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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Unification of all forces- by electromagnetic duality force which is continuation of space [vortex] time curvatures [A. Einstein] with similar behavior.

Everything is created by regional condensed space time swirl and by its electromagnetic fundamental [strong] force which by peculiar, vortex [by strings-energetic path]  swirling motion create closed quantum formation with FOUR fundamental forces.

Electromagnetic force create electric and by spin changing gravity and also electromagnetic force create atom with strong-electric and by spin changing, weak force..  

Electromagnetic is a unique force, unite, divide, curling and direct, create endless zoo formations.        By splitting electromagnetic [quantum] force, every subatomic particle is specific to its location in quantum formation. Only nature can create so sophisticated, ingenious creation.                                                                              That is the most ingenious, sophisticated, paradox of Nature [more amazing can’t be].

Unified of all forces appears only  

by Quantum 3 D –M-  bubble, Planck, curled formation of regional space time swirl .  

Quantum-Gravitational wave 3 D strings, space time geometry- bubble-  [for all quanta formations]—Einstein. .

 Quantum: Composed by 3 D bubble [for all  quanta formations]- stringsenergetic paths, which by swirling rotation and revolving motion create strings wave, formation, of electro-magnetic and gravity semi loops720 – two perpendicular spins forces two semi loops of gravitational wave.[C.Tejman].

Continue motion of energetic matter [energetic packages] in closed strings [quantum-space time geometry-Einstein] formation may appear only by spin changing [72o ] - metabolism of quantum energetic matter] . 



We see only two swirling [strings-energetic path] main perpendicular forces.

These two main forces in one [”electro magnetic-gravity”] by quantum formation create everything. That is simple but still sophisticated for us.

Strong force-electromagnetic [upright] and weak force, gravity magnetic [perpendicular] all that is created by space regional swirl [vortex] basic creation of everything.


United Nature Theory by introduction regional condensed space curled swirl [vortex] as basic creation of quantum formation and everything, complete string and general relative theory by the 11 curled dimension to

Theory of everything [Kaluza, Klein, Planck, Einstein, Tejman].

    Unified of all forces appears also by Quantum [mechanics] and by Strings Quantum Time.

 TIME: appears together with electromagnetic strings quantum creation [the 4th dimension of quantum], from regional swirl and with all forces obey all rules of quantum formation. There is not chaos. Everything [like in army] obeys the hierarchy order by strings-energetic path from basic main energetic swirl by its main electromagnetic force. Time vanish together with quantum disintegration [dispersion] and by evolution by quanta genes continue to new future quanta with all formations of inquired times.

Equation of everything: Equilibrium of all energetic forces-times in quantum formationin in different phase transitions.


Only nature ALONE, explains the simple way of its sophisticated creations and behavior. That is still beyond our imagination.

Chaim, Henry Tejman. Jerusalem.

 United Nature Theory-Wave Theory.




The mysterious hyperspace by turbulent [quantum mechanics]condensation of space [fabrics] creates regional swirl [vortex] that by peculiar swirling condensation motion expel electric strong force-electromagnetic path-[string] - that by peculiar swirling motion create second fundamental perpendicular force-magnetic, gravity 0 [weak force\  that together by strings-[energetic path] create condensed closed space-quantum formation [circular vicious]-which create all forces and everything in this closed regional vortex formation.

Below pictures clearly shows that regional condensation of energetic matter [by clouds] create swirling energetic path-string {glitter}-electro magnetic force which is attracted by magnetic-gravity [o] perpendicular earth

Pict. Thunder, condensed regional energetic space, expel glitter, strong force, [electromagnetic force] that by its energetic swirling path -[string] motion create segments-strings [every segment composed by two perpendicular forces that are open quanta] which by peculiar motion by energetic strings, paths, splits and disperse to smaller string-paths. These two behavior-forces: in one, strong electric [electromagnetic] pushing, dispersing force+ communicate quite easily with all types of energetic formations. In contrast, the second perpendicular magnetic semi loop [magnetic gravity] – 0 - of condensed behavior which maintains the structural integrity of the wave-quantum [composed by string-energetic path segments forces] holding on the energy within the formation [by gravity part of electromagnetic force] and has difficulties to interacting with other formations.

