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Grand Unified Theory
Wave theory
United nature theory
Theory of everything


Intelligence: Human.


The most sophisticated quantum {M. Planck} creation.

 An Explanation According to the Wave theory.

{United Nature Theory}


Tejman Chaim, Henry.

Jerusalem 18/03/2008. 


"Cogito, ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am") René Descartes,


Intelligence is Nature Masterpiece: it is the most sophisticated energetic matter creation.

More ingenious can’t be.

The Human spirit – intelligence - is the highest energetic matter {quantum} creation.

Condensed space, time.    Space, time, curvatures  – A. Einstein

Energetic matter – C. Tejman {constant active, moving, condensed energetic space time, , Van der Waals force, Casimir force that by revolve and rotation motion create quantum formation, wave - particle }.

That creation is so beautiful that we must respect it in one another.

The wildest behavior of energetic matter is unable to create matrix formations, thus every mind is different and intelligence isn’t identical {Heisenberg uncertainly principle} of energetic matter.  It is so even in cloning formations.

That is the beauty of different approaches {credo} to the same issues {democratic but not anarchical} .

The human intelligence and its brain evolution have been discovered to obey Lamarck’s, Darwin’s, Mendel’s works, as well as others.

An intelligent brain, {as every quantum formation, organic and not organic, M. Planck and A. Einstein} that possesses instincts and reflexes fights for its survivable.

Though intelligence is essentially virtual {spiritual}, it has been found to be located on deep white matter {memory electro-magnetic frames} and act on semi-loop of energetic part of brain {cortex} together are quantum formation.

The energetic brain,quantum, two semi-loops creation disperses the energetic matter in small quanta, wave formations,{spirit, Intelligence

time-memory frames}

These can be detected on EEG {like EKG} but are still not understood {we can be lucky until computer do that}.

Siblings are able to receive and to sense each other by the means of energetic waves.

All energetic quanta diminish when radiated, which leads to a loss of energetic matter in the electric semi-loop that disperse to space.                                 It can be detected on EEG and EKG.                       Only the human intelligence, the human spirit is enlarged through learning, that is the greatest gift tha human beings became.

Only the human brain though its abstract intelligence and spirit, can crate poetry and mathematics, architecture, philosophy and medication, as well as many more beautiful fields of interest and invention, even create adjuvant artificial “intelligence”.

Only the human brain is capable of understanding, respecting, and feeling awe towards the beautiful ingenious creation - Nature and Humans.

That is amassing phenomenon, how the human brain

can provoke, excite, an appropriate memory frames, between millions different electro-magnetic {wave-particle} with their specific times, colors, voices, smells and even sentiment. That is still beyond our imagination.  

Those energetic deep encoded frames, active energetic matter, that behave like movie and with time disperse, but if from time to time we recall this event we can enhance those memories frames.

Every living creature must, for survival, posses some amount of intelligence in addition to instincts.

 Instincts are behaviors that have been acquired by generations experience of species, and that are necessary for continue survivable of that species {evidences- deep encoded energetic memory frames in brain's white matter}.

 Intelligence is the function of the spirit at an essential level and in co-action with instinct it dictates the behavior of individuals or of colony for every situation they encounter.

In human beings, intelligence {cortex} rules some of the deeply encoded instincts. This can also be observed in some “intelligent” animals.

  Intelligence is the more mysteries of our universe and this section will attempt to shed some light on some of this puzzling phenomenon by applying the principles of United Nature Theory, Wave Theory.  Intelligence is creation of Nature and thus it obeys all the laws of Nature. 

The early Greeks believed that the brain was the home of the soul, rather than of the  intellect. They assumed that thinking process occurred somewhere around the lungs.

  Id had not been until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that the brain was seen as an organ of intelligence and thought, and when the concept of the mind emerge.

  Using new forms of technology, scientists have been able to look at how the brain performs when we undertake different tasks .We are merely at the beginning of this subject of investigation the behavior of of energetic matter in virtual, energetic phase


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Monkey brain                                    Human brain{more cortex-mainly frontalis}   intelligence-more cortex

Intelligence is an umbrella term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn. There are several ways to define intelligence. In some cases, intelligence may include traits such as creativity, personality, character, knowledge, or wisdom. However, some psychologists prefer not to include these traits in the definition of intelligence.                                                              

In scientific works that deals mainly with human being the intelligence is defined as general cognitive problem-solving skills. It is the mental ability which is involved in reasoning, perceiving conductive relationships and performing analogies, calculating, learning quickly and more.

However intelligence ii not an exclusive Human gift. 

In every living creation the central energetic formation rule everything and together with Lamarck and Darwin’s ideas they make important factor for survival.

Every creation of nature must be of quantum formation in order to be stabile. {M. Planck}. That means, that it is composed of two complementary behaviors: electric-male and magnetic -female{Tejman}. The two brain hemispheres are an example - each hemisphere performs its specific functions while they also complement each others.  

