depending on the heating (energy) the black body

 The black body expel small photons with the same size and energy. Because they are identical formations and resemble exactly the same behavior He called to every “segment formation-“quantum” [The word comes from the Latin "quantus," for "how much."]

  Like quanta from black body are created the galaxies from black holes.

.Max Plank did not recognize proportional his discovery. The first to recognize it importance was Albert Einstein. He understood that this Quantum was “wholeness” in relation to all stabile creation small or large    (He was right). Because the Quantum that M. Planck discovered was only in photons and small particles, that evolved a branch in Physics that called itself Quantum Mechanics. Einstein did not agree with them and fought them all his life. He didn’t have the tools to prove that he was right despite that He in time space geometry equation describes [exactly like quantum] that has two different [perpendicular] space behaviors.

 Only UNT by observation of nature came to the conclusion that quantum is composed by two perpendicular spaces exactly as with Einstein’s space time geometry but because there was no evidence from nature so                A. Einstein couldn’t prove he was right.

How do I come to the conclusion that quantum is composed by two formations?   I always ask myself similarly as you do – why did God create everything in pairs- like Adam end Eve? It’s not more simple create single formations ?Is HE looking for trouble? A. Einstein’s aphorism is always deep in my mind:     God does not play dice . . .and I start search for an explanation, and then by introducing two semi loops to quantum, (wave formation) I start to understand all the secrets of Nature. The  creations of nature are ingenious. Its simplicity is even more ingenious.

The primary known energetic space/ time force [Casimir force from nothing] is electric spark. [motion of condensed energetic matter].                                                                                         The pictures from NASA: motions of energetic matter-paths [simple, large condensed swirling sparks].


Explanation by United Nature Theory: quantum formation.

Swirling motion

In perpendicular form


Create two perpendicular loops


Energetic direct.



It’s hard to believe the simplicity of the quantum creation [two perpendicular forces, two semi perpendicular loops 720 that create + and 0, plus, electric disperse and zero- gravity, condensed force]. They are in constant competition and complement each other [they are not opposite forces]. And they are always in all phase transitions and in superposition [Schrödinger’s ingenious idea].      

The most classic example of quantum formation from nature are Stefan's Quintet and galaxy M-51.[more beautiful pictures can’t be]

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum]


NASA M-51 The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl, left- together quantum gravitational wave formation



quantum formation


by energe-

tic paths They are not



In closed quantum formation energetic matter circulates between the two semi loops until disperse to space [by phase transitions].

Circulation of energetic matter between two semi loops

Under ideal conditions, such as in the photon, the two semi loops are equal insofar as the properties of their energetic matter are concerned, that is the reason  that the life span of a photon is very long.

Having found that Quantum is so “simple” and  is the basic formation for everything -  I formed an equation of everything.

Left, magnetic semi-loop is more- gravity.   Right, electric semi-loop is more- energetic            



Left. particle behavior.      Both, together, are wave-particle   Right, electric behavior






Quantum [M. Planck] = Wave formation [C. Tejman].

For a few  years I was proud of having created an equation for everything. “Simple “quantum equation.                                                                                               

 After many years I understand that all ingenious equations of all ingenious scientists describe the same ingenious, sophisticated quantum. Why does that happen?                                                        The answer is simple: quantum has endless formations and behavior.                                      

Only the United Nature Theory explains the natural quantum formation behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations.




Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

       The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh


 Explanation of the “simple” quantum formation and its behavior.

[example: in atoms quantum].



.Quantum the like most “simple” formation but that is the most sophisticated creation.

It is worth reiterating the fact that energetic matter is a living and mercurial creation. Therefore, one requires a considerable amount of common sense to categorize energetic formations in their proper group.

 The most intriguing question, what is the divine basic substance “constant active energetic space” the basic electric strong force for every creation?

Maybe your grandchild has the answer. 

That is hard to believe that even when we rest, every part of our body is in constant activity by this endless active sophisticated force. The same occurs to our planet where gravity force pushes all the time the energetic matter to go inside the planet.