The infinite Universe is creating by these regional endless swirling bubbles [quanta-M. Planck, gravitational wave  A. Einstein] that are created and ruled by strong electromagnetic force which is always [constant-perpetual] active.


Pictures taken from hurricane [NASA]

Explanation of these pictures by U. N. T. the motion of two forces by two semi loops [electro-magnetic]


These sophisticated two semi loops [electro-magnetic] of [quantum] create everything.

The electromagnetic force[two in one]create everything !


The life seem be created “simple” by these “two semi loops” electro-magnetic. But that is the most sophisticated creation of NATURE


Dispersion of energetic strings-path [open quanta] to endless smallest strings path to space or other formations   [second  law of thermodynamics [Tejman]. 

 The same law obey our universe. Expanding universe by shrinking and distention [breathing] by two  main forces, From beginning  the energetic matter{space fabrics}  tries to escape from quantum formation and disperse slowly to space by phase transition{Third  law of thermodynamics Tejman}.

By living cycles the universe passes from one semi loop to the second [evolution] from “+” to “-“ and vice versa. Since the semi loops are intertwined, new universes will always contain fragments of previous universes. In every part of one semi loop there has to be a part of the second semi loop, exactly like Schrödinger’s cat (alive and doesn’t alive).


1In physics, by “standard model” the electromagnetic force is the force that the electromagnetic field exerts on electrically charged particles. It is the electromagnetic force that holds electrons and protons together in atoms, and which hold atoms together to make molecules.

U.N.T. [united nature theory]  YES, but all is created by vortex closed formation of two semi loops closed quantum creation.  

2The “standard model” electromagnetic force operates via the exchange of messenger particles called photons and virtual photons. The exchange of messenger particles between bodies acts to create the perceptual force whereby instead of just pushing or pulling particles apart, the exchange changes the character of the particles that swap them.

 U.N.T.  YES, by dispersion of electromagnetic force to inside quantum formations  by energetic strings-path or outside by its peculiar motion ] create endless smallest strings path to space or to other formations continue by this swirling electromagnetic force .

 3 “Standard model” Electric charges attract or repel one another with a force inversely prsoportional to the square of the distance between them: unlike charges attract, like ones repel.

3aMagnetic poles (or states of polarization at individual points) attract or repel one another in a similar way and always come in pairs: every north pole is yoked to a south pole.

3bAn electric current in a wire creates a circular magnetic field around the wire, its direction depending on that of the current.

3bA current is induced in a loop of wire when it is moved towards or away from a magnetic field, or a magnet is moved towards or away from it, the direction of current depending on that of the movement.

U.N.T.  YES, Gravity forces are  electromagnetic forces and act as. pulling and pushing. We have only one force- electromagnetic, The energetic matter (condensed space, time, energy) which, by its geometric paths way, creates electric and magnetic forces that are the same as the electric fields (see also theTejman’s atom structure article)but depend from electromagnetic forces.string part.



Opposite the direction of the current, mutual repellent is active and when the currents are in the same direction the wires attract each other. This phenomenon is explained mainly by the magnetic geometric perpendicular semi loop position.

Quantum closed gravitational wave formation is created by two semi loops. The same energetic paths carry different electric charges (space trajectories geometry) so the flow of electric force alone creates energetic parts by changing its geometrical space formation that then creates energetic and magnetic formation (electric and magnetic force). The energetic matter which flow in electric semi-loop (high energetic photon) is marked as ‘+’ and the second part of this same quantum gravitational wave of those energetic-magnetic paths is marked as “–“ or ”‘0”.


The wave theory explains by pictures from space telescope, in essence, how nature is developing exactly as Einstein’s gravitational waves (field trajectories) ideas.


It is hard to believe that Einstein thought about this idea (general relativity theory) before 100 years, this idea is so sophisticated that only nature can create or explain


Wave theory demonstrates that gravitational field trajectories (electric fields) are created by the same energetic matter (forces), that is to say, by changing space time trajectories, by Riemannian geometry, Ri

chie curvatures and Gauss curvatures that creates

Newton's and Coulomb's laws are similar, because are created 

by the same electromagnetic force by changing only space time trajectories meaning that electric and gravity are the same electromagnetic force in different parts of quqntum formation.