    /volumes/volume_vi/gbrain_development_fig1a.jpg?maxwidth=95&ma xheight=80 

This quantum formation create everything so that are different equations for  this same  sophisticated creation.  

From all those equations we see, that are two main’s behaviors                    WAVE and PARTICLE.

That means that only one substance create everything wich have two mains behaviors. One behavior can pass from one form to other and vice versa. WAVE to PARTICLE and PARTICLE to WAVE.



Schrodinger’s equation:


Faraday’s equation:


Maxwell equation:

Planck’s equation:         

Einstein’s  equation:

        The de Broglie equation   f =E/h,  or  E= fXh

 Tejman’s equation on basis, nature observation, explain the same behavior of energetic matter.  magnetic {gravity}semi-loop is more      electric {energetic}semi-loop have more wave   

particle behavior.                  Both, together, are wave-particle                    behavior.

Every semi –loop have some properties of the other, which are dependent from phase transitions.

The phase transition of a photon is in a state of duality whereby the magnetic semi-loop equals the energetic semi-loop, which equals 1 {1=1}. In this phase, both loops are balanced and therefore the photon has the longest lifespan. But in different phase transitions the proportion of those two semi-loops, electric/magnetic, change that cause that quantum became other behavior.                                                                                              

.All those equations relate to this ingenious sophisticated quantum formation and United Nature Theory describes and explains, as we known the Nature and the mystery intelligence also belong to Nature. We though by memory electro – magnetic waves, by quanta frames.                                     In embryo the electric part {swirl} create thee yolk suck {energetic tank} and the magnetic part develops into the bodily formations,including the brain  Their behavior is in equilibrium. All the other cells are quantum formations with their specific functions. After delivery,  the yolk suck disappears and the surroundings. begin the energetic supply.                Heart rules energetic matter circulation and brain rules and controls, the rest of soma, rules every part and every variation of its creation for its survivable.


When taken in proportion to the body,the Human cortex {gelatinous grey matter, the place of the spirit} is larger than in other living creature. It also consist a high percentage of water..   

 Water is the most active living substance of energetic matter - open quantum formation -  and through peri-molecular Van der Waals energetic forces, it bring up additional energetic space {intelligence and spirit, } to the cellular capacity of the brain.  ,   

 More cortex and more water, results in more energetic capacity and the virtual activity of brain, is given more energetic relationships {energetic umbrella}.relationships between energetic waves {quanta} from synapses and  between brain cells store all the information and accelerate processes of mixing and of interpretation of different signals from brain cells and from the surrounding. A brain cell {biological computer} is capable of storing an unlimited amount of energetic-quantum information {energetic mater time-frames}.

  All those properties enhance a highly energetic cortex { more energy, more energetic capacity that extend and prolongs our brain time                 {A. Einstein} that is able to perform an instant mixing of electro-magnetic waves- signals from different sources - and to interprete them simultaneously .

 The brain weighs less than 2.5% of our total bodyweight, but accounts for 20% of our energy consumption when we're at rest and for 30% when performing complicate calculations. The brain burns oxygen and glucose ten times the rate of other body organs,that means that though is virtually energetic matter substance-waves {quantum}. We call that intelligence or thought {virtual spirit}.  

We call that intelligence through-virtual spirit, {highly energetic quanta } .



The illustrations below show computers binary work.

Electric and magnetic bytes act only by their energetic path.

Whithin the brain, the energetic matter circulates between the brain cells {water with Van der Waals forces} and the synapses {the paths between the cells}. Those forces enhance cells information, create thought  and mix brain waves {energetic remember time frames}, that together create the human spirit and natural intelligence.


 The more cortex {gyros}, the more water, the more Van der Waals forces, leading to a greater intelligence {spirit} and more common sense.

 The quantum formation have different shapes.

Quantum {M. Planck} is comprised of two energetic semi-loops              {+and-0}wave formation {C. Tejman}.

 Energetic matter behavior. {red electric path, blue magnetic path}.

Energetic matter moving by dint of
its swirling and spinning behaviors

Wave formations: the energetic loop to the right (of both pictures) pushes

outward, while the magnetic loop (left) pushes the energetic matter inside

Only nature can explain quantum {gravitational wave} formation





NASA The magnetic swirl, to the right, and the energetic swirl - left 




Quantum formation

The motion of energetic matter by quanta formation in hurricane {NASA}.

The motion of energetic matter by open quanta formations.

Water molecules – living, open, quantum, formation.

Hydrogen bonding between water molecules

More pictures of living open quanta formations.

1: Algae grow by quanta formations

2: Parasitic mushroom: first appears “electric” strong force which creates “space” magnetic “weak force” semi loop. This space creates again strong force that creates again magnetic semi loop {motion of energetic matter}.

3: Nerve structure: High energetic open quantum formations {like water molecule}, is characteristic for living quanta formations {include our intelligence}. 

