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Retrograde motion: explanation

According to United nature theory (Wave theory)




Tejman Chaim Henry

Jerusalem 2008



Motion of space time curvatures (A. Einstein’s theory) that create condensed energetic swirl which expel electric path that by swirling motion create wave (quantum M. Planck) formation (Tejman’s United nature theory).


condensed energetic swirl expel electric path that create second gravity swirl

My explanation

These NASA pictures are the basic evidence of nature (energetic matter) behavior.   They are clearly explain the motion of energetic matter by two different behaviors (paths) that by different swirling motion create continue quanta formations. Electric path (red) push-disperse energetic matter that create new small (quanta) waves formations and magnetic swirl (blue) collect this matter.


More beautiful explanation for “retrograde” motion than these pictures can not be.

For more explanation see



Energetic matter moving by space time curvatures and by dint of its swirling and spinning behaviors create open continue quanta formations and. exactly like known retrograde motion.

Wave formation: (quantum).The energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes outward, while the magnetic-gravity loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside.


  • Mars retrogrades for 72 days every 25.6 months.
  • Jupiter for 121 days every 13.1 months.
  • Saturn for 138 days every 12.4 months.
  • Uranus for 151 days every 12.15 months and
  • Neptune for 158 days every 12.07 months.

The period between such retrograde motions is the Synodic period of the planet.

Credit & Copyright: Tunc Tezel

These NASA picture in horizontal position:


NASA pictures taken from internet “Yahoo”.


Motion of energetic matter by electric and gravity behavior (pushing-pulling [gravity] forces).

This image shows the apparent pattern made by the planet Mars while in 'retrograde motion' during 2003.  The middle of the yellow line bends in a loop, giving the illusion that Mars' movement is erratic.

This image shows Mars' path across a black sky studded with pinpricks of white light that represent stars. A yellow line moves from the upper right frame of the image toward the lower left corner, connecting red dots labeled with dates that correspond with Mars' position on selected nights from June 2005 to March 2006. The middle of the yellow line bends backward like a paperclip and then bends forward again. In the middle of this middle section is a large white dot labeled 10/29, the date of Mars' closest approach in 2005. Around the yellow line, blue lines connect bright white dots that represent stars in labeled constellations, including Perseus, Triangulum, Aries, Pisces, Cetus, and Taurus. At the bottom of the image is the upper edge of a hilly, gray horizon.


These apparent patterns caused by retrograde motion do not occur each evening.  The patterns would appear if you charted Mars' position in our night sky over several months' time


More pictures:

Ptolemy's geocentric model

Different retrograde motions (swirls):


Pictures familiarly to every astronomer:



Retrograde swirl of celestial formations.

Every quantum formation small as large have the same like behavior                 (A. Einstein).

Pict. 22 ./photos/nature.html

Pic. 23 Kids/anatomy/anat09.htm

Pic 24

Swarzsschild swirl white hole gravity semi-loop.

Every stabile formation must have quantum behavior.


Different open quanta formations: _03jul04_crat...

www.woodmagic. tomy/anat09.htm worker/




The same behavior of energetic matter of two semi (loops) swirls:

Mot. in hurricane.

Mot. of electricity             

Motion in DNA

Motion in DNA


The motion of high energetic matter in hurricane (gravity swir) is classical example for everything, for every stabile quantum formation.

The same behavior of nature creations.

Continue electric path create different quantum (Schwarzschild) swirls


Every swirl (knot) gravity quantum formation (Schwarzschild swirl like white hole)

Strong force (red lines) transferee energy to weak force (blue swirl-knot-energy storage) and together establishes sophisticated quantum creation (open and unclosed quanta formations nobody guesses like this, is the quantum behavior and all nature.


Only nature can explain retrograde motion.



Swirling motion of space-time curvatures (A. Einstein) creates condensed formation (Quantum, M. Planck) that creates everything. This is the basic creation for everything.



         The first volume of the book, United Nature Theory: Wave Theory (Grand Unified Theory) is catalogued in the American Library of Congress as TX 5-572-750 SBN 978965-555-093-1 Author: Dr. Chaim Tejman And in Israel’s Hebrew National and University Library document number 0065261. Copyright © Mishlat, Scientific prints. Ltd. 2001. 

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The United Nature Theory -Tejman (I found in internet) that is including curriculum of some famous universities

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