United nature theory by observations of nature and with other all scientific works try explain the nature behavior  that everyone can  understand 

Discussion and explanation of the main electromagnetic force by United nature theory.                                                               

1Regional swirl

2,3,4Swirling,rotatation,revolving forward motion with swirling formations inside                           quantum gravity swirl [wave] unified all forces





The very condensed swirling space [fabrics] pushed force and created swirl that pull everything in vicinity to inside its formation even light-photons  [that is the reason of name black hole]

   The black hole by continue swirling motion, by space curvatures revolving and rotation motion pull [suck], and continue push, [gravity by two forces]everything to inside of the swirl. The pushing-pulling is so strong force [in centre] that nothing can escape.



Vortex swirling motion electromagnetic force.



 Continue swirling motion space time curvatures [A.Einstein] electromagnetic force that strengthening the “space” to most condensation, that in maximum condensed segment-singularity-expelled swirling electric path [strong force-electromagnetic] which by continue swirling forward motion create second swirl. The second swirl, Schwarzschild [white hole], which creates string-path like space time curvatures that scattered to gravitons. Scattered gravitons are swallowed back to space swirl [black hole] and create again circle vicious –quantum formation.  


Accepted idea today is that:   Aurora is a luminous glow of the upper atmosphere which is caused by energetic particles that enter the atmosphere from above.

Magnetic field or lines of flux of a moving charged particle

  Closed earth regional swirl.1

2 the earth is the energetic swirl.

Earth NASA      unified of all forces by gravity

Kerr  NASA          unified of all forces by gravity  quantum4

Kerr swirl.

Explanation by UNT:  1] Earth regional swirl [red] expel swirling energetic path-string, electromagnetic force, that create second swirl Schwarzschild [white hole]. 2] Schwarzschild swirl [blue], create energetic space time curvatures. [A. Einstein], that scattered by gravitons [dispersed, scattered like fog, clouds]  Gravitons, like curtain [a fog,pict2of falling gravitons] are swallowed, pull, back by space swirl [earth black hole] and also is pushed to swirl by swirling space around black hole. The circulation of space fabrics in gravity wave [circle vicious], create quantum formation.  The network of all directional energetic string space-path in quantum formation creates endless [zoo] forces. The every segment of string-network[ energetic paths] in gravitational wave create specific gravity force.  .

View Image

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unified of all forces by quantum gravity2

Arnar Valdima...  


Arnar Valdima...

www.caerolus unified of all forces by quantum

This work is only beginning to understand of gravity wave and all forces created by regional swirl quantum [her by earth vortex] which ejects electromagnetic strong forces that create everything.  


NASA unified of all forces by quantum

unified of all forces by quantum gravity 2

unified of all forces by quantum gravity 3

unified of all forces by quantum gravity4

If we study careful aurora picture we begain understand the behavior of  electromagnetic forces and its quantum creation.  f1, 2, 3 Strong, electric, pushing force, expelled from earth swirl[vortex] create perpendicular “weak force” – space time curvatures that return to main swirl by scattered gravitons, like fog, These scattered swirling gravitons that are of  different sizes cause to dispersed solar radiation to different directions. The dispersed solar rays by different waves-colors give the beautifully auras spectacle. Auroras are the beautiful example of gravity wave force-electromagnetic/ and explained the unification of  all forces by quantum gravity. Only nature can explain that creation and


Unified of all forces appears by main electromagnetic basic strong force-vortex [by quantum formation].


 For understand the behavior of electromagnetic basic strong force which create quantum formation I try explain quantum creation by nature observations together with of all scientific works

Quantum formation is the most ingenious sophisticated Nature paradox and that is beyond human imagination. All ingenious equation only help to understand this ingenious paradox.


See some examples of stabile independent quanta [vortex] creations by strong electromagnetic force that are in stabile galaxies phase transition.

Stefan's Quintet. 7317-

Click for larger imagemerging galaxy[quantum


View Image  NASA M-51 The magnetic gravity swirl, to the left, and the electromagnetic swirl, right  together connected by large strings-energetic path [space time curvatures] that create 720 two semiloops quantum- gravitational wave formation 



quantum formation composed by two semiloops


by strings energetic


They are not




These pictures explain quantum formation  by energetic path-strings by this vortex swirling force ELECTROMAGNETC.

United nature theory explain the behavior of nature by pictures from different source and string theories by mathematical approach help to understand deeper the nature behavior and vice versa. Everything is created by string -energetic path ELECTROMAGNETC vortex forces.