Every  swirl {knot} gravity quantum formation {Schwarzschild swirl-white hole}

Strong force {red lines} transferee energy to weak force {blue swirl-knot-energy storage} and together establish sophisticated quantum creation {open and unclosed quanta formations Nobody guess like this, quantum behavior.  

In  brain cortexes with water, the energetic capacity operate as additionally energetic paths and allow more activity, mind, thought and intelligence of the brain.


Positron emission thermography 

Explanation of brain activity by united nature-wave theory. 

Mind, thought, and intelligence occurs when energetic matter operates on a virtual level, together with instinct, and memory frames {which are stored from previous generations}.




This action of energy waves can be clearly seen in pictures release from positron emission thermography

We can be clearly seen that energetic stimulation increased blood circulation and enhanced the signal from the cerebellum to the brain as well as increasing the brain’s energetic capacity (red) and then appears  magnetic {blue} semi loop together crate wave, quantum formation... They circulate around the brain until they find the suitable setting for their formation. It can be seen that the setting show as stable quantum wave formation { two semi loops }. Every signal has its specific  quantum shape and behavior and the suitable setting areas have similar structures of  quantum signal waves {similar shape}.

   Thinking appears on a wave level phase {virtual}and tums into energetic matter from the body and outside, integrating processes from different specific locations in the brain to act simultaneously, like every gravitational wave. 

Tne brain’s activity constantly radiates energetic matter {wave formations the “human spirit”} onto space, which is measurable on an EEG apparatus. People with similar brains{wave frequency properties} mainly members of the same family, are able to sense each other on a virtual level{ghost séances, is one example which the Wave Theory explains as well known as other natural processes}.                                                                                                   Brain  wave formation is an example of energetic matter duality {two semi-loops}. It acts in high transition phase and it is consistently displayed as a big quantum (Einstein's idea). The brain can open specific time frames (time genes) which are encoded in specific regions as condensed time space {A. Einstein} energetic matter.. The brain operates its multi sensory recall and when required it can open fraimes from past time with recent frame=time by the motion of energetic matter by gravitational forces in quantum formation.  Brain can't superimpose memory frames {like in studio}. We see every memory frame-time exactly as it happen. Example: I can't see me as 18 year's boy performing my recent complicate task. At night, sleeping brain by dreams {like all quanta by continue process of regulation and balance of energetic matter-metabolism}, expel, discharge, this excess of energetic matter, that was uptake by daily activity and fragments from different memory frame-times are then superimpose and expel like thunders {see}

With the addition of energy like hypnosis or medication which enlarge space time properties of brain {A. Einstein} we can stimulate hidden encoded time space genes to reach the high wave transition phase.

United Nature Theory state.   Every living creation must,  for its survivable and in order to be independent  within its surroundings posses some amount of intelligence in addition to instincts. 

 Ii has been accepted under the modern approach that   animal cognition, is the term given to the mental capaciabilities of animals which are different than those of humans.. This has been developed mainly under comparative psychology, but has also been strongly influenced by ethology, behavioral ecology, and evolutionary psychology. The alternative name cognitive ethology is therefore occasionaly used; and it includes much of what had  been  considered under the term animal intelligence.  

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is definied as "the study and design of intelligent agents" An intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions which maximizes its chances of success.{ John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956} defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. Other names for the field have been proposed, such as computational intelligence, synthetic intelligence[ or computational rationality. 

I help You

You dependent from ME.            I supply you.. Energy…

I’m independent!

I hope, ??? he never replace human intelligence and Human Being


Every few years’ technology double itself.


Tests for intelligence:

IQ depends on culture, class and gender,

Complicated puzzles and various other examinations techniques provide only partially evidence, {A. Einstein not accepted to physics only after father’s protection}.  

The better tests are work foretaste, if that possible.

  Human intelligence, virtual spirit, though, changes with age but can be improved by through constant learning, take up sports working.' and is dependent from different circumstances.  It slowly decreases after sicknesses and after the age of 70 {plus/minus}.

  In elders,  the brain looses some of its energetic properties - loss of water causes to decreased cortex capacity, loosing synapses causes the memory  frames not to meets or not to receive all brain signals from the senses and understand them. There is not enough energy to deposit the signals in suitable places, which causes memory lapses, however the instincts, which are deposited in the condensed {white} brain, do not change only reduced.                        People who are in coma feel more or less senses.

   People after sleeping, tell, that their memory is improved. This means that by supplying night energy the brain-cortex energetic matter {quantum} is balanced and activity is excited {intelligence}.

Intelligence, even in identical twins, is not identical because the wild behavior of energetic matter is unable to create identical behavior { Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle }. Its known that I. Newton and A. Einstein are though by pictures and United Nature Theory explain the Nature behavior also by pictures. 



PREDICTION: {forecast}.

Perhaps an improved EEG apparatus {like as EKG}, will be able to help to diagnosing diseases, since  all sensual decoding is located in brain {that is well known phantom pains}.


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