Here appears a paradox:

 Our planet disperses its quantum ”energetic semi loop”   and gravity semi loop is more and more condensed. As a result gravity of our planet rises.  Finally we lose energetic capacity of our planet that causes our planer to be more and more round. To understand more I continue my explanation.      

To be more familiar to quantum formation I give description of other gravitational wave [solar prominence].

  1. An energetic swirl (the foundation of the wave) resembles the black spots on the sun, [ like Kerr swirl in galaxy and proton in atom] which are so energetic that they swallow light.

2.      The stream of the energetic path [by swirling motion] departs from an energetic source in a rigid manner [electric path] that resembles the string of a violin. On the end the path bends to left and create second swirl [gravity, Schwarzschild in galaxies, solar system planets,. in atoms, neutrons] which push energetic matter inside the swirl [gravity force] and the excess of energy depart as electron path. [in atoms]. We see that the quantum in every phase transition, the structure and behavior is different. We see that every quantum and every part of quantum is in constant motion and dispersed energy of quantum are also in constant motion. Because the basic substance of everything is energetic matter. space fabrics [A. Einstein], force” from nothing” Casimir.  This mystery for us “FORCE-”SPACE have not beginning and not end. The “FORCE-”SPACE is endless and create everything,        

  1. The part of the wave along the way ? (on the right), consists of perpendicular semi-circles, which do not close on the left-hand side of the wave (they remain open), and return like a broom to the energetic source. The wave pushes and pulls everything in its way (like a broom sweeping leaves that have been scattered about by the wind) back down to the energetic swirl (source). The gravitational force acts perpendicular to the energetic path.

These gravitational waves contain different wave lengths inside, and each wave reacts to similar wave lengths. This picture shows that condensed gravitational wave are limited but lack clear borders.

Based on the information stated above, I have drawn up the following equation.

Gravity =

Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space


Accordingly, the more condensed the matter is in a particular amount of space, the greater the force of gravity; in other words, the more energy in a given area, the stronger the force of gravitation.



Now I start to explain solar system and planets.                                                         Solar system also for be stabile must be quantum formation.                                          Solar system is phase transition between galaxy and atom behaviour.

 The primary created galaxies has of a large energetic space and is translucent.

That indicate that electric and gravity semi loop are both very energetic,

.The galaxies are the first stabile quanta formations.





New created galaxies have large electric space prolonged time and low gravity.[dispersed energetic matter]  In elderly galaxies the space is condensed time shorter and gravity arise.                                                                                                                           

Pict. Young galaxies are with large electric semi loop [phase transition].

Go to fullsize image 


Go to fullsize imageHST_Colliding_G.


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antennae galaxies

Go to fullsize imagescifi_Galaxies.j



The wildest behavior of energetic matter can’t create matrix formations [Heisenberg uncertainty principle] so every galaxy has its own specific behavior.

The Sombrero Galaxy, an example of an unbarred spiral galaxy.  Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.The Sombrero Galaxy,

Go to fullsize imagekissing-galaxies


Photograph of the "Great Andromeda Nebula" from 1899, later identified as the Andromeda Galaxy "Great Andromeda "



Go to fullsize imagecolliding_galax.. 


  Every galaxy composed by two swirls [electric-Kerr and gravity-Schwarzschild swirl]


m82, Ursa Major. SCf/6.3, CCD SBIG ST-

I Zwicky 18 (lower left) resembles a newly-formed galaxy.. Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.

:Hubble Space 

Telescope/ .

NGC 1300, an example of a barred spiral galaxy.  Credit:Hubble Space Telescope/NASA/ESA.NGC 1300 Hubble


Go to fullsize imagespiral galaxiesnasa TopTechWriter...

Elderly galaxies are like photons phase transition. Electric semi loop balance [equilibrium] with gravity{magnetic}semi loop.

Go to fullsize image lliding_galaxie


NGC 4414, a typical spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, is about 17,000 parsecs in diameter and approximately 20 million parsecs distant. Credit:Hubble Space TelescopeNASA/ESA.NGC 4414, constellation

Credit: NASA/ESA



Go to fullsize imageup galaxies showBy

like solar and neon a. structure.

In old galaxies dominant gravity semi loop.]low phase transition].                       