Two semi loops of perpendicular forces electromagnetic and gravity.

These forces appears by 3 D segments strings path motion.

Quantum formation by swirling, continue strings, motion that create two main forces in define space time.

Hank-wave of perpendicular waving strings energetic path

On basis” independent 51 galaxies and other, I try, explain electromagnetic force [vortex] quantum strings formation However the shape and behavior of quantum electromagnetic force changed, by different phase transitions of the main vortex swirling electromagnetic force, but quantum must, always, obey the basic rules   [A. Einstein].

 Unified Nature Theory by quantum two semi loops   [3 D time-720] by connected strings [energetic-electric [electromagnetic path forces] and by they motion to all direction comprise  all fields, spaces, dimension and unified all forces, times.

 UNT like, Lamark. Darwin, Mendel, by nature observations, try connect all known natural scientific and laboratory works  with all ingenious theories.

Quantum [M. Planck] = Wave formation [C. Tejman] classical perpendicular structure  [quantum formation].of all dimensions-by electromagnetic forces/

 Explanation of basic behavior of all quanta formations from quantum galaxy to atom but in different phase transition their shape and behavior change and became other names. 

The energetic [Kerr swirl- [mixed all forces times] by condensed regional energetic space time swirl [vortex] by Electromagnetic swirling string electric paths [with all time forces genes] on its strings-energetic path motion disperse [outside vortex] energetic strings [prolonged future time forces that continue endless recycling [by evolution] quanta forces. On the end of its swirling string path, create second swirl [Schwarzschild-white hole] which also mixed all forces times and expelled as gravity swirling string perpendicular  [space time curvature forces ]. The magnetic- gravity strings paths are curled to inside of itself [forces and time shrunk are condensed]. In gravity paths the time and all forces [condensed-A. Einstein]. The main electromagnetic path disperse to inside quanta formations dispersed strings creating small different quanta forces times [they are hard to detect because they are semi closed unstable stringsi formations maybe they are the small connected quanta forces-bosons? that together with gravitons are [quantum bubble] fulfillment.

Quantum 3D which unified of all forces may be condensed as neutrino or large as universe .

Quantum and all forces are 3 D behavior. 


Every strings [segment- small string-open quantum] wearer all forces but their properties [symmetry, balance and spin] are changed by

phase transitions but energetic balance of the “two semi loops forces” in everysegment is always preserved.

Pict. below: Creation of vortex [quantum] formation, by peculiar motion of energetic, electromagnetic main force by string-paths.

 Only nature alone is able explains this, likesimple” sophisticated creation.


I try agai and again by different pictures explain the main creation vortex with the basic electromagnetic force.

  Regional swirl [vortex] by space time curvatures electromagnetic force that by peculiar swirling condensation motion create condensed energetic space that in most condensation point expel electric path-string vortex continue ellectromagnetic force which by swirling, revolving and rotation motion create two perpendicular forces-spins [quantum formation] like photon motion.               

egment   segment

Segment   Segment  


the thickness of string-energetic path in different quanta depending of energetic condensed space that creates open or closed 720 quantum formation.

Swirling motion

In perpendicular form


Create two perpendicular loops


Energetic direct.


Quantum formation.

Electric, energetic string, by its swirling and spinning motion by 3D time space curvatures create quantum, open duality formation Two main perpendicular spin forces.  


Wave formation:{quantum, closed] composed by electromagnetic[semi loop-spin1] strings Forces that pushes outward and inward, while the magnetic[gravity semi loop-blue] pushes the energetic matter inside (left semi loop]     spin  2, ­- condensed space time

By swirling space time curvatures [ A. Einstein]

Every piece of quantum formation is composed by this main  vortex swirling electromagnetic force, so by splitting quantum formation every piece create its part [subatomic]of quantum formation.

The swirling motion of energetic 3D strings-path time duality of electromagnetic force by segments in quanta formations create of endless segments [zoo] particles.

New quanta generations appears by strong electromagnetic force time evolution.

Electromagnetic force by its duality [as two main forces in one by is vortex quantum, create all organic and not organic formations

Explanation of quantum-vortex-creation by the one fundamental electromagnetic force which is also created by quantum formation [circulars vicious of space time  curvatures] that create e v e ry t h I n g.

