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Grand Unified Theory
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Reflex: definition.



Explanation by United nature theory-Wave theory


Tejman Chaim Henry Dr.

Reflex: Instinct, acquired behaviors, deep encoded energetic remembers frames { by generations }, located in regional ganglions that are the first station that receive the sense, reacts immediately to stimulations and simultaneously  send message to brain in order for survivable its creation. “ .

Reflex, instinct in co-action with Intelligence dictates behavior of individuals or colony for every situation.

In human being intelligence {cortex} rule over some deep encoded instincts, that happens also in some “intelligence” animals.

Reflex-Instincts, react before they came in contact with sense.

Every quantum formation organic and non organic

defend its formation.


An action of {sophisticated energetic matter, see United Nature Theory} ganglion segments that occur as direct and immediate responses to particular stimuli.

They are hereditary and are a common of the species and often of the genus.

They are an automatic and often inborn response to a stimulus that involves a nerve impulse passing inward from a receptor to a nerve center, ganglion, and thence outward to an effectors (as a muscle or gland) t reaching the level of brain consciousness after responce .

Copyright: Dr. Tejman Chaim, Henry. May 2008

The theory of everything