Go to fullsize imagebinary_neutr


Go to fullsize imagepulsar_sim3m.j

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Go to fullsize image060405pu


Go to fullsize image_44069770_n

You can see that the oldest formations lose energetic space and became more and more rounded in shape.

The same occurs to our planet where gravity force pushes all the time the energetic matter to go inside the planet.


Galaxy: by disperse energetic space time and by phase transitions creates stars, planets and atoms…everything.

To understand phase transitions I give short explanation.

In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media changed

Enlarged extended space prolonged also the time.

The more enlarged extended space that cause to extended of time, by extension of space decreases the condensation of energetic matter [decreases the gravity].

Pict. Relation of the tree media.

  Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity         vice versa         enlarged spce prolonged time and decreased gravity               

     Low  phase transition                                                                         high phase transition.

Low phase{transition}  = quantum constant – high phase{transition}



Behavior of these tree media in quantum formation [are always proportional constant] These equations explain behavior of the three media in quantum formation by different phase transitions that is necessary for understand the universe and solar system behavior.

Phase Transition [Tejman’s equations].

The ideal structure of energetic matter is the wave formation, quantum which is comprised of an energetic and magnetic two semi unclosed loops {720˚}six quarks, space time geometry [Einstein], wave formation {Tejman} quantum {Planck} and wave particle{Einstein,de Broglie}.Under ideal conditions [balance], such as the photon, the two loops are equal insofar as the properties of their energetic matter are concerned.

The structure of the wave formation is amenable to the creation of various life forms. Any change in the proportion of energetic matter in the loops leads to a new phase transition in which one of the loops has more energetic or gravity  properties. These changes to the equilibrium between the energetic and magnetic loop result in different behaviors and endless phase [transitions]..

To follow are mathematical equations for the balance between the energetic and magnetic loop of a wave formation in various phase transitions:

High Phase Transition:     Space time enlarged {energetic semi loop Energy dispersed [diminished] so gravity almost disappears {nearly 0} as that occurs in Hyper universe.

Energetic Loop(x)= E{x}


The equilibrium of Magnetic Loop


Energetic Loop(x) oscillating

Magn.-grav. Loop    M        

and Energetic Loop(x)must be obey

Magn.-grav. Loop x frequency

In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic-gravity loop (matter) almost disappears {nearly 0}.

Energetic Loop(x)    E{x}oscillating frequency

In high phase transition the space time may be endless but gravity nearly 0.

   Magn.grav. Loop    M        

The gravity appears only by condensation of energetic space time by Einstein’s space-time-curvatures that creates gravitational wave. A. Einstein {quantum M. Planck} two semi loops[3x2 quarks] wave formation [Tejman].                                                              

 2. The Duality Phase: {light-photon}

Energetic   Loop


Magn.grav.  Loop


 E{space time}

Magn.grav. Loop

Energetic Loop

 M {magnetic, gravity}

Proton=2 up quarks+1down   

Neutron=2down quarks +1oop


The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop equals [equilibrium] the energetic loop, which equals 1=1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan.

3. Low Phase Transition-High Magnetic, gravity semi loop.

Magnetic-gravity Loop(x)


Energetic Loop


energetic space time


Energetic space time Loop

Mag.grav. Loop(x)



In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy like neutrino and neutron stars. In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion  

In different phase transitions the gravity of quantum formation change, so Tejman’s equation of gravity fitting this problem.



  M energetic matter-gravity semi loop    or   energetic space time  

  E  energetic space time – electric semi loop  Oscillation-frequency 

Gravity arise in particular space with elevation of condensation energetic matter.

Magnetic-gravity Loop(x)       M [mass].

Energetic space time Loop        E   [energy].

 Newton and Einstein’s equations on gravity are well known. To follow is an additional approach[by United Nature Theory-Tejman]to the behavior of gravity in different phases. If energetic matter is highly concentrated in a limited swirl area, gravity is correspondingly high and vice versa. We can think of gravity as concentrated energetic matter in a particular space: the more concentrated the matter by swirl formation, the higher the level of gravity. Also contribute to the force of gravity. The relative proportion of the energetic loop in a particular formation determines if the structure is in a wave or particle phase transition. As posited in my equation of gravitation, the two vortexes of a wave are endowed with antagonistic properties, and in constant competition but are nevertheless aligned as one wave formation in which the forces of gravitation and anti-gravitation are in a state of perpetual superposition [Schrödinger’s ingenious idea]. Example: The gravity of earth is greater than sun because gravitational semi loop is proportional greater [more condensed] than the sun’s where electric semi loop is proportional greater. I repeat the basic ideas because they help understand everything.