Strong force [red] “photon” by swirling motion create perpendicular weak force [blue] “graviton” that means two behaviors [electromagnetism



It was James Clark Maxwell who, in 1865, unified, in his famous equation, the concepts of electricity and magnetism into one theory of electromagnetism, after visit of M Faraday and explanation of the most  important experiment .

. in this simple ingeniously equation James Clark Maxwell show that the force is mediated by the electromagnetic field [energetic space time U.N.T.]. The various derivatives of this field lead to the electric and to magnetic fields, respectively, but… Scientists though that the “theory is not totally symmetric in the electric and the magnetic fields though, since it only introduces direct sources to the electric field, the electric charges and they though that a fully symmetric theory would also introduce magnetic charges, (predicted to exist by modern quantum theory but with such huge magnitudes that free magnetic charges must be extremely rare in our universe). … this Maxwell equation of electromagnetism is still not understand by many scientists.   

U.N.T. by introducing  two semi loops to quantum-wave formation explain this unbelievable ingeniously equation of James Clark Maxwell that fitted exactly to high phase transition of quantum formation [two main forces electromagnetism. Where electric strong force,dominate.[superstring theory].

U N T  explains this ingeniously equation of James Clark Maxwell by introduction endless phase transitions to quantum formation, 

Maxwell equation.



Swirling motion of energetic matter [electro-magnetic forces] in open quanta.



Motion of electromagnetic field in high phase transition, where electric semi loop is more dominates.

Other quantum equation in different  phase transition where gravity-magnetism- particle clearly appears.

The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh



In low  phase transition, magnetic semi loop more dominate string theory..

Why does that happen?

 After many years I understand that all ingenious equations of all ingenious scientists describe the same ingenious, sophisticated quantum. The answer is simple: quantum has endless formations and unified of all forces and the United Nature Theory explains the natural quantum formation behavior as it really appears in nature and unites all these ingenious equations.

From these different equations we see that all forces and creations are included in quantum formation


Schrödinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

 The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh

This Tejman’s equation of everything explain the behavior of the two semi loops [her in in photon phase transition] with changing proportions in different phase transitions .

 In different phase transitions the proportion are other.


Phase Transition [explanation].

High Phase Transition:     Space time enlarged {energetic semi loop Energy dispersed [diminished] so gravity almost disappears {nearly 0} as that occurs in Hyper universe.[describe beautiful by superperstring theory]

In hyperspace, energetic matter (energy, space and time) propagates endlessly, while the magnetic-gravity loop (matter) almost disappears {nearly 0}


. The gravity appears only by condensation of energetic space time by Einstein’s space-time-curvatures that creates regional swirl of condensed gravitational strings wave [like hank] . A. Einstein {quantum M. Planck} two semi loops[3x2 quarks] wave formation [Tejman].

 2. The Duality Phase: {time light-photon}

The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic loop equals [equilibrium] the energetic loop, which equals 1=1. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest time lifespan.

  Left, gravity-magnetic behavior-- Both, together, are wave-particle---  Right, electric behavior

 3. Low Phase Transition-High Magnetic, gravity semi loop [time condensed].

In this phase, the magnetic loop is induced to compliment the energetic loop by accelerating the pace [oscillation] at which it spins. This helps maintain the equilibrium of the wave. Moreover, energy, space, and time are most condensed in this phase, as the magnetic properties (loop) gain the ascendancy like neutrino and neutron stars. In fact, this is exactly what transpires in a nuclear bomb, as extremely condensed units of energy, space and time are released by the explosion

In high electric phase transition electric semi loopIn low phase gravity semi loop

Accordingly, the more condensed the matter is in a particular amount of space, the greater the force of gravity; in other words, the more energy condensed in a given area, the stronger the force of gravitation by curled motion to inside of quantum formation.

Equation of gravity, by United Nature Theory


Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space


According to United Nature Theory.

Three sophisticated constant active media - time, space and energy that are waved together by strings-energetic paths[electromagnetic force].  Each has its own properties and behaviours; one cannot exist without the others.  Theoretically, each of them has no beginning and no end, and they are all one entity but are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together.

These three media - time, space and energy [by electromagnetic force].   create sophisticated wave-quantum-formation that creates- everything which has beginning and end.  