I prefer explain everything by pictures as NATURE show/

Solar system: Phase transition of energetic matter from galaxy to atom.

The Solar system obeys all quantum rules


 Go to fullsize image

m31 the andromeda galaxy

Go to fullsize imageSolar_System_5.gif597 x  10 electric [nucleus] swirls

Neon atom semi-closed quantum formation-10 electric [nucleus] swirls.


. Every plane has inside the sun its own electric-Kerr swirl, like as neutron in ayoms quantum.



Solar corona may be first “pro-planet” of solar system similar to Asteroid belt or Saturn rings not “condensed planets”.

Every planet [quantum] behave similar as the like corresponding atom.

Every planet has its own electric swirl [Kerr] inside the sun. Atom quanta are similar in structure.

From side view, we clearly see, that the solar system behave ike two swirls.


Solar system two swirls.

Electric and gravity.

Every quantum formation composed by two swirls [720’] electric and gravity.

Go to fullsize imageGalaxy: huge energetic space time quantum

Solar system- condensed quantum

Atom quantum very condensed.

Galaxy: by disperse energetic space time and by phase transitions creates stars, planets and atoms…everything.

They are different ways of solar system and planets formation and bellow is a sketch of one of my ideas of solar system and planets formation,




Planets are quanta inside the huge solar quantum creation.


In early 2002, star from constellation (mok-no-ser-05) , v838 monoceratis ,grew very bright and then faded away with very interesting appearance in its envelope.

This solar system creation was accompanied by a large explosion and the appearance of surrounding shell which by time developed into solar system.









Planets revolve and circulate around sun on its path according to all quantum rules, with its own energetic matter that was still from space fabrics,


Our planet disperses its quantum ”energetic semi loop”   and gravity semi loop is more and more condensed. As a result gravity of our planet rises.  Finally we lose energetic capacity of our planet that causes our planer to be more and more round. To understand more.                                                                                                                                                           Planets are gravitational semi loop and gravity force pushes all the time the energetic matter to go inside the planet. Planets are not completely round they still has “small part of electric semi loop”, so in equator [earth's axis of rotation] is greater than equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole. Planets revolve and circulate around the sun.

How that happen?.

 Energy is transfer from hyperspace to all stabile creations and mainly to the quanta formations and return to space by disperse of energetic matter by phase transitions of quantum formation. The known for us energy [activity] appears always together with space and time. Energy can be transferred from one location to another, as in the sun's energy travels through space to Earth. The ways that energy can be transferred are by doing work (Work =  Force x Distance), heat and wave formations [quanta]. Energy can be transferred from one object to another it results in a change in the object's motion (more specifically, a change in the object's kinetic energy). Additional energy to quantum is immediately expelled as atom expel. example, atom, by jumping of electrons in orbits.

 Energy, in wave formation [quantum] is loosed mainly by energetic semi loop of wave formation and then the gravity semi loop dominated and its spine is greater and became more and more round shape. .

Condensed energetic space time create galaxy [quantum], that disperse energetic matter by stars formation. Star disperses energy by planets formation. Planets energy creates atoms. The main factors why planet round. 1.By dispersion  of energetic semi loop. 2. Planet round with it own energy. 3. The active energetic matter constant revolves the planet formation. 4. Planet round because gravity force push [move] equal energetic matter to inside gravity semi loop.

Planets circulate around sun by solar, quantum, energetic path

Summary : .The main factors why planet round. 1.By dispersion  of energetic semi loop. 2. Planet round with it own energy. 3. The active energetic matter constant revolves the planet formation. 4. Planet round because gravity force push [move] equal energetic matter to inside gravity semi loop.


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited  the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry.  December 2008

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