The three constant active media, time, space, and energy create condensed energetic/ space/ time formations mainly by Einstein’s space/ time curvatures.   Condensed energetic space time th


In different phase transitions the proportion of these three media changed

Enlarged extended space prolonged the time.

The more enlarged extended space [vortex-quantum]cause to extended of time, by extension of space decreases the condensation of energetic matter [decreases the gravity].

Pict. Relation of the tree mediain different phase transitons

Shrinking space shrink time and arise gravity  

Low  phase transition                                                      

vice versa   

enlarged space  prolonged time and decreased gravity 

high phase transition.              


The direction of electromagnetic force [energetic matter] in quantum formation is always from high phase transition to lower phase transition [from creation to dispersion]

Low phase{transition}  = quantum constant – high  phase{transition}

Electromagnetic [3 D space time] force [quantum]is always proportional to quantum space phase transition, [quantum constant]



Behavior of these tree media [electromagnetic force] in quantum formation are always proportional constant 



The direction of electromagnetic force [energetic matter and time] in quantum formation from its creation in organic and not organic formation is the same.  Time with all quantum formations move always from high phase transition to lower phase transition until disperse back to space.




Time is created with electromagnetic force and by evolution together with quantum continue to future quanta times.

Living mushroom champignon formations explain simple, by picture, the behavior of the “one=two” main forces, electromagnetic - gravity, that are in constant perpendicular motion internship between these formations [two perpendicular one electromagnetic force-superposition].  We clearly see energetic electric strings paths forces which connected perpendicular curling formations[gravity].

 That is one duality force.

View Image

View Image

Mushroom champignon, explain beautiful the nature behavior and  explain strings [energetic path] Theories and United Nature Theory[Wasve] theory,

 Other pictures that explain “string-energetic path” two perpendicular vortex swirling electromagnetic forces].  and explanation by United Nature [Wave] Theory



Phobos [Mars moon] soil, may be blasted by some impacts.

Pic. from DISCOVER JUNE 2009. CLEARLY SHOW TWO PERPENDICULAR FORCES [That not needs a lot of imagination. That is also picture of the century].

Two, main forces created by One Electro--magnetic force.

Cover of “Scientific American” February 2009. and

Explanation by united nature theory:. Motion of energetic matter from a black hole expelled from singularity by quanta [two behaviors “semi loops” open quanta]   1.magnetic –gravity, visible, condensed energetic space.   2. Electric –[invisible to our eyes] perpendicular string forces connected gravity visible paths. Similar to the M. Faraday experiment and Maxwell equation


Only nature explain the behavior of electromagnetic force and the complicated mathematically theories

Open quanta formations [beginning of quanta formations]. High energetic [ spin 1] formations [superstrings].  s

View Image

   galaxy crash frame jpg

trifidpillars hst


story0006 jpg

cone nebula


Open strings formations [beginning of galaxy creation].


emitted from the core of

String theory – galaxy phase like photon phase..



M 51



orion nebula jpg



Gravity, low phase transition closed quantum formation] by gravity part of e-m force.

Everything created by e-m strings energetic path force.




View Imagewho first?

   Open string , electromagnetic strong force , create everything and by quantum formation all forces.

20060116134751y1 jpg.. HABBEL telescope

This simple experiment show that electric force, space vortex,disperse again to space.



Classics experiment of discharge electricity [strong electromagnetic force]

. U.N.T. explain this simple ingenious experiment.

The strong electromagnetic force [vortex] created by condensed regional space swirl return to space.

Circular vicious of vortex [quantum].


Summary :


By swirling unidirectional motion of condensed time space curvatures [Einstein] appears ONE unidirectional pushing-pulling electromagnetic [vortex]strong force. This electromagnetic force, by swirling motion, create perpendicular unclosed two semi loops quantum [vortex] formation, ruled by perpendicular two main forces. Strong-electric force, which dispersed and condensed and weak forc-magnetic- gravity. Condensed, that by continue swirling, revolving and rotation motion creates together stabile defined quantum formation. Two behaviors electro and magnetic-gravity [electromagnetic force] in one defined quantum [Planck] formation. Two semi loops-force [Tejman ] that always appears together in superposition [Schrödinger’s idea] but are changed, depending of phase transition.   


This paper may be subject to copy, but please cited the source.

© Copyright:  Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. August. 2009

Theory of everything.